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Can medical marijuana cure cancer?

Marijuana has been used by herbalists for many years. It helped to reduce the side effects of medicinal drugs and to improve the general condition of patients in some situations. But what about more serious diseases? Can medical marijuana cure cancer, for example? 

Well, the answer is unknown. From one side, if it was that simple, there would be no chemotherapy and annual studies to find a cure for cancer. But some researches show us some unexpected results. Besides, the benefits of marijuana are still there. It helps to reduce or eliminate the negative effects of treatment, which can greatly simplify patient care.

CBD and THC effects on cancer

Not so long ago scientists have found beneficial components in marijuana cannabinoids. The best-studied components, for now, are the chemicals THC, and l CBD. Each of them has its own advantages and features that affect human health. Let’s have a closer look at their benefits. 

CBD and cancer

There is no research to prove that CBD cures cancer. Yet it has many useful properties. Here they are:

  • It relieves anxiety. This research shows us the benefits of CBD in cases of increased uneasiness. Simply put, it changes how bran’s receptors react to serotonin. All this leads to reducing stress and anxiety, such as an increased heart rate. For example, this can greatly help the skin cancer or prostate cancer patients to remain calm.
  • It helps to cope with pain. It is not a secret that chemotherapy causes high internal pain and makes people feel unwell. CBD oils help to reduce these unpleasant treatment features and bring the general condition back into balance. 
  • There is a chance that it prevents cancer (for example, bladder, breast, or pancreatic cancer)

In addition, the National Cancer Institute states that possibly it can lower inflammation and change the way tumor cells reproduce. 

THC and cancer

Some scientists and pharmacologists do not exclude that THC has elements that can resist the development of certain forms of cancer. If true, it will become one of the most important medical discoveries of this century. The benefits of THC will be beyond doubt.

While officially the benefits of THC are still uncertain, some of the scientists are already sure of its qualities. For example, Dr. Peter McCormick, from the United Arab Emirates states that THC, due to its beneficial substances, can significantly change the result of treatment.

The studies

Spain’s research

In 2009, Complutense University in Spain mαde an interesting discovery. They found that THC is able to destroy cancer cells in a patient’s brain. Such a process is also well known as “autophαgy’’. It is an adjustable cell mechanism that disassembles unnecessary or dysfunctional components. 

In that research, two patients with recurrent glioblαstoma (a highly dangerous brain tumor) were examined. 

They received THC in their brains and some tumor cells were eliminated. This study proves the possible benefits of the ingredients in marijuana in cancer treatment.

National Cancer Institute’s research

Some time ago the National Cancer Institute revised information regarding weed and its components. In particular, the Institute reports that some preclinical studies had shown the results which confirmed the benefits of this plant. Speaking more precisely, they proved that marijuana inhibits tumor growth that leads to cell death and block their growth. 

How marijuana deals with different forms of cancer?

There are real stories of people recovering from cancer with medical marijuana. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Ashley Surin

Ashley was 11 when doctors told her that she has leukemia. 

She underwent classical treatment but continued to suffer from frequent seizures. Her family, disenchanted with some of the conventional healing methods, turned to medical marijuana as a form of treatment. 

Such an approach really helped Ashley. Her convulsions stopped, and further treatment was much easier.

Sharon Kelly

She was 54 when she got the diagnose called lung cancer. After the weeks had passed her prognosis worsened and doctors told her that the only time she has left 6-9 months. They also informed that radiation and chemo hadn’t improved her state.  

All the doctors suggested to her was to spend more time with her family and wait for the outcome. But suddenly her daughter decided to find a way out of the situation on her own. For many days she had been searching through the Internet and finally stumbled upon information about the benefits of the cannabis oils.

Convinced by her daughter, Kelly began taking a small dose several times a day. Within some time, her tumor had strongly decreased (from 5cm to 2cm).

The story ends well. The woman was able to survive lung cancer and after treatment, she was back to normal life.

The best ways to consume marijuana for cancer

The best solution is to use marijuana to lessen the effects of your doctor’s usual treatments. Pain, convulsions, anxiety from all this it can help. But substituting marijuana treatment is still not recommended. It is advisable to consult with a couple of doctors before making such an important decision. Or, you can use marijuana when all other options, unfortunately, did not help.

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