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How to get medical cannabis in Rhode Island

Under current Rhode Island law, a person suffering from debilitating pathological conditions have the right to access to medical cannabis. In this, the patient must have a written recommendation from a qualified health professional. This recommendation is the basis for a medical cannabis card, which allows you to make purchases in the specialized dispensaries. To obtain medical cannabis card in Rhode Island:

  1. Leave a request for an examination on the website of “Dr.Weedy”;
  2. Hold a consultation with “Dr.Weedy” over the phone or online at any convenient time;
  3. Send the completed application for a medical cannabis card by attaching the doctor’s prescription to the Center of the Professional License Room (105A – 3 Capitol Hill Providence, RI 02908-5097);
  4. Pay the standard fee of $50 for opening the medical cannabis card;

Wait for approval of your application and receive the card to the address indicated in the application within 2-4 weeks.


Get a Medical Marijuana card in Rhode Island i

3 easy steps for getting MMJ Recommendation online
A Simple Online Process
No appointment necessary. Our doctors are available to help you get certified for medical cannabis from 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week.
3 easy steps for getting MMJ Recommendation online
Your payment information and patient status is protected by HIPAA and will never be shared with anyone or found on any public record or database.
3 easy steps for getting MMJ Recommendation online
1 Year Certification
If approved, the doctor will issue you a certification and instructions on how to register with the state and access medical cannabis dispensaries and products. With Dr.Weedy, you're always in good hands.

About medical marijuana card in Rhode Island

The medical marijuana program in Rhode Island significantly improves the life quality of the patients, relieving a wide range of severe symptoms. In cases where the doctor considers that the potential benefits from the use of medical cannabis exceed the health risks, he/she gives out the prescription for a medical cannabis card. The participant of the program has the right to buy medical marijuana in the specialized dispensaries legally. The availability of the card is a prerequisite for making purchases (both for the patient and for the caregiver/authorized buyer).

Medical cannabis in Rhode Island: laws

Medical cannabis has been legal in the state since 2006, when Edward O. Hawkins and Thomas C. Slater Medical Marijuana Act was adopted, which actually decriminalized medical cannabis. The law protects the right for use, cultivation, and storage of weed in the amount of up to 12 adult plants, 12 plants in the vegetative stage of maturation, and 2.5 ounces of dry hemp cones. At the same time, as of 2020, recreational cannabis is illegal in the state. In this, local authorities made attempts to adopt a so-called law “About adult cannabis use”, but at the moment, the bill has been not supported. Meanwhile, the state has excluded criminal liability for the storage of 1 ounce of cannabis, limited to a civil offense followed by a fine.

Details on the signing of the law and approval of the Department

Hawkins and Thomas C. Slater Medical Marijuana Act were adopted in 2006 to regulate the medical use of cannabis legislatively. The basic rights of patients requiring cannabis therapy were spelled out in it. It also contains the basic terms, such as caregiver and authorized buyer. To date, the Rhode Island Department of Health is guided by the law of Edward O. Hawkins and Thomas C. Slater in its actions aimed at regulating the field of medical cannabis.


4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana card from Dr Weedy Clinic
100% guarantee of money back
You pay only if you are approved After approval, you will receive an invoice for payment - this has to be written in process of order
4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana card from Dr Weedy Clinic
Appointment 100% Online only
There is no need to visit the doctor offline. Just apply through the order form.
4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana card from Dr Weedy Clinic
The Most Popular MMJ Clinic In Rhode Island
We believe that medical cannabis saves lives, and that any person that can benefit from the wide variety of therapeutic uses it can offer should be able to access to the medication.
4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana card from Dr Weedy Clinic
Easy, Fast and Cheap process
Submission of application in the most convenient option for patients. Fast response of doctors and the lowest prices in the state.

Qualification conditions

Any resident of Rhode Island who has been diagnosed with one of the following pathologies have the right to participate in the medical marijuana program:

  • Cancer;
  • Glaucoma;
  • Hepatitis C;
  • Autism spectrum disorders;
  • Chronic or debilitating diseases, accompanied by:
  • Cachexia or wasting syndrome;
  • Exhausting, chronic and severe pain;
  • Severe sickness;
  • Cramps, including epileptic seizures;
  • Severe and constant muscle spasms, including those specific to multiple sclerosis or Crohn’s disease;
  • Anxiety, provoked by Alzheimer’s disease or not related to it;
  • Any other pathological condition, providing for the possibility of prescription of medical cannabis as an efficient therapy.


Mary V.
I live with my grandmother, and she is already at a very respectable age - she is 88 years old. She has Parkinson's disease and therefore she almost cannot be alone without permanent care. In addition, because of such an elderly age, she has many other health problems - starting with chronic pain in the joints and ending with poor eyesight. Previously, I had to spend... Read more
Dack T.
For several years now I have had a positive HIV status, which, of course, is fraught with certain difficulties in finding work and in contacting people. Found out my diagnosis, I spent a long time at home, alone with myself, disappearing in my depressive thoughts for days. In the beginning, I even felt uneasy about telling my problem to my friends, so in just a few weeks I lost almost all contact with them. In the end, I realized that... Read more
Steve M.
Four years ago, I was diagnosed with liver cancer, so for two years I practically fell out of life - I underwent several operations and chemotherapy courses, after which I lay for weeks at home under droppers and just looking at the ceiling... Read more


By law, patients and caregivers have the right to cultivate up to 12 cannabis plants in the flowering stage and up to 12 plants in the vegetative stage, as well as to store up to 2.5 ounces of dry hemp cones. Exceeding this limit will be classified as a criminal offense and can entail a fine or even a prison term. Cannabis cultivation must be performed in such a way that strangers can’t see the cannabis plants on your site without binoculars or other special equipment.

Search for dispensaries

Patients and caregivers participating in the medical cannabis program of Rhode Island have the right to buy weed legally from the licensed dispensaries. Weed sales dynamics through the dispensaries indicate an intensive development of this market. In particular, in 2019, the dispensaries of Rhode Island sold medical cannabis valued at $56 million, while in 2018, this figure was $17.8 million (data of the top marijuana regulator Norman Birenbaum). To date, sales points of cannabis are relatively evenly distributed throughout the state, so it is easy to find a seller in the vicinity of your home or office. For this, use the map of dispensaries in Rhode Island.


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Benefits of getting
MMJ Card online

Benefits of getting MMJ card in RI

  • MMJ card holder are exempt from a generous portion of the new cannabis taxes
  • 18 and older can acquire medical cannabis
  • Accepted by all RI dispensaries
  • Access to all products, including exotic, high CBD, sexy strains that tend to be found only in the medical grade sections of some dispensaries
  • You can purchase two ounces or more at once instead of one
  • You can have a caretaker pick your cannabis products up for you
  • Avoid paying the recreational cannabis sales tax (15%)
  • Avoid increased prices due to adult use excise tax (15%)

Conditions for patients

Any adult resident of Rhode Island can participate in the medical marijuana program (as well as the minor persons in the presence of a caregiver – a parent or other guardian). Under the medical cannabis program, the person can be registered as a patient, a caregiver, or an authorized buyer. A patient who, for objective reasons, can’t buy or grow cannabis on his/her own, can appoint 1 authorized buyer and 1 caregiver. The caregiver must be appointed to the persons under the age of 18. In this, the caregiver is allowed to have no more than 5 wards, while an authorized buyer can only be associated with one patient. Patients who have written confirmation of the doctor about the benefits of cannabis as a part of therapy are exempted from criminal liability for the use and storage of cannabis. In this, you shouldn’t forget that federal law considers cannabis as a drug. In addition, driving under the influence of marijuana cannot be justified by the patient’s status and is punishable by law. As for consuming weed in public places, here, the patient is also restricted by law.

Conditions for doctors

According to the law, a doctor practicing on the territory of Rhode Island has the right to prescribe a patient access to medical cannabis. This category includes doctors, general practitioners, nurse practitioners, medical professionals, or qualified consultants on patient cards. Medical specialist independently decides on the recommendation of medical cannabis based on the expected therapeutic effect. Keep in mind that not all medical specialists in Rhode Island are loyal to cannabis. Therefore, you should contact the specialists, who use marijuana as a part of complex therapy or as a supportive product for their patients.


Appointment of a caregiver

Patients who can’t buy or grow cannabis on their own have the right to appoint a caregiver. This must be a person who meets the following criteria:

  • Age: at least 21;
  • Residency: Rhode Island;
  • NCIC evidence of a clean record.

The fact of residency can be confirmed by attaching the copy of one of the documents:

  • Driving license of Rhode Island;
  • ID card of the state;
  • Any correspondence, current car registration, voter registration, or insurance.

Then, all you need is to deposit $100 of the caregiver contribution. If you or the patient enclose evidence that you have benefits, such as:

-Medicaid Supplemental Security Income
-Social Security Disability Income
-Veterans disability
-Federal railroad disability,
then the fee will be only $25.
Such confirmation can be obtained on the official website

Extension of the medical cannabis card in RI

To extend the MMJ RI card, follow the algorithm below:

  1. Submit an application for a card extension and give it to your doctor for approval;
  2. Pay a fee of $ 50 for the card extension;
  3. Send the forms with a cheque or money transfer to the Center of Professional Licensing Room.

If you don’t have any general practitioner in Rhode Island – contact “Dr.Weedy”.

FAQ Rhode Island

You will need to possess a valid Rhode Island state ID or driver’s license to apply for a medical card in Rhode Island. If you do not possess a RI state ID, you will instead need to be able to produce proof of residency within RI along with your out-of-state U.S. photo ID.
No, you must receive your certification from a Rhode Island registered practitioner.
No. Only certified patients with a RI state Registry Identification Card may purchase approved medical marijuana products in Rhode Island state.

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