The Story Of Mary V.


I live with my grandmother, and she is already at a very respectable age – she is 88 years old. She has Parkinson’s disease and therefore she almost cannot be alone without permanent care. In addition, because of such an elderly age, she has many other health problems – starting with chronic pain in the joints and ending with poor eyesight.

Previously, I had to spend a lot of time and money on medications, I could not get a normal job, and in general, I devoted almost every day to her needs. Regular visits to doctors only hinted that this is all by itself, and grandmother is just very old – as is the case with many of her age. And yet, I was looking for some solution, how to facilitate the quiet life of my grandmother so as to find at least some time for myself.

Through friends, I learned about the state medical marijuana program — I myself dabbled in it several times, but now I became interested in the program in order to help my old grandmother.

After reading about the provisions of the law and the general state policy regarding the distribution of medical marijuana, I found an online service that offered just such services. This site is Dr.Weedy online service. Firstly, I registered my grandmother, and then I registered as a caregiver and soon received a positive response to my application regarding the issuance of a permit to purchase medical cannabis and products containing CBD.

Receiving an electronic copy of the relevant MMJ documents by mail, I immediately went to one of the nearest specialized MMJ dispensaries. Having presented my issued permission directly from the phone, I did not have any problems with the purchase of several strains of marijuana for my grandmother. She started taking cannabis regularly — and after a few weeks she became much better, and I had a few free hours every day, thanks to which I was finally able to do self-education and training for my beloved work — drawing.

After obtaining the permit, I paid a few dozen dollars and received a plastic MMJ ID card by mail, thanks to which I was free to visit all related medical institutions in California specialized in cannabis treatment. My grandmother is now feeling much better, and I finally began to find time for myself – and this was provided by the Dr.Weedy online service.



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