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Based on 228 reviews
Janet HeinleJanet Heinle
01:37 12 Aug 22
This was the fastest easiest way for me to renew my handicap letter. For 20 years I have been going to my Dr for this, it was so quick and easy online, I HIGHLY recommend them!
Kloset RxKloset Rx
03:06 10 Jul 22
I believe this is 3 years consecutive, I've never had an issue with this medical card supplier. Would recommend it to anybody who feels cannabis can suit their medicinal needs, a genuine five stars.
Omar MedinaOmar Medina
03:35 09 Jun 22
Easy and fast process. I got my Med Rec in less than 10 minutes and for only 25, can't beat that. Thank you

Benefits of getting a MMJ card in California

8x purchase and possession limit benefit

8x purchase and possession limit

With MMJ Card
Up to 8 ounces of dried flower
Without card
Up to 1 ounce of dried flower
8x purchase and possession limit benefit

Grow more plants

With MMJ Card
More than 6 mature plants with Grower’s Rec
Without card
Limited to growing up to 6 plants
Access to cannabis from 18 y.o benefit

Access to cannabis from 18 y.o

With MMJ Card
Accessible from age 18 or with a caregiver
Without card
Recreational use restricted to age 21+
Variety of choice benefit

Variety of choice

With MMJ Card
Diverse range of products, including exotic and potent strains
Without card
Limited selection of products
Legal protections benefit

Legal protections

With MMJ Card
Patients are generally subject to more lenient punishments
Without card
Subject to standard legal consequences
Lower taxes benefit

Lower taxes

With MMJ Card
Entitled to reduced city tax; MMIC patients save on state sales or use taxes
Without card
Obligated to pay excise tax, sales tax, and local government cannabis business tax

Renew your medical cannabis card in 3 quick and easy steps

Get your CA medical marijuana card online in 3 quick and easy steps
time application icon less than 5 min
Apply on our website

Choose a price package that suits your preferences. Complete a short, confidential questionnaire to initiate the evaluation process.

time visit with doctor icon 15 mins
Get evaluated by a doctor

State law allows online evaluations based on your questionnaire. A consultation may be scheduled at the doctor’s discretion.

Receive a medical marijuana card icon Immediately online
Receive your MMJ recommendation

Upon approval, your recommendation is emailed, granting access to all state dispensaries. Expect a hard copy in 4-7 business days.

No hidden fees:
Dr.Weedy prices are final

Prices for getting new medical card in California

from $29
Medical marijuana recommendation
$29-$55 depending on tariff
State application fee (optional)
from $99
Medical marijuana recommendation
State application fee (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can minors apply for a medical marijuana card in California?

Yes, minors can apply with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. The parent or guardian must act as the primary caregiver, and the minor must have a qualifying medical condition.

What documents do I need to submit with my application?

To apply for the doctor’s medical marijuana recommendation, you’ll need a valid California ID or driver’s license.
If you choose to apply for the state registration as well, the documents required for the MMIC program include:
– A copy of your doctor’s recommendation
– Proof of identity (e.g., driver’s license or other government-issued ID)
– Proof of residency (e.g., rent or mortgage agreement, utility bill, or California motor vehicle registration)
Please note that the full list of required documents may vary depending on your county. To find specific information for your county and the associated documents, you can visit the official CDPH website.

Is my personal information kept confidential during the application process?

Yes, Dr.Weedy takes your privacy seriously. All information provided during the application process is handled with the utmost confidentiality and in compliance with healthcare privacy laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Your personal information is securely stored, and access is restricted to authorized personnel involved in the evaluation process.

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