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Texas Medical Marijuana Card online - Dr. Weedy Clinic
Since September 2021, residents of Texas are eligible for purchasing and consuming medical cannabis for over 200 different conditions including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, PTSD, and seizures. While Texas remains the strictest state in terms of dealing with marijuana use and distribution, there are ways for patients to receive their dose of cannabis legally.

Other states opted to use medical cards that allow you to access dispensaries, carry and consume legally, and receive discounts (like in California where medical users avoid paying 15% tax). It is proven to be quite an efficient practice and many states either expanded their MMJ ID programs or started recognizing such IDs issued by other states with similar programs.

Texas is still not as welcoming towards all users of medical marijuana but now the law creates a pathway for those who need it.

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What is a renewal of your CUP membership?

Texas chose to register any medical cannabis users by allowing licensed physicians to add new patients to the CURT database where each patient has an ID and can use their accounts to purchase from specialized dispensaries scattered throughout the state. Note that you may remain a Compassionate Use Program participant but your entry into the CURT system won’t allow you to buy any marijuana.

How does it work? The CURT system contains not only your account information but also important parameters of your prescription issued by the physician. Since there are guidelines and other limits to what a physician can prescribe, you will eventually need to renew the entry to continue buying from dispensaries.

It takes a couple of minutes to undergo an evaluation by a licensed physician and to receive a new prescription that will be added to the CURT database. However, you need to work with a company that offers quick examinations, works remotely, and can conduct such examinations around the clock. Note that the CURT system is available 24/7.

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How to renew your medical marijuana card?

A medical card is something foreign to the Texas state and you have a different albeit very similar system in which you will undergo an examination by a physician via an online video call. There are several steps you need to make before the renewal process can be conducted:

How To Know If I Qualify For Medical Card In Texas


You must be a permanent Texas resident


Be diagnosed with a qualifying condition listed below


Not sure if you qualify? We still recommend speaking with our doctor

Is it legal to do it online?

Currently, state authorities require all patients to receive their evaluations remotely via a video call with a licensed physician. Both due to covid restrictions and logistical concerns, all patients are recommended to use various methods of remote communications to get access to the CURT system. Most of the dispensaries are working as delivery only as well.

It is not only legal but necessary to conduct all activities related to acquiring a CURT entry online. We have licensed physicians waiting for your application and the process is streamlined to guarantee as smooth of an experience as possible.

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How long does it take to renew my CURT entry?

The CURT database is available 24/7. The whole evaluation process takes only 10 minutes during which you will be asked questions related to your well-being as the physician looks for qualifying factors to issue a prescription. After the prescription is negotiated and formed, it is immediately added to the CURT system.

In cases, when it is your first visit to a licensed physician, you may need to wait additional 10-15 minutes for the doctor to add your personal information to the CURT system and make an account for you. After that, you will be able to access the CURT system and review your prescriptions.

State Laws in Texas

Texas has been and, in some sense, still is the strictest state in terms of dealing with marijuana use. The public pressure swayed the local congress to pass Bill HB 1535 leading to the expansion of the CUP (CUP stands for Compassionate Use Program). Now, the maximum concentration of THC has been increased to 1% and the list of qualifying conditions covers a wider spectrum of disorders. Any licensed physician can access the CURT database and add patients to the program after evaluating them. Patients do not need to pay any fees and can start purchasing medical marijuana from authorized dispensaries across the state.

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The main takeaway

While the whole process of receiving a CURT entry (the analog of an MMJ ID in Texas) is quite simple and does not require much effort on your behalf, some people may still feel overwhelmed and confused. We offer a simple product: get an evaluation from a licensed physician online without searching for one yourself. Receive all necessary consultations on the topic of medical marijuana use and start using your prescribed medications right away!
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