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Medical Marijuana Card in San Diego, CA 2018-2019

Medical Marijuana Card San Diego, CA

Cannabis use has proven to be helpful in treating multiple illnesses and medical conditions including trauma, anxiety, PTSD, MS and Crohn’s disease. Progression of certain neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease can also be inhibited with prescribed use of medical cannabis. Medical marijuana can help patients relax, reduce chronic pain and increase energy levels in individuals who suffer from chronic fatigue. Some patients afflicted with long-term illness lose their appetites and experience extreme weight loss.

For these individuals, taking medical marijuana on a regular schedule can restore their former eating habits and return them to a healthy body weight. With use of cannabis, they will discover that eating foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry or fish and whole grains will actually be more flavorful and appealing. If you live in San Diego, you may know that even if you use cannabis for recreational purposes, if you desire to start using it for medical treatment, you will need to obtain a legitimate MMJ card.

In this article we will address The following points in detail:

  1. Cannabis Laws in San Diego
  2. How To Get a MMJ Card
  3. Where Can I Get a MMJ Card
  4. Popular Cannabis Strains
  5. Places to See in the City

Medical Cannabis Card in San Diego Online in 5 Minutes!

DrWeedy: MMJ card online



You can actually obtain an MMJ card online within just a few minutes. One of the most frequently popular websites for seeking approval for this card is Dr. Weedy. On our site, your 420 Evaluation will be handled quickly and efficiently. There is no need to make an appointment for your evaluation. Just create an account and answer a few questions, or speak to an MMJ doctor on the phone, so that the doctor can determine that medical marijuana is indeed the recommended course of treatment.

As soon as you are approved by the MMJ doctor, you will receive your electronic recommendation by email. Your MMJ card will be accepted at all legitimate California dispensaries. Your recommendation is issued with an embossed seal that is a requirement at all legitimate dispensaries for receiving cannabis.

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Depending on one of the four available plans that you choose, you may receive either a plastic card, an electronic recommendation, a paper confirmation, or a combination thereof. You can find complete information on the pricing plans.

If you’d like, you can actually print the PDF recommendation when you receive it by email and take it to a dispensary location to obtain cannabis that very same day. You can also order a cannabis delivery online from a dispensary in your locale and receive your order at your door within a few hours or minutes. You can get further information about local dispensaries and online ordering from your 420 doctor. Many individuals prefer getting their MMJ cards from Dr. Weedy since this legitimate service will issue your MMJ card after you are approved for just $29.99 and up, the lowest fee currently charged by any legitimate online doctor service.

Other Advantages of Having an MMJ Card

When you have a medical marijuana card in California, you are able to access a higher caliber of cannabis. The cannabis that is sold in San Diego dispensaries is from high quality strains that offer high-grade THC:CBD ratios. This is not always the case if you obtain cannabis from dispensaries that cater to recreational users and are not operated with strong focus on the medical use and benefits of marijuana.

It is also cost-effective to have a legitimate medical marijuana card in San Diego, CA. For instance, you can benefit from savings of as much as 20 percent in fees when you are accepted as a patient who needs marijuana for medical treatment. When you have your MMJ card, you will not be charged the extra fees that recreational cannabis users must pay for their supply. Also, when you have your MMJ card, you can legally cultivate more plants than recreational users are allowed to grow under the law. In addition, recreational use is only legal for individuals who are 21 years old or above. However, for MMJ card owners, the legal user age is 18.


Marijuana Laws in San Diego, California

San Diego city

Municipal Code, Marijuana Regulations

In 1996, voters in California passed Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act. According to stipulations of this Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (Health & Safety Code, section 11362.5) Californians who suffer from serious illness along with their primary caregivers, will not be subject to California criminal prosecution or sanction if they cultivate or possess marijuana intended for the personal medical use of the patient based on the recommendation or approval of a licensed medical doctor. This Act will not prevent the legal seizure of marijuana plants or the legitimate prosecution of individuals under the federal Controlled Substances Act, however.

In 2002, Senate Bill 420 (SB 420) was passed for the purpose of assisting law enforcement officers in accurately identifying legal California residents who have protection under Proposition 215. A requirement of this bill is that all resident patients and their caregivers will be issued official identification cards to protect them from arrest and subsequent prosecution.

In 2004, the California Department of Health Services established The Medical Marijuana Program (MMP). This program was started to aid with the registration of all qualified patients and caregivers in a statewide personal identification system. Patients and their caregivers who qualify are eligible to apply for and receive ID cards through the county in which they reside. This card will be used as verification that a patient or caregiver is authorized to have in their possession or to grow, transport and/or use medical marijuana in the state of California.

How To Get a Medical Marijuana Card in San Diego

How to get a medical marijuana card in San Diego

Along with Dr.Weedy, there are many other online cannabis doctor services and clinics that offer 420 evaluations for the purpose of obtaining a medical marijuana card. With use of this site, you can file your MMJ card application by phone or by using the online portal. Most of these online sites for card application issue cards after patient approval by a doctor, quickly and efficiently, for a very reasonable fee.

The other option is to locate a legitimate cannabis physician’s office or clinic in your area. After making an appointment, you can visit this medical office or clinic for your 420 evaluation by the doctor and your recommendation with the official embossed seal and your MMJ card. Sometimes, finding a cannabis doctor or clinic that you want to be evaluated by can require visits to several office locations or clinics in your vicinity.

Also, making appointments and keeping them is sometimes difficult with busy work, school, social and home-life schedules today. However, some people prefer obtaining their MMJ cards from a medical office rather than from an online doctor service, so the choice is entirely up to you as the card applicant.


Where Can I Get a Medical Card in San Diego

Where to get a medical card in San Diego

The state of California only requires a recommendation from a licensed medical doctor, surgeon or osteopath for an individual to make a legal purchase of marijuana today. However, it is advisable to obtain an official California Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) or MMJ card since both cards are easily recognized by law enforcement officers. These cards also provide a more official type of personal ID and official approval for purchasing cannabis than presenting just you printed doctor’s recommendation.

The San Diego County Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) Program issues state medical marijuana identification cards. This card registration program is voluntary and was initiated for the purpose of identifying medical marijuana patients under the Compassionate Use Act.

Application forms for obtaining a Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) can be requested by mail, in person or online. To complete your application after providing the information required on the application form, rules state that you must also present or include copies of the following items:

  • A valid government-issued photo ID, like a motor vehicle driver’s license or identification card from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Also acceptable are U.S. Passports or Veteran’s Administration cards.
  • Proof of residency in San Diego County such as a valid California Motor Vehicle registration, a current rent or mortgage payment receipt or a utility bill. This item must show the patient’s name and current physical address in the county. All documents must be clearly legible and without alterations, according to the law.
  • Written documentation or the CDPH 9044 form from your medical doctor recommending your use of medical marijuana as treatment for one or more serious medical illnesses or conditions. This document is only acceptable if it includes the physician’s signature and is on the physician’s business letterhead or on the “Written Documentation of Patient’s Medical Records” form (CDPH 9044). The medical condition is NOT to be listed.
  • Your physician’s name, contact information and California medical license number.
  • Non-refundable application fee of $100 (or the price of $50 for Medi-Cal beneficiaries). Acceptable forms of payment are cash, cashier’s checks, money orders–no personal checks are accepted. Credit and debit cards are accepted through VitalChek with a $2.50 convenience fee.
  • Current Benefit Identification Card (BIC) and/or Medi-Cal card if you are a Medi-Cal beneficiary.

Minors must show proof of emancipation, and non-emancipated minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

This service is offered at the following facility:

Health Services Complex – Rosecrans, 3851 Rosecrans St. Ste 802, San Diego, CA 92110


San Diego’s Popular Weed Strains

Popular weed strains in San Diego today that can be used for some types of medical treatment include the following:

Birthday Cake Kush

Birthday Cake Kush - 1 Birthday Cake Kush - 2 Birthday Cake Kush - 3

This strain of cannabis is an indica-dominant hybrid that provides a powerful body high with a sweet, light flavor like birthday cake. Its other popular name is Wedding Cake, and its early green buds bloom into light purple and pink flowers. Parent strains of Birthday Cake Kush are Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Birthday Cake Kush has buds that bloom with a crystalline topping of THC-enriched resin. This strain is good for deep relaxation, calming the body without affecting the mind. Patients using this cannabis strain have reported relief from anxiety, headaches, inflammation, pain and appetite loss.

Birthday Cake Kush Reviews (Leafly)

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue - 1 Gorilla Glue - 2 Gorilla Glue - 3

This top-tier, indica-dominant hybrid offers a powerful smoke/vape to users. Euphoric, uplifting and calming, this cannabis strain has a woodsy-piney aroma similar to the lingering scent of many indica flowers. Some patients report developing dryness of their mouths and eyes during use of this strain. However, Gorilla Glue is in demand for its successful treatment of pain and insomnia.

Gorilla Glue Reviews (Leafly)

Turbo OG

This indica has a distinctive skunky-earthly aroma. It makes the perfect nightcap since one of its major effects is relaxation. Many patients who suffer from chronic pain and insomnia report getting good results from use of this strain. With regular use, their symptoms of both ailments were alleviated, and in some instances, nearly eliminated.


Best Places to See in the City When You’re 420 Medicated

San Diego is a treasure trove of things to do and places to see, and a lot of them are very much in line with visiting while using cannabis therapy. Depending on what type of therapy you are using and what your needs are you require different environments to get the most effective results. Here are a couple of great attractions that are very much 420 friendly in San Diego.

San Diego Safari Park

Safari Park San Diego

This is a great choice for those who are looking for a stimulating place to enjoy an afternoon which offers you the opportunity to meet people and get out into the fresh air and sunlight. The best part is that the park is very relaxed and offers plenty of places to sit and relax along the way, so if you have mobility issues, or a need to just chill for a bit, you have those options. The park does not allow medicating on site, but there are locations that are 420 friendly nearby so you can medicate before arriving.


Legoland San Diego

This family friendly fun park takes you inside the universe created by the tiny little brightly colored plastic bricks and pieces that we all love. Featuring both a theme park, a waterpark, and an aquarium which offer not only lots of family fun, but also engaging and interesting things to do for you and your companions while you are enjoying the ability to actually live your life pain or anxiety free thanks to your cannabis therapy. The park offers food, fun, entertainment, and if you desire even hotel lodging to make a weekend of it. In addition the park is located near other major San Diego attractions and the beach is nearby as well.

When you have obtained your MMJ card and/or MMIC card and are using marijuana on a regular schedule as treatment for your specific medical condition, you should consult a cannabis physician periodically. The best physician to contact first is most likely the doctor who provided your recommendation for obtaining your MMJ card. Whether you consult your doctor online, by phone or in a medical office or clinic in your locale, you need to stay in touch with this medical marijuana expert.

If you develop any side effects or additional symptoms, you should make an appointment for a checkup at a physician’s office or clinic. As long as you seek advice and treatment from a medical doctor when needed, you can gain many health-enhancing benefits from use of fine quality cannabis for today and the future.