Provide your friends an easy way to obtain MMJ/Growing Recommendation

Get paid for referring Dr.Weedy to patients, doctors and dispensaries! Withdraw money anytime or use it to renew your rec in the future.

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how does referral
program work?

become an affiliate in 3 simple steps

Sign-up to DrWeedy

At first, you need to get a patient account to get an access to become an affiliate. Fill this form to sign-up

Copy the referral link

Your referral link is universal. Clients, businesses and doctors can register using this link. With which orders, you will receive a commission.

Get paid for orders

As soon as somebody joins DrWeedy via your link, we’ll deposit money on your balance

Our referral program is 100% transparent. Calculate fees by yourself


Regular orders

Have some friends who might benefit benet from MMJ/Growing Rec? Perfect! Just send them your ref link (MMJ or Growing)


Dispensary stores

All dispensary stores need DrWeedy’s services. If you know an owner, your chance to get a life-long revenue share from them



Same thing as with dispensaries. RevShare model for your lifetime. Just send or show them our page for doctors to gain their interest

🔥 Earn $100 by referring
Growers Rec. to 10 people!

Join affiliate program
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    any questions left?

    How much money do I get per order

    It depends on what exactly did your friend buy: Prices in different states and for different packages are really uncomparable: for example, in CA you can get $2,5, if your friend has bought a Digital Package and $10,5 for Growing Rec. In the meantime, in Florida even the Digital Package would give you $21

    How do I use my money?

    You can withdraw them at any moment. Or, if you invited 5+ friends to Dr. Weedy platform, you can get a Digital Medical Card for FREE. It can be done in the balance window.

    Can I make a discount for my friends?

    Yes, we have an option for you to do so. You can generate your unique coupon with a 10% discount. But be aware, that the cost of the services is cutted, so does your part.

    Can I be a part of the referral program w/o buying an MMJ card myself?

    Yes, you do. Sign-up via this form as a patient. You’ll get an account with 0 orders in it. This option is often used to obtain a free MMJ Card. Check how here.

    Is there any kind of statistics being shown?

    We’re currently working on it. it will show the traffic, type and amount of referrals.

    Are there any levels of referrals?

    We are working on this feature, it will be done by the end of the autumn ‘21. You will be able to gain profit from the people your referrals invited in.

    Will my money ever expire?

    No, they sure won’t!

    For how long do cookies save?

    If your friends use your link today, we’ll save that info for the next 30 days. After that period, if he visits the website from the other source, it won’t be registered as your referral. But don’t worry, most of the time they are making purchases in 1-2 days since the link was sent to them.

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