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Steps to get a medical cannabis card in Iowa

Steps for apply

See if you qualify

First step to getting it is realizing whether your state of health meets the qualifying conditions




Steps for apply

Have all documents

Next step to get MMJ Card in Iowa (actually, for entry into the Register) is the collection of necessary documents. 


Steps for apply

Schedule a Dr. Weedy meeting

Contact Dr. Weedy professionals and arrange a consultation at a convenient time;




Steps for apply

Get the recommendation

Take a 15-minute meeting with a board-certified doctor who will confirm your diagnosis and give you permission for the analog of MMJ Card Iowa;




Steps for apply

Go buy marijuana

After entering the register, you can go to the nearest dispensary to buy medical cannabis.




100% Money Back Guarantee

In Case You're Not Approved

100% Money Back
Guarantee In Case
You're Not Approved

Benefits of getting MMJ Card in Iowa

Save money on purchases

Save money on every purchase. Plus, medical cannabis is legal

Has access to medical only stores

Access to all products, including exotic, high CBD, sexy strains

Has higher growing limits

Grow up to 6 plants in the flowering stage

Active for 12 months

Valid for a year. And get a discount for renewal at the end

The whole process takes 420 sec

Singing up. Approval. Payment. Every step takes about 2.5 mins

100% online

No need to wait for ages at doctor’s office

Money-back guarantee

Even if you made a mistake somewhere, you won’t lose money

Safe online payments system

Pay with your PayPal account or with card 100% safe

Access cannabis the same day

Your recommendation will be emailed immediately

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At the moment, they do not accept them. However, if you have lived in Iowa for a long time and can be classified as a resident, then it is wise to issue a local MMJ Iowa membership card and enjoy all its benefits without restrictions.



Under amendment 215, a patient does not have the right to sell medical marijuana. However, Federal law SB 420 provides for the ability of trustees or members of the grower cooperative to charge members of the group money to cover the costs of cultivating the plant. At the same time, the law emphasizes the non-commercial nature of the transfer of cannabis from one person to another.

Although by law, you only need to show the police a doctor's recommendation confirming approval of your use of medical cannabis, in practice, there may be problems up to checking the patient database. Therefore, if you don't want to face such troubles, it is more reasonable to issue a card and freely use the legal right to buy, use, and carry cannabis.

Under Federal law, Smoking cannabis is subject to restrictions that apply to smoking as such. Weed use is prohibited within 1,000 feet of schools and youth centers, as well as on a school bus, while driving, or at the swimming pool.

Under Federal law, possession of marijuana in excess of the permitted standards is a misdemeanor, and the cultivation of cannabis bushes in excess of the permitted amount entails criminal prosecution. At the same time, participants in the medical cannabis program are subject to more lenient forms of punishment or are not charged at all.

If you haven't received your documents - for any reason - we can send you duplicates upon request.

You should receive your documents and ID Card in no more than 4 business days.

If you haven't received your documents in 5 business days, something went wrong; the most common problem is that someone in the household has misplaced the mail The postal service is reliable but things happen.

Contact us at for assistance.

Yes, we can mail your Medical Cannabis ID Card anywhere you want.


None whatsoever.

Qualifying Medical Conditions for a legal Doctor's Medical Marijuana Card in California:

Chronic Pain
Chronic or Severe Nausea
Muscle Spasms
Migraine Headaches
Seizures, Epilepsy
Anxiety Disorders
Multiple Sclerosis
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Chronic Bronchitis
Chronic Allergies
Sports Injuries
Back Pain
Chronic Inflammatory Conditions

Note: Many other conditions can be approved as well at the discretion of the acting physician. MMJ may be recommended for other persistent or chronic symptoms that substantially limits the ability of a patient to conduct major life activities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

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