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About Us

Learn more about Dr.Weedy, our misson, where we came from and what we're trying to accomplish.

Our mission

Dr. Weedy is a healthcare digital company, that connects patients and doctors statewide.

We strive to educate people about the healing power of cannabis — and it's more than just words. A little green plant is often stigmatized or even criminalized in most parts of the globe.

We want to give patients a chance to treat themselves in a way they think is best.

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What we're
offering for:


  • Get your medical card right from the comfort of your home. Apply now!
  • Earn money with Dr.Weedy. Invite your friends, family and even dispensaries to gain % from their orders. Learn more about our referral program

Cannabis-business owners

  • More sales. Boost your sales — acquire more clients from our system.
  • Special offer. Provide your clients with a quick way of getting a medical card on special conditions. Learn more


  • Get new patients every day. Every month our site is being visited by 15,000+ patients. Learn more
  • Integrate your patients to our platform. And get rewarded for each order they make. Contact us

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