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Ringo’s Gift CBD Strain Review

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Ringo’s Gift is a potent CBD strain that has complex and beneficial effects. However, it might happen that some pot lovers will not be completely satisfied with this hemp. High CBD level, along with very low THC concentration, makes this cannabis suitable for staying active and alert, but not to get high and wasted.

Ringo’s Gift nug

This is not the only advantage of the Ringo’s Gift strain. Medicinal and recreational effects are numerous, and in this Ringo’s Gift CBD review, we’ll try to tell you about them. Let’s start with pure numbers, which will help us understand better how it works:

Ringo’s Gift CBD

  • it is a well-balanced hybrid with 60% of sativa and 40% of indica genetics;
  • CBD to THC ratio rockets up to 24 to 1, and even higher;
  • cannabidiol makes from 15% to over 20%;
  • tetrahydrocannabinol in modern phenotypes does not go higher than 1.2%;
  • the main terpene is linalool, and its concentration is 1.67%;
  • other valuable terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. They make ~0.5% each;
  • psychoactive effects of Ringo’s Gift CBD are subtle and not worth mentioning;
  • it is equally calming and energizing;
  • the most popular medical indications of Ringo’s Gift are pain, depression, and stress;
  • predominant effects are relaxation, uplifted mood, enhanced focus and alertness;
  • primary flavors are earthy, spicy, and sweet minty.

Ringo’s Gift strain can be found in different phenotypes that have different CBD content, thus producing versatile effects. Let’s have a closer look at this hemp.

Where It Comes From

There is a popular theory that the Ringo’s Gift CBD strain was cultivated by unknown breeders and named after Ringo Starr, a drummer for the Beatles. However, you can find this weed in the list of CBD-high clones on the website of a famous family-run company Southern Humboldt Seeds Collective. Thus, we believe it was created by this experienced and popular team of marijuana breeders and named after its founder, chief expert, and father, Lawrence Ringo.

They were looking for therapeutic CBD marijuana strains and decided to cross two then-popular hemps — ACDC and Harle-Tsu. Initially, they got the hybrid that produced 10% of THC and the same volume of CBD, which was a great achievement, but not the desired ideal result. After years of meticulous cultivation, they gave birth to the phenotype of the Ringo’s Gift strain we know and love.

How It Works

To have a clear and schematic idea of the Ringo’s Gift medical benefits and positive and negative effects, let’s look at the table below.


Therapeutic Actions

Positive Effects

Most Reported Negative Effects

Relieves chronic and acute pain

Enhances focus


Combats inflammations

Improves motivation

Dry eyes

Helps with appetite disorders and nausea

Adds mental energy


Mitigates migraines

Provides full-body relaxation


Treats arthritis

Makes you happier and vigorous


Works as an antidepressant and anxiolytic

Gives mental tranquility


Alleviates stress

Produces slight euphoria


Works as an effective antiseizure and antispastic medication

Increases creativity and productivity


Helps with PTSD and ADHD



Improves symptoms of multiple sclerosis and ALS




All in all, Ringo’s Gift produces a binary effect — it pleases you with a slight mental and bodily high, relaxing your muscles and calming down racing thoughts. At the same time, it does not change your personality and perception, does not lock you to the couch. On the contrary, it helps you cope with everyday tasks, and all stress, aggression, and tension melt away.

Ringo’s Gift Flavor Profile

The smell of the Ringo’s Gift buds will remind you of earth and forest after the rain. You’ll feel pines and citrus trees, but the dominant note will stand alone. The strong minty flavor will please your nose and tongue. After a minute, you’ll feel some hints of spice and pepper.

The taste of Ringo’s Gift is just the same as its smell, but with stronger pepper notes, and the mint flavor becomes almost offensive. Ringo’s Gift will leave you with the feeling of freshness and with the desire to have another whiff. Despite the strong taste, it does not disturb you, neither it stays longer than you smoke a joint.

Exterior And Consistency

The Ringo’s Gift strain will not surprise you with outstanding appearance. The flower springs mint-green leaves and abundant orange and brown pistils. The round-shaped nugs look airy and vibrant, all covered with sparkling trichomes. The buds remind pop-corn. They are spherical and knobbly, with the same green color.

Aesthetically, Ringo’s Gift looks simpler than other strains, without various bright colors and diversity of forms. The buds are firm and thick, but you will easily break them down between your fingers. However, we do not recommend you do this, as the smashed Rigo’s Gift bud leaves a thin but sticky layer of resin on your skin and clothes.

Ringo’s Gift Costs & Final Thoughts

The average price of the Ringo’s Gift weed online is 240 bucks for 1 oz of the pot. Let’s do the math, it makes almost 9.5 dollars per 1 gram. This is excellent pricing for cannabis with such an impressive cannabidiol level. It is definitely one of the best offers ever. However, when deciding to buy weed, you should always look for the info about its THC and CBD content, and always make sure that you purchase the authentic product.

In conclusion, Ringo’s Gift strain is extremely popular nowadays and does not need any additional recommendations. This high demand comes from its advantageous effects, low costs, and legal status — being almost THC-free, it is a legal drug in many states, which is good for people who needs Ringo’s Gift for some health issues. Hopefully, this Ringo’s Gift review will be helpful for you.

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