Medical Marijuana Identification Card In California

Learn more about the benefits of getting a Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) in your county and learn how to apply for one.
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What is an MMIC?

A Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) is an official identification card issued by county health departments in California. It provides registered patients with additional legal protection and various benefits. This page aims to provide comprehensive information about MMICs, including how to obtain them, their benefits, and the distinction between an MMIC and a medical marijuana recommendation.

Benefits of the Marijuana Identification Card
Legal Protection:
The MMIC provides additional legal protection for registered patients under California's medical marijuana laws.
Caregiver Inclusion:
Both patients and their primary caregivers can apply for an MMIC, allowing caregivers to assist patients in accessing medical cannabis.
Sales and Use Tax Exemption:
Cannabis purchases made by MMIC holders are exempt from sales tax (8-10%) and are subject to a reduced city tax (if there is one).

Choosing Between MMIC and Medical Marijuana Recommendation


Access to medical treatment:

Both the MMIC and a medical marijuana recommendation serve as documentation to access medical cannabis in California.

Extended Validity:

MMICs are valid for up to one year, similar to the medical cannabis recommendations provided by Dr.Weedy.

Cultivation and Possession Limits:

Possession and cultivation limits for medical cannabis patients are the same regardless of whether they have a medical cannabis recommendation or an MMIC. Both allow patients to possess larger quantities of cannabis and cultivate a greater number of plants for personal use, as specified by California law.

Distinctions and Implications:

Legal Protection:

Both a medical cannabis recommendation and an MMIC offer legal protection to patients using medical cannabis in California. However, having an MMIC provides an additional layer of protection as it offers stronger legal defense in case of any legal issues related to medical cannabis use.

Law Enforcement Interaction:

Presenting a medical cannabis recommendation to law enforcement officers should suffice to establish the patient's legal right to possess and use medical cannabis. However, having an MMIC can provide further assurance and streamline the interaction with law enforcement.


The MMIC registration process involves providing personal information to the county health department, whereas the use of a medical cannabis recommendation does not require registering personal information

State Fee:

Applying for a state-issued card, like an MMIC, requires an additional payment. Fees vary by county, usually under $100. Medi-Cal recipients enjoy a 50% fee reduction, while medically-indigent service program participants have their fees waived. There is no fee for appealing a denied application.

Approval Waiting Time:

It can take up to 35 days for the county health department to issue your medical marijuana ID card.

Documents required to apply for a MMIC program

A copy of your doctor's recommendation

Get My MMJ Rec

Proof of identity

Such as driver’s license or other government-issued ID

Proof of residency

Like a rent or mortgage agreement, utility bill, or California motor vehicle registration

Important note: the full list of documents may vary depending on your county. Find your county and required documents here.

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana ID Card

  • Get an MMJ Recommendation

    The first step is to obtain an online MMJ card from a state-licensed doctor. At Dr.Weedy, we can assist you in obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation conveniently and securely.
  • Fill out the State Application

    Download and complete the medical marijuana ID card application form provided by the state. This form will require you to provide essential information about yourself and your medical condition.
  • Attach Your Supporting Documents

    When submitting your application, ensure that you include the necessary supporting documents. These typically include a copy of your medical recommendation, proof of identity, and proof of residency that shows your name and current address.
  • Make an Appointment with Your County Health Department

    To finalize your application, you must submit it in person. Contact the health department in the county you reside in to schedule an appointment for submission. They will guide you on the specific location and time for your appointment.
  • Pay the Application Fee

    During your appointment, you will be required to pay an application fee. The fee amount varies by county and covers the processing of your application. Additionally, you will have your photo taken for your medical marijuana ID card.
  • Wait for Approval

    After submitting your application, it may take up to 35 days for the county health department to process and issue your medical marijuana ID card. Please be patient during this waiting period as the department verifies your information and completes the necessary steps for approval.
If you have any questions or need assistance throughout the application process, feel free to reach out to our support team at Dr.Weedy.
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