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MMJ Doctors


Dr.Weedy is actively growing and expanding. As more and more patients in different states seek medical marijuana treatment, we need more cannabis doctors and are eager to start our mutually beneficial cooperation.

If you are interested to join us and start making more money online, please contact us.


Location: Remote, Nationwide Availability



Content Writers


We are looking for a freelance Cannabis Content Writer to join Dr.Weedy team and enrich our publications and websites with new blog posts, guides, social media and marketing copy. Working knowledge of cannabis culture and education is preferred. If you are a cannabis enthusiast, ready to conduct research on industry-related topics, generate ideas for new content types and deliver quality writing pieces we encourage you to apply.


Location: Remote



Medical Reviewers of Articles


Dr.Weedy is looking for a professional who is ready to medically review our articles (prepared by our writers/copywriters) before publication on our website and/or mass media. Our copywriters prepare the article and simply send it for Reviewers’ approval to check if the medical info is correct. After the approval or corrections, we add the information on our website and mark that the text was medically reviewed by you. This simple addition also increases the number of mentions of you as an expert/doctor in media which is good for your potential new clients.


Location: Remote



Marijuana Industry Experts ready to give comments and share his knowledge for educational purposes


You are an industry professional and ready to earn extra money for giving comments/answering questions on various topics related to medical marijuana? Then please contact us!

These answers might be used by our writers for articles and also used as direct speech/quote in these articles. In this case we can add your name and\or mark you as an author of these quotes (only after your approval).


Location: Remote



Proofreaders / Correctors


Dr.Weedy is hiring a native speaking (American English) proofreader/editor able to correct grammatical and stylistic mistakes in the articles. Similar experience as a proofreader/editor is required. Interest and practical knowledge of cannabis culture is a plus.


Location: Remote




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