The Best CBD Strains 2024

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Written by Jonathan Hutchinson on 09/05/2022.
Data Last Updated: 05/31/2024.

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Do you know there are over 700 strains of marijuana? Since 1996, when the Cannabis plant was first approved for medical use in California, USA, it has seen a lot of modifications. These modifications have led to the development of different strains, each cultured to possess certain qualities and functions differently. 

If you’re looking for relief from pain, anxiety, or other ailments, choosing the right CBD strain is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unveil the best CBD strains right now 2023 you can trust for fast results. We will provide you with valuable insights into their properties and the conditions they can relieve. Don’t go anywhere!

Og Kush CBD Strain

Og Kush CBD Strain

Og Kush CBD Strain is renowned for its well-balanced cannabinoid profile. The marijuana strain offers a harmonious blend of CBD and THC, with a THC-to-CBD ratio of 1:2, making it an ideal choice for both recreational and medicinal users. Developed by the famous CBD crew, this strain boasts a delightful earthy flavor with fruity aromas of citrus and pine, ensuring a pleasant therapeutic experience.

Og Kush CBD Strain is a hybrid strain with 70% indica genetics. One thing people love about this CBD strain is its ability to provide therapeutic benefits and high. 

Therapeutic Benefits of CBD Og Kush

  • CBD Og Kush offers relief from chronic pain.
  • It can alleviate symptoms of anxiety.
  • CBD Og Kush is beneficial in managing depression.
  • Effective against insomnia.
  • It can provide relief from muscle spasms.

ACDC (Alternative Cannabinoid Dietary Cannabis) CBD Strain

ACDC (Alternative Cannabinoid Dietary Cannabis) CBD Strain

With a remarkable CBD-to-THC ratio of 20:1, the ACDC CBD strain is one of the best CBD strains in 2023. If you are seeking to enjoy only the medicinal aspects of marijuana, this strain should be on your list as it does not supply the psychoactive effects of marijuana

The ACDC CBD strain is a Sativa-dominant strain known for its ability to induce relaxation without the intoxicating high. ACDC has a pleasant aroma with a good mix of woody, cherry, and mandarin peel flavors. It grows best indoors and in warm environments and is reported to get you feeling relaxed and focused. 

Therapeutic Benefits of ACDC CBD Strain

  • Eases stress and anxiety.
  • Aids in epilepsy management.
  • Provides pain relief.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Alleviates migraines.
  • Supports chemotherapy patients.

Cherry Wine CBD Strain

Cherry Wine CBD Strain

Cherry Wine CBD Strain is the relaxation buddy you can trust to help you unwind after an eventful day. It is a balanced Indica-Sativa hybrid. It is bustling with myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, and other terpenes to give a fruity aroma and rich cherry flavors. 

This remarkable CBD strain was produced off the breeding of Cherry Wine and The Wife hemp strains. Loved by those with active lifestyles, the Cherry Wine CBD has a CBD and THC profile of from 15 to 25%; and 0.3-0.4% respectively.

Therapeutic Benefits of Cherry Wine CBD Strain

  • Anxiety relief.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Insomnia management.
  • Pain relief (both acute and chronic).
  • Asthma support.
  • Epilepsy management.
  • Muscle tension alleviation.
  • Inflammation reduction.

CBD Critical Mass

CBD Critical Mass

CBD Critical Mass is a well-rounded strain that lives up to its name with a high CBD content. It is a brainchild of Dinafem seeds, a hybrid of Critical Mass, and a yet-to-be-disclosed cannabis strain from the powerhouse of the CBD crew. 

CBD Critical Mass offers everyone a pleasant and mellow experience, making it suitable for those new to CBD. It is an 80% indica strain with a CBD to THC ratio of 1:1 capable of helping with inflammation and pain, amongst other conditions. It is loaded with sweet-smelling terpenes including, ocimene pinene, and beta-Caryophyllene. 

Therapeutic Benefits of CBD Critical Mass

  • Chronic pain relief.
  • Appetite stimulation and improvement.
  • Relief from muscle spasms and muscle pain.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Depression management.
  • Insomnia relief.
  • Anxiety reduction.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Strain

Charlotte’s Web CBD Strain

Charlotte’s Web is a legendary CBD strain that was developed by six brothers simply known as the Stanley brothers. It is arguably one of the most popular CBD strains in America, and well known for helping a child, Charlotte Figi, diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome recover from 300 grand mal seizures per week to about 4 per month. 

It is also renowned for its high CBD content and almost non-existent THC content and is loved for its potent therapeutic effects.

Therapeutic Benefits of Charlotte’s Web CBD Strain

  • Epilepsy relief.
  • Seizure management.
  • Relief from chronic pain.
  • Anxiety and depression management.
  • Anticonvulsant effects.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Neuroprotective properties.

Boax CBD Strain

The Boax CBD Strain is a reliable source of cannabinoids needed for improved vitality and moods. It is a versatile CBD strain with balanced indica-sativa genes. The Boax CBD contains less than 0.30% THC levels and about 17% CBD. 

Boax CBD Strain is a hybrid strain known for its soothing properties. It was produced from a combination of Otto 2 and Hindu Kush cannabis strains. It has a rich terpenes profile, containing caryophyllene, guaiol, farnesene, b-myrcene, limonene, trans-nerolidol, bisabolol, pinene, and a few others. It offers a calming experience with a hint of citrus in its flavor profile. 

Therapeutic Benefits of Boax CBD Strain

  • Helps in panic attacks.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Pain alleviation.
  • Inflammation reduction.
  • Mood disorder support.

Harlequin CBD Strain

Harlequin CBD Strain

Harlequin CBD is a CBD strain with a unique 5:2 CBD-to-THC ratio, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy all the goodness of CBD over a subtle delivery of THC. Although it contains limonene, pinene, ocimene, myrcene, and caryophyllene amongst other terpenes only limonene and myrcene are commonly reported. The strain features a sweet and earthy flavor profile and offers a clear-headed and uplifting experience.

With only 25% indica, the Harlequin CBD is a Sativa-dominant strain. It is a powerful CBD hybrid from Thai and Swiss landrace strains, the Columbian Gold, and the Nepali Indica landrace strains. It is cherished for its ability to relieve pain and anxiety while maintaining mental clarity.

Therapeutic Benefits of Harlequin CBD

  • Chronic pain relief.
  • Anxiety reduction.
  • Depression management.
  • Fatigue alleviation.
  • Stress reduction.

Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami

The Sour Tsunami is an interesting CBD strain like no other. As you may have guessed from its name, the Sour Tsunami gives a tangible sour taste right from the first hit. It has an intense aroma with notes of diesel and citrus. This unique taste and aroma were inherited from its parent strains, Sour Diesel, and the award-winning NYC Diesel cannabis strains.

CBD-dominant strain is renowned for its high CBD content and minimal THC levels with a ratio of 13:1 which enables it to provide soothing effects of relaxation and happiness to all users. The plant contains beneficial terpenes of terpinolene, myrcene, and pinene.

Therapeutic Benefits of Sour Tsunami CBD Strain

  • Pain relief.
  • Anti-inflammation.
  • Relief for arthritis sufferers.
  • Management of seizure disorders.
  • Support for multiple sclerosis patients.
  • Anxiety reduction.
  • Alleviation of muscle spasms.

Lifter CBD

Lifter CBD

Looking for a CBD strain that can lift your mood and spirit, and get you feeling energetic without getting overly high, Lifter CBD is something to try. Contrary to what its name may trigger, this cultivar will not get you high as it is 14-16% CBD and only 0.3-0.7% THC. 

If you are a lover of quality terpenes, the Lifter CBD strain has you covered as it is richly loaded with humulene, caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, ocimene linalool, and several others to provide a mild and uplifting experience at all times. Lifter is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Early Resin Bud and Suver Haze, two Oregon-grown hemp strains. It’s a popular choice for those looking for a creative boost without the psychoactive effects of THC. Lifter has a pleasant herbal flavor with hints of citrus, pine, and earth, with a good funky and sweet lemony kick.

Therapeutic Benefits of Lifter CBD Strain

  • Stress reduction.
  • Anxiety alleviation.
  • Depression management.
  • Fatigue relief.
  • Pain reduction.

Ringo’s Gift CBD Strain

Ringo’s Gift CBD Strain

This cultivar is renowned for its high CBD content, boasting an impressive 20: 1 CBD to THC ratio, making it the go-to marijuana strain for the full therapeutic potential of CBD without the THC buzz. It is 60% sativa and 40% indica.

Ringo’s Gift is a carefully crafted hybrid, with a unique genetic lineage that includes ACDC and Harle-Tsu strains. It was named after the legendary cannabis activist, Lawrence Ringo, who dedicated his life to promoting the medicinal benefits of cannabis. When you take your first inhale of Ringo’s Gift, you’ll be greeted by a delightful blend of earthy, citrus, and floral notes. 

Therapeutic Benefits of Ringo’s Gift CBD Strain

  • Pain Management.
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief.
  • Mood Enhancement.
  • Seizure Control.
  • Improved Focus and Clarity.

Harle-Tsu CBD Strain

Harle-Tsu CBD Strain

This is the Harlequin Tsunami, with an impressive CBD dominance and minimal THC content, a ratio of 20: 1 respectively. Harle-Tsu originates from the breeding of two CBD-rich strains, Harlequin and Sour-Tsunami, to create a harmonious blend of CBD and terpenes while keeping THC levels incredibly low. 

It releases a mild earthy aroma, accompanied by subtle hints of sweet citrus and pine. Its terpene profile features myrcene, pinene, and terpinolene, amongst others. The flavor is equally mild and soothing, making it a favorable option for those who appreciate a subtle taste profile.

Therapeutic Benefits of Harle-Tsu CBD Strain

  • Anxiety and Stress Relief.
  • Inflammation Reduction.
  • Mood Enhancement.
  • Pain Relief.

Remedy CBD Strain

Remedy CBD Strain

Remedy is a high-CBD strain of cannabis that is known for its calming and relaxing effects. It is a cross between Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk, having a CBD content of around 12% to 16% and a THC content of around 1%.

The medicinal marijuana plant is an Indica-dominant strain known for its calming effects and is often used to alleviate stress and promote sleep. Remedy has a gentle earthy aroma, underscored by subtle notes of sweet citrus. Its terpene profile features beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, caryophyllene, and beta-myrcene. The flavor follows suit, offering a calm and subtle taste profile that makes it a preferred choice for those with sensitive palates.

Therapeutic Benefits of Remedy CBD Strain

  • Reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Promotes relaxation and sleep.
  • Helps with PTSD and other mental health conditions.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Improves mood.

How To Choose The Best CBD Strain For Your Needs

How To Choose The Best CBD Strain For Your Needs

Follow these steps to choose the right CBD strains for your needs:

  1. Consider your desired effects: What do you want CBD to achieve? Different strains produce different effects, so choose one that targets your specific needs. For example, if you want to reduce anxiety, choose a strain with high CBD and low THC.
  2. Look at the CBD and THC content: CBD is non-psychoactive, while THC is psychoactive. Choose a strain with the right CBD: THC ratio for you. If you are sensitive to THC, choose a strain with low THC. If you are using CBD for medical purposes, choose a strain with high CBD.
  3. Consider the terpenes: Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give cannabis a unique flavor and aroma. They also have therapeutic effects. For example, linalool is calming and relaxing, while limonene is uplifting and stimulating. Choose a strain with terpenes that are beneficial for you.
  4. Medical Conditions: Identify the specific condition you want to address and choose a strain known for its efficacy in treating it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is CBD legal in my state?

A: CBD legality varies by state. It’s essential to research your local laws and regulations regarding CBD use.

Q: Can I get high from CBD?

A: No, CBD strains contain minimal THC and do not produce the psychoactive “high” associated with marijuana.

Q: How should I consume CBD?

A: CBD strains can be consumed in various ways, including smoking, vaping, edibles, and tinctures. Choose a method that suits your preferences and needs.

Final Thoughts

CBD stands out as one of the most promising natural remedies in the world today. Despite the variety of CBD strains available, selecting the right one that aligns with your specific needs is important. It is crucial to consider factors such as CBD and THC contents, terpenes, and desired effects to make an informed choice that supports your wellness journey.

Choose a strain that works best for you, and experience the natural healing power of CBD today!

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