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Thickening of the artery walls or covering them with cholesterol plaques is atherosclerosis. It is characterized by dense and inelastic vessels. Arteries are ageing, they cannot maintain permeability and are often damaged, and calcium, proteins, lipids, are deposited in layers on their inner walls, up to a complete blockage. But there is good news: atherosclerosis can be treated, and the prevention of this disease is quite effective. What effect does marijuana have on atherosclerosis and heart disease? Cannabinoids are not only substances found in cannabis. In the human body, there is a whole system of receptors, susceptible to cannabinoids, and their action in this case, acts as a natural regulator of the body and modulators of the immune system function. And you know that cardiovascular diseases take more lives than oncology every year. 75% of all fatal cardiovascular diseases are the result of atherosclerosis, a disease that could be cured. The main symptoms of atherosclerosis

  • Severity and pain in the chest.
  • Pain in the limbs in the area of ​​the blocked artery.
  • Intermittent breathing.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Confused consciousness.
  • The weakness of the muscular system.

Traditionally, drugs such as Amiodarone, Cordarone, Tikosin, Verapamil are used to treat cardiovascular diseases, including vascular atherosclerosis. But they are not at all safe! If you read the instructions to Amiodarone about side effects, you will be impressed by their list: cough, hemoptysis, breathing problems and shortness of breath, arrhythmia and tachycardia, loss of vision, headache, hypothyroidism.

Doctors say today that medical cannabis can treat atherosclerosis and remove painful conditions in this disease. According to Dr Steffens, just a small dose of psychoactive cannabinoid THC (about 1 mg per kilogram of weight) can slow the development of atherosclerosis. And this fact was scientifically confirmed by experiments on laboratory mice.

In the future, the use of medical doses of cannabinoids leads to activation of the immune system and support the heart. Dr. Saoirse O’Sullivan asserts the positive effects of cannabinoids on the narrowing and expansion of coronary artery endothelium cells, and also suggests that studies of the positive effects of CBP on autoimmune diseases were successful and confirmed the hypothesis.

Another specialist in the field of cardiovascular diseases, Dr. Rajesh, confirms the positive impact of marijuana on myocardial recovery in dysfunctions, heart fibrosis, cell death, and generally have a therapeutic effect on the heart and blood vessels. Moreover, experts have shown that in the case of a heart attack or myocardial infarction, the rapid use of drugs or substances with cannabinoids in the composition helps to reduce the effects of attacks.

One more investigation in the field of the medicinal cannabis influence on the human body has proved its efficiency in rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, nausea, some bowel disorders and lots of autoimmune diseases. Israel researchers also have proved the effect a single dose of THC-cannabinoids causes while myocardial ischemia.

We invite patients with diagnosed atherosclerosis to participate in the 420 Evaluations Online program. You can quickly get permission from doctors to get medical cannabis to treat atherosclerosis and prevent its recurrence. The procedure is very simple: you just need to fill out the application form online and send it to our specialists. You will receive a response from the doctor on the same day.

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