Katt Alejandro - MMJ Brand Ambassador & Consultant

Katt Alejandro

MMJ Brand Ambassador & Consultant
Katt (Amanda) Alejandro – external Consultant and Ambassador of Dr.Weedy telemedicine platform, MMJ Patient, Cannabis Advocate and Advisor.

As a survivor herself, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) warrior and chronic illness pat, Katt has over 25 years of self-education and cannabis use experience behind her. Forced to go the hard way from heavy medical drugs to medical marijuana treatment, through trial and error, Katt Alejandro has chosen for herself the optimal way to use marijuana. And even more – along the way, she became a true mental health advocate and passionate MMJ activist and advisor.

Being an MMJ patient in Ohio state for 2 plus years, Katt is truly a walking storehouse of practical knowledge about everything related to cannabis in her home state, but not limited to it. She strives to share her knowledge and experience in hope of helping others avoid mistakes that can be not just unpleasant, but also dangerous to health. Educational background in Human Services and Psychology, as well as natural charm, of course, help Katt to find the best approach to clients during her consultation sessions.

In her spare time Katt gives no less attention and love to her dogs, likes anything culinary and reading.

Topics of expertise:
  • Basic Rules and Laws to go over, explanations.
  • Routes of Administration per person preferences.
  • Types of consumption based on individual person's preferences.
  • Cannabis basics:
    • The differences between Sativa, Hybrid and Indica.
    • How Terpenes work and the importance of plant derived terpenes are medicinally.
    • What the Entourage Effect is and how adding CBD, CBN, CBG with THC is beneficial in aiding symptom relief.
  • Basic recommendations (non-medical), advice and caution on use and storage.
  • Information about products available on the market (as in oil tincture, edibles, capsule, lotions, flower and so forth).
  • State Approved Devices and some user’s recommendations.

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