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Pearl J. MitchellI worked as an elite taxi driver until I realized that, because of my illness, I risked getting into an accident one day. I was suddenly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease  —  a disease of the central nervous system that is characterized by impaired concentration, muscle function and periodic convulsions.

After consulting with doctors, I was prescribed many effective drugs but most of them had side effects. For almost the whole day I was sleepy, which did not allow me to work normally or do household chores. Although the disease stopped progressing, I began to feel much worse because of the pills. I could not even stop taking the meds, otherwise, I would risk spoiling my health. And other advice from doctors was useless to me.

After searching on the Internet, people on the forum advised me to take CBD oil along with the drugs. For the first time, I rejected this idea, until one day I finally decided to try it. I was not disappointed at all! The oil did not only increase my productivity but also reduced most of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. I stopped feeling muscle tremors, congestion, and drowsiness. I got rid of all the discomfort and am now living a normal life again.

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