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Medical Marijuana Card online - Dr. Weedy Clinic

Getting your practice on Internet has never been easier!

Practice listing & practice webpage

Listing in our Doctor Directory. And you can drive your patients on a good-looking page of yours

Marketing & SEO Support

We help growing your practice with traffic from Google and paid marketing

Digitalyzing your patients

We will transfer your offline MMJ patients in our system. Even if they're wrotten on paper

Online payments integration

Payments are fast and easy. Set your prices and different recs types, and you're good to go

Earn up to $5000 a month on MMJ Card verification

Fast integration of your patients on our platform

The easiest way to start earning money is to invite your current patiens in. How to start?

Comission is 30% of the cost of the visit

Get new patients from DrWeedy every day

Every month our site is being visited by more than 15 000 patients

30% of the visit are yours

Invite your colleagues in to share their revenue

Know someone who might be interested in working with us? Refer them DrWeedy to get your fee

Get 7% from each evaluation they give

Get more internet presence today with dr. weedy

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easiest way of evaluating your patients online

Letter Generator & Templates

Everything is automated. If you'll ever need a new template, we'll add it within 24 hours

Pre-screened patients

Our survey and qualification system allows you to spend a minimum time on evaluation

Right in your inbox

No need to sit in front of a monitor waiting. You will be notified when a new appointment is scheduled

Missing a feature? Say no more

You need a feature to add? Just write to our support team and we’ll help you with that


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