Dr. Margaret Gedde was one of those who used medical marijuana to treat epilepsy in a patient. For therapy, she chose a version of drugs containing marijuana with low THC titers and a high content of CBD. As a result, in a hopeless patient, the frequency of attacks decreased from 3-4 in the first hours of administration to the absence of attacks for a week or more. Current California legislation allows prescribing cannabinoid-containing medications for patients with epilepsy on a legal basis. Epilepsy is a pathology in which damaged nerve endings do not properly conduct signals to the muscles, which causes convulsions, muscle dysfunction, seizures accompanied by suffocation. These attacks are particularly dangerous because you cannot predict the intensity of seizures and convulsions: some pass without harm to the body, others can cause fainting, lead to self-harm. And if the attacks will find the patient in the water, driving, during the flight by plane or in another non-standard situation – the disaster is guaranteed. The main symptoms that characterize epilepsy are:

  • Temporary loss of consciousness;
  • Freezing in one pose;
  • Uncontrolled spasms of limbs;
  • An unexpected loss of consciousness;
  • Behaviour disorders.

Unfortunately, there is no effective and unambiguous treatment for epilepsy. The main drugs prescribed to patients are Keppra, Dilantin, Levetiracetam, Trileptal. At the same time, drugs of this type cause many unforeseen side effects, including deadly conditions. For example, we give side effects from the drug Keppra. These include drowsiness, constant fatigue, occurring seizures of aggression and lethargy, and sensitivity to infections.

Safe Treatment of Epilepsy With Medical Marijuana

Charlotte, a perennial patient with epilepsy, was close at the edge of death many times. Her brain received significant damage due to persistent seizures and, probably, from medication. Charlotte and her parents agreed to use medical marijuana therapy with a high content of non-psychotic component of CBD under the guidance of Dr. Margaret Gedde. The results impressed both the patient and her relatives, and the medical community, because from 3-4 seizures per day, Charlotte switched to a peaceful existence for a week or more. After constant reception of marijuana, Charlotte became calmer, ceased to be secretive, but her potential as an artist was fully revealed. She began to see things differently and was able to draw her images without constant interrupting attacks. Another researcher, Dr. Orrin Devinsky, conducted research on children suffering from epilepsy. Over 3 months of therapy under the supervision of 260 children, half of the convulsions decreased and did not arise again. Also at the Medical Center Langone, it was confirmed that the active non-psychotic substance of CBD contained in medical cannabis is absolutely safe, it shows well the result for the treatment of epileptic seizures in patients of younger and younger age. Thanks to 420 Evaluation Online service you can access medical marijuana in the United States and in the state of California without problems. Just fill out the application form online at the website – and in a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation from the doctors of our service.

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