California Medical Marijuana card Renewal

Our patients don't pay until they're approved.

- 12-months recommendation approved by a CA license doctor
- 24/7 online verification of your legal status
- Also accepted in Nevada
- We also Renew MMJ Recommendations issued by other Physicians

Medical Marijuana Card online - Dr. Weedy Clinic
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Recommendation (PDF)

Only Digital MMJ Card

Digitally signed by the doctor.
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Digital + Paper


Digital + Paper MMJ Card

Paper format with original seal
and signature of the doctor

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Digital + Paper + ID


Digital + Paper + ID MMJ Card

Plastic MMJ ID card. Easy keep with you and always in good conditoin

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Instantly Renewing Your Medical Cannabis Card Online With Dr. Weedy

Eleven months with the MMC passed by quickly, and now you have to visit your doctor again? Well, we have a better deal for you: how about getting your medical marijuana pass working again in the next 420 seconds, during which you wouldn’t even have to change your sitting position?  Dr. Weedy is ready to help you with your struggles right now. We have a gust of your time, which is why we’re providing our services 24/7 in a non-stop mode. And if you’re already interested, then read further where we talk in detail about fast medical cannabis card renewal in California, and how is it possible to obtain another year of access to medical weed through the online doctor – Dr. Weedy – consultation. 

What Is Medical Marijuana Card Renewal?

There are certain medical conditions, which allow the patient to relieve chronic pains, muscle tension, and treat other rough health/mental illnesses with a portion of cannabinoids. Being the client of the licensed clinic, you receive the MMJ card for approximate a year (depends on the doctor’s recommendations), but after that time passes you have to revisit the clinic, which can be called neither convenient nor cheap occurrence for a regular patient. With Dr. Weedy’s help, on the contrary, you have a chance to do everything quicker, easier and cheaper, which is obtaining your medical replacement weed card in under 7 minutes without paying for the doctor’s consultation.  Such an option is available for clients of all clinics. Whether you’re from Los Angeles or San Francisco – after reviewing and approving the request, Dr. Weedy will send the hard copy of the permission to any California city the customer asked. Taking into account the duration of the delivery, this basically means you’ll be able to buy medical MJ legally within 3-6 days after applying for your renewal on Dr. Weedy website. So, if you don’t have hours of free time and spare $200 for doctor consultation, the MMJ renewing online might really be your option.

How Can It Be Performed?

The only one thing you need to have to renovate your MJ permission is the stable Internet connection. The whole application process frequently requires less than 15 minutes overall and includes: 

  • choosing the most suitable pricing for the set of services
  • filling in your actual personal information in the renewal form for medical marijuana card
  • loading in the pictures of your ID, old doctor’s recommendations and a qualitative shot of yours to put it on the card
  • submitting the application and waiting for our specialists’ answer
  • and, finally – waiting for your hard MMJ card to arrive in the next few days

Medical marijuana renewals are required when the period of the validity of your MMC comes to an end. Regular medical facilities usually take more than the half of the original card’s price for its renewal – with Dr. Weedy you can get the same permission up to two times cheaper thanks to the amazing discounts available on the website. Besides, you’re not attached to the same clinic and have a chance to travel freely all around the California state while having a nice joint in your pocket.

Is It Legal To Order 420 Card Renewal Online?

California’s government stimulates patients to use the possibilities of the online telemedicine when it is possible, instead of taking both yours and doctor’s free time for a standard check. Therefore, the alternative to the regular clinic’s visits is to renew recommendation medical marijuana card online.

It is cheap, fast, convenient AND legal. In case you’ve faced any controversy with the Police, you can verify your card ID 24/7 through this link by simply typing in the permission number.

How Long Does The Process Usually Take?

The first stage of filling in all the required information for weed card renewal in California won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time.  Sending the request and receiving the positive answer will take around 420 seconds. A few moments to fulfill the payment, and you already can check your email for the pdf copy of your renewed medical cannabis card recommendation.  If you’ve decided to order the hard card copy posted to your house, you’ll need to wait from 3 to 7 days since the date when the application was accepted. After that, you’ll be able to legally purchase medical cannabis from any dispensary in your region.

 In conclusion

We hope that after acknowledging with this article, you have no more questions like “where can I renew my medical marijuana card” left, dear reader. You can rely on Dr. Weedy when it comes to the cost, the quality, the speed and the privacy of our services.  Our licensed doctors are able not only to provide you with the renewed MMC, but as well make you the new marijuana card in case you’ve lost or damaged the previous one, or simply need a card for medical or recreational needs. Check out the full list of our services – and remember to stay stoned!