How To Hide Weed Smell In The Car?


how to hide weed smell in the car

If you smoke weed in the car – it would be nice to care about the removal of the acrid smell of cannabis from the interior trim. Practice shows that traditional car fresheners are practically ineffective in this sense since cannabis has a very specific and recognizable smell. It will not be possible to disguise it with ordinary “Christmas trees” and “sea breezes”. Here you will need tools that do not interrupt the smell, but absorb it. You can’t do it without a series of procedures that will eliminate the remnants of the aroma of the weed.

Below you can find the algorithm of actions that will help you remove the smell of the weed from the car.

Step 1: Cleaning

So, you should start removing the smell of the weed with a high-quality full-fledged cleaning of the cabin. You have to use special tools to do it. After washing, the interior should be thoroughly aired and dried. Cleaning is a mandatory step, but not enough to eliminate the pungent smell of cannabis.

Step 2: Eliminate heavy odors

At this stage, it is recommended to put silica gel in the car interior – a special substance that effectively absorbs odors. You can buy this tool in specialized stores. As an alternative means to eliminate heavy odors, you can use ordinary cat toilet filler, which also effectively absorbs unpleasant odors.

smoke weed in the car

Step 3: Detoxification of the car

You can use ordinary wax candles. This method is used in many restoration salons where used cars are restored to normal condition. You do not need to light the candles – just put them on the dashboard and leave them in this state for a few days. During this time, the remnants of the smell of marijuana will be eliminated.

Step 4: The final stage

Once you have completely removed the smell of cannabis from the interior of your car, it’s time to fill it with a new pleasant aroma. There is no need to buy a car freshener. Practice shows that aromatic bath salt has a more powerful and long-lasting effect. Pour the salt into a cloth bag and place it under the seat, enjoying the fresh aroma.

How to deal with the smell on a permanent basis?

All described procedures are mandatory if the car interior was too smoky for a long time and needed a comprehensive cleaning. If you smoke weed in the car on a regular basis, then you need to make sure that the aromas of cannabis do not linger in the cabin. Here you will be helped by banal airing and smoking only with the windows open. Of course, the acrid smell will linger in the cabin for a while, but the marijuana fleur wears off much faster with the windows open.

If you use cannabis in the car constantly, you cannot do without a disguising flavor. Ground coffee placed in a cloth bag can be an excellent option. The aroma of coffee will interrupt the acrid smell of grass and thus neutralize it. So take this life hack into service, and your salon will not smell of marijuana.

smoke marijuana in the car


The smell of cannabis in the car is not the most pleasant background. A neutral fragrance is an integral part of comfort. In addition, if you are afraid of a fine for driving after smoking the weed, you cannot afford to be accidentally stopped by the police and have a smell of marijuana, especially if it is prohibited in your state. So use all the above tips, and your car will never have an unpleasant smell of the weed, no matter how often you smoke it.

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