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Written by Jonathan Hutchinson on 09/05/2022.
Data Last Updated: 01/11/2024.

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Looking for a strain that will help you deal with some health issues, but at the same time you want weed that will relax you and bring peace to your mind after a hard day? It’s your lucky day, because in this Otto CBD review we are going to tell you about the legendary hemp that provides you with both remedial and recreational benefits. As any CBD-high weed, Otto is extremely popular among the experienced pot fans and those who only make their first choice.

otto cbd strain

Every modern cultivar of cannabis is unique, they all are carefully nurtured each with its own purpose, number of effects and healing powers. Those of you who read this blog for the first time may think that hemp is hemp, and cultivars cannot be that different. But this is absolutely wrong, look at their chemical structure, for example. Otto’s basics look like this:

  • this hemp is originally a balanced sativa-indica hybrid;
  • the level of THC is almost unnoticeable, ~0.05%;
  • CBD concentration is, on the contrary, can get very high, over 12%;
  • thus, the THC:CBD ratio can be as much as 20:1 and higher;
  • total cannabinoids can amount up to 19% of the dry mass of the plant;
  • another important family of chemicals that make each weed unique are terpenes, their concentration in Otto weed is 1%;
  • most important terpenes of this strain are caryophyllene, myrcene, ocimene, camphene, humulene, and many others;
  • main effects are relaxation and euphoria, Otto does perform a slight psychoactive action;
  • it is used both for recreational and medicinal purposes;
  • main flavors are earthy, peppery and sweet.

Let’s look at this weed in more details.

History of Otto CBD Strain

Otto hemp flower is a well-known weed, but we do not know exactly where it comes from and who created the CBD-high clone first. It is believed that the original Otto strain, then named “One to one”, was cultivated by a Colorado breeder Ben Holmes. He’d got the seed that gave a flower with the equal level of THC and CBD. Then many other hemp growers crossed different Otto clones and got the strain we know now — with the significant cannabidiol level and almost zero THC.

It is interesting to know that Otto, or as it is also known now Otto II, still tries to produce more tetrahydrocannabinol than the cultivators want. The flowers need proper measuring of the THC level through all 10 or 11 weeks of growing, especially if the weather is hot. However, when everything is done correctly, Otto becomes an ideal source of the high-quality medicinal CBD.

Otto’s Appearance and Consistency

What surprises you in Otto II is its bright and motley colors. They please your eye with the juicy purple and bright green, which are mixed with orange and golden hues here and there. The leaves are short, but look thick and firm, the nugs are not large, too. But what attracts your attention for the most is the abundance of shiny crystals. Tiny hairs of trichomes cover the entire plant, and they are crowned with a little drop of resin, which make it look like the flower has been frozen.

The buds are dense, moist, and sticky. If you touch them with your fingers, you’ll leave strains wherever you touch. The dry nug looks less purple, the prevalent color is green, with yellow and orange veins, and gray hairs of trichomes and pistils. And they only look dry, if you break them in your hands, you’ll be covered with resin and fragrant oil.

Flavor of Otto CBD Strain

The smell of Otto hemp reminds cedar and frankincense, these aromas are not offensive and leave the pleasant first impression of our marijuana strain. In a moment after the major scents arrive, you’ll feel the hints of hay, a little bit sour for the novel user. When you open the package with the weed to smoke, the smells are mostly sweet, resembling mango and other exotic fruits, with the hints of mint and lavender.

Breaking the buds, you’ll unlock the overwhelming citrus fragrance, with strong pine and earthy notes. The taste comes exactly the same as the smell, sweet, fruity, rich and pleasing. It makes you want to make one puff after another. It ends with pepper and woody flavors that go away quickly, without disturbing your senses with the long-lasting aftertastes.

Otto’s Effects and Uses

Otto CBD strain is widely used for such medical purposes, as:

  • headaches;
  • epilepsy and spasms;
  • pain, both acute and chronic;
  • anxiety;
  • stress and depression;
  • mood swings, including bipolar disorder;
  • inflammations, etc.

The biggest benefit given by the Otto strain is its ability to relax your body while making your mind very clear and productive, all thanks to CBD. You will not be high, neither you’ll get dull and stupid. You’ll remain you, without changing your personality. But you’ll feel more energized, happy, and motivated. It may, though, produce side effects as well, but they are usual for any marijuana — red eyes, cottonmouth, dizziness, etc.

Final Thoughts About Otto

Otto CBD hemp is one of the best choices for a nice cozy evening at home, or as the energizer when you need some vigor to do your job. With the average price 10 bucks per a gram and 90$ for 1oz, this is also one of the best deals you can make on the market. Simple math will help you realize that for this little money you get lots of useful and precious CBD contained in this hemp. Hopefully, our Otto review was helpful for you!

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