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Raymond H. HaleFor me, a Michigan native, fishing is more than just a hobby. I am an ordinary 73-year-old man who regularly travels early in the morning to the lakes to fish, listen to the sounds of nature and mentally relax. But last year I noticed that regular fishing trips did not bring me the former joy and comfort. I noticed trouble breathing, a hoarse voice (by the way, I never smoked), various pains, and swelling in my neck.

The doctor’s diagnosis was not so happy, so I was diagnosed with throat cancer at the age of 73. I had no choice but to give up and sit on the most powerful drugs for the rest of my life until my neighbor, who lives in front of my house, recommended using CBD oil.

I purchased hemp oil, and after a few sessions, I was able to breathe easily again without a sore throat. I was very surprised and joyful at the same time.The oil relieved the symptoms of my illness. I understand that without drugs and treatment, marijuana would not be the only way to heal. But now I am actively using hemp oil along with my meds, living a former life without discomfort and pain.

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