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You can legally buy up to 7 oz. at a time


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Grow up to 6 plants in the flowering stage


18 and older

For regular users entry threshhold is 21 yo


Higher posession limits

Carry up to 8 ounces of medical product

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The whole process takes 10 min

Signing up. Payment. Approval. Every step takes about 2.5 mins


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Valid for a year. And get a discount for MMJ renewal at the end


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  • Hard copy of your card
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  • Access to medical-only stores
  • Instant Access to Cannabis
  • Instant PDF Rec. via email
  • Hard copy of your card
  • Plastic photo ID card
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Plastic MMJ Card
+ Digital + Paper

  • Save 10-15% on purchases
  • Access to medical-only stores
  • Instant Access to Cannabis
  • Instant PDF Rec. via email
  • Hard copy of your card
  • Plastic photo ID card
$69 /year
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Medical Cannabis Laws in California

Learn more about how to register for medical marijuana in California and what are qualifying conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limits on growing weed that apply to members of the MMJ California program?

According To Prob.215, which regulates issues related to medical marijuana, a participant in the MMJ California program can grow and consume as much cannabis as they need, based on medical necessity. However, if this freedom is abused, the SB 420 standards may be applied to a person who grows more than 6 mature and 12 vegetative plants at the same time. Also, according to this law, it is allowed to store up to 8 ounces of dried cannabis per 1 person. At the same time, legal practice suggests that if a patient exceeds the permissible limit, but their doctor will examine the need for such intensive use of cannabis in therapy, the accused is likely to be acquitted.

How does the law treat possession and cultivation of marijuana over the legal limit?

Under Federal law, possession of marijuana in excess of the permitted standards is a misdemeanor, and the cultivation of cannabis bushes in excess of the permitted amount entails criminal prosecution. At the same time, participants in the medical cannabis program are subject to more lenient forms of punishment or are not charged at all.

Is it possible to grow weed on your site?

In the state of California, many counties and cities have adopted regulations on zoning areas where medical cannabis is grown. In this regard, some communities either prohibit or significantly restrict the cultivation of marijuana in the open air. Therefore, experts recommend that you first clarify the rules of local legislation before making a decision about growing your own medical weed.

Where is Smoking marijuana prohibited?

Under Federal law, Smoking cannabis is subject to restrictions that apply to smoking as such. Weed use is prohibited within 1,000 feet of schools and youth centers, as well as on a school bus, while driving, or at the swimming pool.

Do I need to get an MMJ card?

Although by law, you only need to show the police a doctor's recommendation confirming approval of your use of medical cannabis, in practice, there may be problems up to checking the patient database. Therefore, if you don't want to face such troubles, it is more reasonable to issue a card and freely use the legal right to buy, use, and carry cannabis.

Is the use of medical marijuana a reason for labor discrimination?

The employer reserves the right to accept or not accept a person who accepts medical marijuana. At the same time, the use of cannabis in the workplace is prohibited in a number of industries where Federal drug-testing rules apply.

Can I sell my medical weed?

Under amendment 215, a patient does not have the right to sell medical marijuana. However, Federal law SB 420 provides for the ability of trustees or members of the grower cooperative to charge members of the group money to cover the costs of cultivating the plant. At the same time, the law emphasizes the non-commercial nature of the transfer of cannabis from one person to another.

Can I use a patient card issued in California to buy weed in other states?

It depends on the state. Some of them, such as Nevada, practice a policy of mutual openness, while others are very tightly regulated in this area and do not recognize the cards of participants in the MMJ California program.

Do California dispensaries accept MMJ cards issued in other states?

At the moment, they do not accept them. However, if you have lived in California for a long time and can be classified as a resident, then it is wise to issue a local MMJ California membership card and enjoy all its benefits without restrictions.

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Medical marijuana records in California

According to state law, a recommendation from a licensed 420 doctor and the presence of a California Medical Marijuana Card are sufficient grounds for full participation in the program.

Every resident of the state of California who needs medical cannabis is eligible for confirmation of their diagnosis from a licensed doctor and to receive a medical marijuana program card membership. The patient’s medical marijuana card is not a formality, but a significant improvement in the quality of life.

First of all, the medical use of marijuana allows for more effective control of pathological conditions. Secondly, the card allows you to legally and confidentially make purchases in specialized places and grow up to 6 bushes on your site. Third, the card provides access to a wide selection of cannabis and cannabis-containing products.

As of 2020, just under 2 million patients are registered in the state of California as participants in the medical cannabis program, which is about 5% of the total population. The main sale of medical cannabis is carried out through special cooperatives for growing cannabis and licensed dispensaries.

Qualification conditions

If you want to participate in the medical marijuana program in the state of California, a patient must confirm one of the following pathologies with a qualified doctor:

  • Increased anxiety;
  • Cancer;
  • Chronic pain;
  • Glaucoma;
  • Migraine;
  • Sclerosis;
  • Effects of radiation or chemotherapy;
  • A chronic symptom that negatively affects the patient’s quality of life;
  • Fibromyalgia;
  • Arthritis;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Note that California law is characterized by maximum openness in terms of the purpose of cannabis. In some cases, doctors prescribe weed with low THC content and high CBD content to patients with schizoid disorders, manic depression, and other mental pathologies.

Conditions for cannabis patients in California

As of 2022, medical marijuana is legal in the state of California, having got this status since 1996. It was then that regulation 215 was passed, which opened access to the medicinal plant for residents of the California state who have a corresponding confirmed diagnosis.

As for the use of marijuana for non-medical purposes, this area is regulated by the law on marijuana for adults, adopted in 2016. According to it, every citizen over the age of 21 has the right to cultivate, transport, distribute, sell, and use cannabis. At the same time, the law allows you to grow up to 6 flowering plants at the same time.

Conditions for doctors in California

Under amendment 215, any licensed physician, osteopath, or surgeon who practices medicine in the state has the right to prescribe medical cannabis, indicating this in writing in the patient’s medical marijuana recommendation. At the same time, a medical specialist may be refused to prescribe medical cannabis by a court decision if the facts of abuse have been revealed.


Growing medical cannabis in California is allowed in limited quantities:

  • 6 marijuana bushes in the flowering stage;
  • 12 marijuana bushes in the vegetative stage.

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