Medicinal Cannabis Treatment for Oncological Patients

Harvard professor, Wakefield MD insists that MMJ’s active component decreases lung cancer growth twice and protects a human body from spreading of the disease. And there are plural positive side effects in MMJ using including appetite growth and pain relief with decreasing of inflammation.

Oncological diseases are a whole group of diseases linked by a basic principle: during their course mutant cells arise that damage DNA and multiply without control. In a healthy state, the cells of the human immune system easily defeat mutant cells and lead to their disappearance, but as soon as dysfunctions of the immune system appear, cancer cells begin to grow without control of DNA protectors.

Recent studies have shown that the causes of cancer are in damaged stem cells. As a result of reproduction, they lead to the destruction of the damaged organ, vessels and nerves surrounding it is transmitted to other organs, causing unbearable pain and death of the human body. What are the main symptoms of oncology:

  • state of constant fatigue;
  • swelling or induration;
  • drastic weight loss or weight gain;
  • problems with changes in the skin;
  • non-healing wounds;
  • coughing or trouble swallowing;
  • intestinal problems;
  • persistent pain in the joints and muscles;
  • night cold sweat or constant fever;
  • opening bleeding.

The main drugs that are offered for the treatment of cancer are Сarboplatin, Cytoxan, and Сyclophosphamide. Since the disease is quite serious, the side effects of taking Сarboplatyl are also very unpleasant – from loss of appetite and stomach pain to constant vomiting and hair loss.

At the same time, worldwide there are studies confirming the effectiveness of cannabinoids as a therapy for cancer. It is confirmed that cannabinoids open endocannabinoid receptors of the organism, and each of the types of active substances, cannabinoids, has its regulation.

  • act as triggers of apoptosis – the process of death of cancer cells;
  • do not allow mutant cells to divide;
  • do not allow to supply blood to mutant cells;
  • reduced ability of infected cells to infect neighboring ones;
  • act as additional autophagy.

According to the mother of the oncology patient, Joey Perez, standard therapy did not give her ten-year-old son any chance of recovery. He just lost weight, and doctors predicted his life to be no more than six months. But after starting to receive medical marijuana, Joey has been living for 12 months, while he gained weight, became calmer and freer from panic attacks.

The California Pacific Medical Center found that CBD, an integral part of cannabis, can regulate DNA, which causes many types of cancer. This cannabinoid is no less popular among medical marijuana strains, and it is not psychoactive, in contrast to THC-cannabinoid. The first studies of CBD showed its efficacy in the treatment of breast cancer, and subsequent experiments proved that medical cannabis gives no less effect in the treatment of aggressive forms of oncology, including brain cancer or prostate cancer.

Cannabinoids reduce the rate of tumor growth, provoke the death of cancer cells, overlap the vessels that provide nutrition to cancer cells without affecting healthy cells. Also, marijuana has a positive effect on the microflora of the large intestine, reducing the risk of a tumor in this part of the digestive tract. According to the results of recent statements by doctors, we can conclude:

  • Weed helps kill liver cancer cells.
  • CBD-cannabinoid stimulates the production of estrogen, which causes the death of breast cancer cells.
  • Marijuana can be an additional aid for chemotherapy, making targeted damage to infected cells more accurate.
  • The use of tetrahydrocannabinol is especially effective in chemotherapy with Temozolomide.

Thanks to 420 Evaluations Online, you can get permission for medical marijuana from licensed doctors without leaving your home. The doctor’s assessment of the symptoms of your illness or condition is online based on the results of filling out a questionnaire. It is very fast, simple and completely legal.

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