Boax CBD Strain Review

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Written by Sindy Brent on 12/24/2023.
Data Last Updated: 06/07/2024.

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Boax CBD hemp is an exceptional balanced hybrid strain blending relaxation and euphoria. With its abundant cannabinoid profile, unique terpenes, and near 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, Boax transcends expectations. This versatile strain suits both recreational use and treating numerous medical conditions.

Boax CBD Strain Review

Let’s delve into this Boax CBD review with some key statistics:

  • Total cannabinoids detected during lab tests reach almost 22%.
  • CBD level runs up to 17%.
  • Delta-9 THC is almost undetectable — approximately 0.15%.
  • Terpene profile, from highest to lowest, includes guaiol, caryophyllene, myrcene, farnesene, trans-nerolidol, bisabolol, limonene, terpinene, pinene, ocimene, and linalool.
  • Prevalent effects include feelings of happiness, enhanced energy, and relaxation.
  • Boax has little to no psychoactive action.
  • It is a balanced indica-sativa hybrid.
  • Dominant flavors are bakery, sandalwood, sweet, and earthy.

Boax CBD strain is a potent yet finely balanced cannabis variety that leaves you feeling relaxed and uplifted, with clear thinking and peace of mind. But let’s start from the very beginning.


The birthplace of Boax CBD strain is Colorado Springs, where breeders recognized a substantial demand for pot that offers all the beneficial effects without altering the user’s mental state. To achieve this, they brought together  two entirely distinct cannabis strains — Hindu Kush and Otto 11.

The first parent, Hindu Kush, originates from the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan, representing a traditional, landrace marijuana strain. The term “kush” means “killer,” and this indica strain lives up to its name with a THC content exceeding 20%. This is from here that  Boax inherits its distinctive sandalwood taste and potentl relaxing effects.

On the other hand, Otto 11, the second parent of the Boax CBD flower, is a sativa-indica hybrid native to Colorado. Its name encodes the unique chemistry of this hemp, reading as Otto One to One. The ratio of the two main cannabinoids, THC and CBD, is 1 to 1, approximately 8% each. Boax derives its uplifting and mind-boosting properties from this sativa-indica hybrid ancestor.

The Effects and Benefits of Boax

The Effects and Benefits of Boax

This specialized chemical design leads to multifaceted holistic effects:

  • Powerful body relaxation and muscle tension relief
  • Mood elevation, euphoria and happiness
  • Relief from chronic stress and anxiety
  • Mental clarity, creativity and concentration
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties
  • Non-drowsy relief without fuzziness

The terpenes work synergistically in an “entourage effect”:

  • Pinene (also in pine trees) enhances positive mood
  • Myrcene relaxes muscles, calms nerves
  • Ocimene boosts energy and immune function

In total, Boax creates balance of mind and body. The combination mellows with muscle relaxation while avoiding sedation through elevated mood and focus.

Medical Uses for Boax Strain

Medical Uses for Boax Strain

As a controlled, moderate-strength strain, Boax suits treating numerous health conditions:

The deeply relaxing yet clear-headed properties also work for:

Without strong psychedelic effects, Boax transitions well from daytime to evening use. The easy-going high makes it friendly for CBD beginners as well. For versatility across needs, Boax is a top-tier CBD flower.

Exterior and Consistency

Boax CBD marijuana stands out with its compact yet dense flowers and buds. The leaves are a vibrant grass green, tightly curled around each other, adorned with yellow, purple, and orange pistils. The entire bud is generously coated with trichomes and glistening crystals, resulting in a sticky texture due to the abundant resin that envelops them.



The initial scent introduces a pleasant and deep sandalwood aroma, setting the stage for the diverse spectrum of Boax CBD’s olfactory profile. Sweet notes of candies and fruits, attributed to myrcene, blend with earthy tones of fresh soil, spice, and bakery, courtesy of its high caryophyllene content. Pinene contributes noticeable hints of wood and pine.

Boax’s taste mirrors its aroma, initiating with woody and earthy sensations that transform into sweet, lemony, and fruity notes upon exhalation. Smoking Boax may leave your mouth feeling dry and puckered. Overall, the aroma and taste of this strain are well-received by both novice and seasoned users.


As evident from this Boax review, this weed is perfect for medical uses, offering gentle yet potent healing and pain-relieving effects. However, its popularity extends to recreational use, given its ability to induce relaxation in both body and mind.

Many individuals enhance their evenings post a strenuous working day with Boax. Low costs, starting from 7.50 USD, significantly contributes to this popularity. Because of almost zero THC content, this strain complies with the Farm Bill and can be legally delivered to 50 states. Exercise caution and opt for reputable and reliable suppliers to ensure a quality experience.


Does Boax CBD have any psychoactive effects?

Boax CBD has little to no psychoactive effects due to its extremely low THC content, making it ideal for users who want to avoid the ‘high’ sensation.

Can Boax CBD be used for medical purposes?

Yes, Boax CBD is suitable for treating various medical conditions due to its high CBD content and low THC level. It is known for its relaxation and mood-enhancing properties.

Is Boax CBD Hemp legal?

Boax CBD Hemp complies with the 2018 Farm Bill, as it contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, making it legally available in many regions. However, it’s always best to check local laws before purchasing.

How is Boax CBD Hemp consumed?

Boax CBD can be enjoyed in various forms, including smoking the flower, using CBD oils, or extracts. It’s also available in pre-rolled joints for convenience.

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  • Rick vonHuben 01/20/2023 07:36:33
    What is the difference between BoAx and BaOx ?
  • Thomas 10/03/2022 09:07:59
    Honestly, the Boax CBD strain is the best I've tried in my life! It has the most optimal ratio of THC and CBD, as well as a pleasant taste and unobtrusive aroma. I recommend it to all beginners and those who just want to try something new.
  • Aaron C Edwards Jr 05/19/2021 12:46:10
    Good write up. I grew BOAX last year and had great results. thanks for the info
  • Mike Pereira 05/07/2021 23:56:15
    Thanks for a very informative article. I learned quite a bit, I’ve grown from clones for the past two years, first year from seed.

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