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Donna J. NecaiseMy name is Donna, and I have been suffering from various illnesses since childhood. I was particularly concerned about Crohn’s disease. To be honest, I first learned about it at the age of 8, when I was vacationing abroad with my lovely parents. I felt severe abdominal pain right on the beach, so I had to be urgently hospitalized. Thanks to the insurance, the doctors were able to provide first aid, and upon arrival in the US, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

After that, I lost a lot of weight and was even bullied at school for it. The symptoms of the disease did not allow me to live a normal teenage life as my peers lived. I remained on medication for my illness until I decided to try medical marijuana.

I felt significantly relieved after using cannabis. My symptoms were greatly reduced, my ability to work and productivity increased, and I began to live a happier life. Even the doctors have noticed that my disease, which cannot be cured, proceeds quite easily and does not bother me.

I am now free from a bunch of potent meds that I used to need so much. I have proven in my own experience that medical cannabis is the best option for the treatment of serious illnesses, as it both returns motivation and significantly alleviates symptoms.

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