Ringo’s Gift CBD Strain Review

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Written by Alex Patsfield on 12/24/2023.
Data Last Updated: 06/07/2024.

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Ringo’s Gift is renowned for its potent CBD profile and multifaceted benefits. While it may not cater to the preferences of every cannabis enthusiast, its high CBD content and minimal THC concentration set it apart. This strain is optimal for those seeking to stay active and alert without the intense psychoactive effects.

The advantages of the Ringo’s Gift strain go beyond its CBD potency. It boasts numerous medicinal and recreational effects. In this Ringo’s Gift CBD review, we aim to explore these aspects. Let’s start with the numbers to better understand how it functions:

Ringo’s Gift CBD

Ringo’s Gift CBD

  • It is a well-balanced hybrid, consisting of 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics.
  • The CBD to THC ratio soars up to 24 to 1, and in some cases, even higher.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) content ranges from 15% to over 20%.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in modern phenotypes does not exceed 1.2%.
  • The primary terpene is linalool, with a concentration of 1.67%.
  • Other significant terpenes include myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene, each contributing approximately 0.5%.
  • The psychoactive effects of Ringo’s Gift CBD are subtle and generally insignificant.
  • The strain is both calming and energizing.
  • The most common medical applications for Ringo’s Gift include pain, depression, and stress management.
  • Predominant effects are relaxation, an uplifted mood, enhanced focus, and alertness.
  • The primary flavors are earthy, spicy, and sweetly minty.

Ringo’s Gift strain comes in various phenotypes, each with differing CBD content, thereby offering a range of effects. Let’s delve deeper into this hemp variety.

Where It Comes From

Where It Comes From

There is a popular theory suggesting that the Ringo’s Gift CBD strain was cultivated by unknown breeders and named after Ringo Starr, the drummer for the Beatles. However, this strain appears on the list of CBD-rich clones on the website of the renowned family-run company, Southern Humboldt Seeds Collective. Consequently, it is believed to have been developed by this experienced and well-known team of marijuana breeders and named in honor of its founder, chief expert, and patriarch, Lawrence Ringo.

In their quest for therapeutic CBD marijuana strains, they decided to cross two then-popular hemp varieties — ACDC and Harle-Tsu. Initially, they produced a hybrid that contained 10% THC and an equal percentage of CBD, a notable achievement but not their ideal result. After years of meticulous cultivation, they succeeded in developing the phenotype of the Ringo’s Gift strain that we know and appreciate today.

Ringo’s Gift has not only been recognized for its therapeutic properties but also for its excellence in quality. It proudly claimed the first place for Best CBD Concentrates at the 2015 Socal High Times Cannabis Cup, a testament to its superior quality and effectiveness. This accolade highlights the strain’s prominence in the cannabis community, particularly among those seeking high-quality CBD products.

How It Works

To gain a clear and structured understanding of the medical benefits of Ringo’s Gift, as well as its positive and negative effects, refer to the table provided below.

Therapeutic Actions

Positive Effects

Most Reported Negative Effects

Relieves chronic and acute pain

Enhances focus


Combats inflammations

Improves motivation

Dry eyes

Helps with appetite disorders and nausea

Adds mental energy


Mitigates migraines

Provides full-body relaxation


Treats arthritis

Makes you happier and vigorous


Works as an antidepressant and anxiolytic

Gives mental tranquility


Alleviates stress

Produces slight euphoria


Works as an effective antiseizure and antispastic medication

Increases creativity and productivity


Helps with PTSD and ADHD



Improves symptoms of multiple sclerosis and ALS



All in all, Ringo’s Gift produces a dual effect — it provides a slight mental and bodily high, relaxing your muscles and calming racing thoughts. Simultaneously, it doesn’t alter your personality or perception, nor does it confine you to the couch. On the contrary, it aids in managing everyday tasks, effectively dissolving stress, aggression, and tension.

Ringo’s Gift Flavor Profile

Ringo’s Gift Flavor Profile

The aroma of Ringo’s Gift buds evokes the earthiness and freshness of a forest after rain. You’ll detect notes of pine and citrus, but a dominant minty scent stands out. This strong minty aroma is pleasing to both the nose and tongue. Shortly after, you may notice subtle hints of spice and pepper.

The flavor of Ringo’s Gift mirrors its aroma, but with more pronounced pepper notes, and the mint flavor becomes almost pronounced. Ringo’s Gift leaves a sense of freshness and an eagerness for another experience. Despite the strong taste, it is not overwhelming and doesn’t linger excessively after smoking a joint.

Exterior and Consistency

The Ringo’s Gift strain may not stand out with an extraordinary appearance. The flower features mint-green leaves and abundant orange and brown pistils. The round-shaped nugs appear airy and vibrant, covered in sparkling trichomes. The buds resemble popcorn – spherical and knobbly, maintaining the same green hue.

Aesthetically, Ringo’s Gift looks simpler than other strains, lacking in varied bright colors and diversity of forms. The buds are firm and dense, yet they can be easily broken down between your fingers. However, it’s not recommended to do so, as crushing a Ringo’s Gift bud leaves a thin, sticky layer of resin on your skin and clothes.

Ringo’s Gift Costs & Final Thoughts

The average online price for Ringo’s Gift is approximately 92 dollars for 1 ounce. This breaks down to almost 3.2 dollars per gram. Such pricing is quite reasonable for cannabis with such a notable cannabidiol level, making it one of the best offers in its category. However, when purchasing weed, it’s important to verify its THC and CBD content and ensure that you are buying an authentic product.

In conclusion, the Ringo’s Gift strain has gained immense popularity due to its beneficial effects (such as pain relief, stress reduction, and anxiety management), affordability, and legal status. Its nearly THC-free composition makes it legal in many states, offering a significant advantage for those who need Ringo’s Gift for specific health issues (like chronic pain, depression, and anxiety disorders). 

This review of Ringo’s Gift is intended to serve as a helpful guide for potential users seeking relief from these conditions.

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