West Virginia medical marijuana card FAQ

What documents do I need to provide for the application?

When applying for a medical marijuana card in West Virginia, you need a digital photograph, proof of West Virginia residency, valid government-issued photo ID, a Patient Certification Form, and if you qualify, a financial hardship waiver. You will need to mail the application fee as a money order or check payable to West Virginia DHHR to the West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis. Registration is done online through the WV Medical Cannabis Portal.

Which category of patients needs a caregiver?

Patients under the age of 18 are required to have a caregiver. Persons with disabilities can also appoint a caregiver. The caregiver is an individual who is 21 years of age or older and has been appointed to purchase medical marijuana products on behalf of a patient with a medical marijuana card. They also assist with transportation, possession, and administration.

Is my personal information kept confidential during the application process?

Your personal information related to medical cannabis is a medical record under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The records cannot be disclosed to third parties except in national priority interests. For instance, if the information is required for a police investigation. Employers can also request access to your medical marijuana records. Your caregiver is not allowed to share your medical marijuana information with a third party except with your permission.

Can I get a med card without a West Virginia ID?

You cannot get a medical card without a West Virginia ID. You must be a resident of West Virginia and have proof of residency like a driver’s license or state ID card to qualify for a medical marijuana card.

How long does it take to get approved for a medical marijuana card in West Virginia?

Your application for a medical marijuana card in West Virginia will be approved between 30 and 60 days. During this period, you will receive an email from the State Office concerning the status of your application. If you are approved, you will receive your MMJ patient card. If you were denied, you will be informed of the reason. If you make a mistake in your application, it will be rejected and the error will be specified. You can correct and resubmit.

Can I buy medical marijuana with insurance in West Virginia?

Most health insurance companies don’t cover the cost of medical cannabis since it is still illegal under federal law. Consider speaking to your insurance provider to know whether they provide this coverage.

Where can I buy medical marijuana in West Virginia?

You can buy medical marijuana at any licensed dispensary in West Virginia. There are about 100 licenses for medical cannabis dispensaries in the state. It’s important to purchase your marijuana from a reliable source to avoid breaking the law.

How can I register with the West Virginia medical cannabis program?

To register with the West Virginia medical cannabis program, ensure you have the qualifying medical conditions. Next, schedule an appointment with a licensed physician, either in person or via telehealth, to obtain a medical cannabis patient certification. After receiving your certification, create an account on the Office of Medical Cannabis registration portal and complete the application. You'll need to provide a digital photograph, proof of West Virginia residency, the physician-issued medical cannabis certification, a photo ID, and a $50 application fee. If you are eligible for a financial hardship waiver, you can submit proof of income. Once the application is approved, you can receive your medical card and appoint a caregiver if necessary.

Can I get a medical marijuana card online in West Virginia?

Yes, you can get a medical marijuana card through an online process in West Virginia. A telemedicine consultation is the best way to talk to a physician. You can also apply through the state’s portal and receive your card online.

Do I need to be a West Virginia resident to get a medical marijuana card?

Yes, you need to be a legal resident of West Virginia to get a medical marijuana card. An individual must provide proof of residency to apply for a medical marijuana card.

How can I renew my medical marijuana card in West Virginia?

First, receive an annual physician certification from an approved healthcare provider. Then, log into your account at https://wv-public.mycomplia.com and submit a patient renewal application. Pay the renewal fee of $50. Wait for the Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) to review and approve your application, which can take up to 60 days. For detailed instructions, refer to the Patient Yearly Application Renewal Guide at https://omc.wv.gov/patients/Documents/Patient%20Yearly%20Application%20Renewal%20Guide.pdf.

How long is my medical marijuana card valid?

Your medical marijuana card is valid for one year after issuance. So, you must renew your card every year.

How long does it take to renew my medical marijuana card?

It takes up to 60 days for the renewal process to be complete when getting a medical marijuana card. It’s advisable to start the process about two months earlier so you don’t end up without your card.

Can I grow or sell cannabis plants in West Virginia?

Patients are not allowed to grow their own medical marijuana in West Virginia. It’s also illegal to sell your marijuana. You can only grow cannabis plants if you have received a grower license. Selling cannabis is limited to licensed dispensaries.

Do I need a medical card to buy products at a dispensary in West Virginia?

Yes, you need a medical card to buy at a dispensary in West Virginia. Patients cannot get access to cannabis products without their state-issued card. Even if you have a card but it’s not with you, the dispensary will require you to show it.

How is cannabis taxed in West Virginia?

The Cannabis Dispensary Tax in West Virginia is an excise tax imposed on the gross receipts received on medical cannabis during a quarterly period at 10%. However, buyers don’t have to directly pay taxes when buying medical marijuana.

Can I smoke weed in West Virginia?

Medical marijuana is only available in the form of pills, oils, topical forms, liquids, dermal patches, and tinctures. You cannot smoke marijuana in West Virginia.

Is using medical marijuana a reason for labor discrimination?

No, it’s not. The Medical Cannabis Act states that employers may not refuse to hire, discharge or discriminate against an employee because they are a medical marijuana user. But, it’s not clear whether this would protect those who have to undergo workplace drug tests.

Do you lose your gun rights if you have a medical maijuana card in West Virginia?

Yes, you will lose your gun rights. West Virginia follows the federal law that prohibits medical marijuana users from owning guns. So, if you have a medical marijuana card, you’re automatically disqualified from gun ownership.

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