How To Smoke Weed And Not Smell?


Cannabis is considered one of the most fragrant plants, so it is not surprising that the smoke from smoking weed penetrates into a variety of tissues and objects, lingering on them for a long time. Therefore, if you smoke marijuana at home and do not want a random guest to expose you, use the tips on how to smoke weed so that there is no smell left.

How to smoke weed and not smell?

How to smoke weed without smell

Below you can find tips on how to smoke weed so that the smell does not remain.

Tip 1 Use a bong

Bong is considered the safest way to smoke cannabis in terms of detecting the smell of weed. During smoking, most of the smoke remains on the walls of the bong (unlike a pipe or a jamb), and the user inhales the purified and cooled smoke. Of course, this smoke has a smell, but less intense. Moreover, smoking through a bong minimizes the spread of smoke in the room and makes it possible to take a puff and then exhale into the window or into the hood.

Tip 2 Smoke extracts and oils

Any burning of marijuana, whether it is smoking through a bong, pipe, or joint, somehow leaves a characteristic smell. If you want to avoid the slightest hint of cannabis in the air, use tinctures, oils, and extracts that have a barely noticeable sweet flavor. The smoke from the extract is as soft as possible.

Tip 3 Don’t smoke but vape

The use of vaporizer allows you to avoid the stinking process of burning herbs. Evaporation makes it possible to hide from others the fact that you are using the drug at all. A vaporizer does not form smoke, but only steam saturated with resins. Similarly to smoking the extract, vape reduces the likelihood of detecting the smell of cannabis to zero.

Tip 4 Mask the smell of grass with incense

Many heavy smokers use incense sticks, essential oils, and other incense to mask the smell of grass. This is quite reasonable, although it may raise questions from others, why, they say, incense is constantly burned in the flat. However, it is quite worthy as an additional means of hiding your passion.

Tip 5 Ventilate the room more often

If you smoke in the apartment – open the window as often as possible, and ventilation is mandatory at the time of smoking. This simple and banal advice will help significantly reduce the concentration of marijuana smoke in the room. At the same time, you should carefully exhale smoke if you live in a multi-storey building, so as not to accidentally exhale it into the face of a person standing on a nearby balcony.

Tip 6 Smoke in the bathroom

This advice is especially relevant for those who do not live alone and do not want their roommates to find out about the passion for marijuana. It’s simple – close the bathroom door, put a towel under the door, turn on the shower, and smoke. It is recommended to exhale the smoke into the ventilation system. If there is an electric extractor fan in the bathroom, turn it on. Steam from the shower will significantly reduce the perception of the smell of cannabis, and the fan will remove the remnants of smoke from the room.

Tip 7 Vacuum and wash more often

Smoke can linger for a long time on textiles and soft surfaces. If you want to make sure of this, just compare the interior of the car of a smoker and a non-smoker. It’s the same with cannabis. You need regularly vacuum the surfaces to effectively eliminate the remnants of the pungent smell of cannabis. The same applies to laundry.

How to smoke weed without smell


Concealing the fact of smoking cannabis is both a matter of anonymity and a matter of security (if the pot is illegal in your state). This is why if you use the plant indoors and do not want anyone to know about it, follow the above tips on how to smoke weed so that there is no smell left. So you will keep your passion a complete secret.



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