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Detailed steps for obtaining a license for the cultivation of up to 99 plants in California


What you need to know is that 99 plants license is not some special document, it is exactly the same as the grower license in California. 6-plants limit is automatically set for all MMJ certified patients. To obtain the right to cultivate over 6 plants (but no more than 99 plants), a patient must have the status of the MMIC participant and a special recommendation from the doctor that confirms you have a health condition that requires more cannabis plants than it is established by the state law. The process for obtaining a patient status includes the following steps:

  1. Applying for a patient or caregiver license via “Dr.Weedy”;
  2. Consideration and confirmation of the application by the department.

After obtaining the card, you have the right to cultivate up to 6 flowering plants. This limit can be increased if you get an official letter from the doctor with reference to the amendment “99 plants”, which can also be done via “Dr.Weedy”. An official prescription from a licensed doctor decriminalizes the cultivation of cannabis in the amount of up to 99 plants at the same time. For patients who need cannabis, this offers an opportunity to fully autonomize the supply of the medication.


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Benefits of Receiving MMJ
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  • Complete independence from the fluctuations of marijuana supply to dispensaries
  • Opportunity to cultivate the most suitable sorts of sativa and indica
  • Permanent stock of “weed” in the required amount
  • Economical due to the independent cultivation of cannabis
  • Possibility to eliminate the need for making purchases outside the home

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3 easy steps for getting MMJ Recommendation online
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3 easy steps for getting MMJ Recommendation online
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4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana card from Dr Weedy Clinic
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4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana card from Dr Weedy Clinic
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4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana card from Dr Weedy Clinic
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4 Benefits of Medical Marijuana card from Dr Weedy Clinic
Access to grow 99 plant
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State laws related to the legalization and cultivation for 2020

In the state of California, you can legally grow up to 99 cannabis plants, given that you have an appropriate patient license. You can obtain it in almost any city of the state, but be sure to clarify the current information before contacting a doctor. Since 2018, temporary state licenses have become available, which allowed certain categories of patients according to CUA California’s Proposition 215 to allocate up to 100 square feet for growing plants. In accordance with subparagraph 215, adult patients from California are allowed to cultivate up to 6 mature plants at the flowering stage. However, it is necessary to remember that exceeding the standard limit will be subject to legal sanctions. In turn, there are different practices regarding the legal regulation of cannabis cultivation in various districts. Thus, private cultivation of medical cannabis is forbidden in Fresno, as of April 2020. But even the limit of 6 plants is not enough for many patients who need an increased dose of the drug when it comes to alleviating the pathological condition significantly. In this case, the patient is entitled to obtain a recommendation for cannabis plant growing.

According to the state law, any patient participating in the medical cannabis program of California has the right to grow as much cannabis as necessary to alleviate the pathological condition or symptoms, when the limit of 6 plants is not enough. In this case, the doctor refers to the amendment known as “99 plant script”, according to which the patient has the right to cultivate over 6 allowed plants (but no more than 99 of them). Meanwhile, you’re allowed to grow only for personal use, and the sale of “excess” will be punished under federal law. Growing more plants than allowed is classified as a criminal offense fraught with five years’ imprisonment. You also need to take into account the fact that a number of communes restrict or even forbid this legislative initiative. You can check the current status of the amendment of the script on the official website of the community concerned.

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After obtaining a license for the cultivation of medical cannabis under the program “99 plants”, you will then walk the forest path of learning the science of at-home cannabis cultivation. Follow the steps below, and you will be able to gather a solid harvest of cannabis on your first try.

  1. Choose the best optimal cannabis strain that suits your purposes. Medical cannabis is divided into 2 large categories. Cannabis sativa provides a stimulating effect, which is called a “high”. Cannabis indica provides a soothing and analgesic effect, useful for patients with chronic pain.
  2. You should grow the cannabis seeds in a cup with a wet sponge. Dip the seeds in water for a few hours, then gently put them on a damp, warm sponge and hide them in a dry, dark place.
  3. Within 24 hours, the seeds will start to rise, after which you’ll be able to replant them into a pot or cup. Put the sprouting seeds in loose soil for citrus fruits. You must insert the grain into the soil with the spine down.
  4. Choose a suitable pot (5 liters and up) and a convenient place for growing cannabis. Remember that the plant needs at least 10 hours of intense light, which is often lacking when cultivating in open ground. For an at-home “grow box”, use a 150W sodium lamp for growing 4 or more plants. When planting in open ground, try to plant on the south-facing side.
  5. Maintain the temperature, which should be between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. A few weeks after the seeds rise, you can add an organic fertilizer N-P-K (you shouldn’t use too much fertilizer).
  6. Water the plant, but not too much. Make sure that the plants get enough moisture and fertilizer. As soon as the upper lays of the soil become dry, water immediately, alternating it with fertilizer. With water, remember – better too little than too much.
  7. Identify and dispose of male plants, which will not give any fruits, promptly so as not to waste cultivation space.
  8. The average time of harvest is 8-16 weeks from the moment of planting seeds and varies by the sort of seed. Sativa takes longer to mature longer than indica, which should be taken into account when planning the harvest.
  9. When the trichomes on a plant acquire a milky or amber color – it’s time to harvest. You can see the trichomes under a magnifying glass or using a х5 lens.
  10. When the plants are ready for a cut, cut them at the base and hang them upside down for a week. Give the cones time to dry and mature.
  11. Remove the leaves and branches, then cut the cones and pack them in a bag.
  12. Use cones for smoking and vaping and as an ingredient for the edible forms of cannabis.



Conditions for patients

In accordance with U.S. law, every resident of the state aged 18 or more can become a member of the medical cannabis program in California. Minor patients can also participate in the program with the consent of a parent or guardian (if cannabis is prescribed by your doctor). As for growing cannabis, by default, patients and guardians have the right to cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants. However, according to the current amendment, a number of patients who need an increased dose of cannabis for a number of reasons can get the appropriate prescription from the doctor and legally grow up to 99 cannabis plants of any kind on their territory.

At the moment, such restrictions on the cultivation of cannabis are imposed by the local community regulations. You should clarify the right to grow cannabis plants on the official resources of the relevant communities. But in the communities where cannabis cultivation is perceived more freely, the cultivation of medical cannabis for personal consumption is permitted only in a private closed territory. Meanwhile, a grower commits to provide conditions for a safe cultivation process.

In accordance with the adopted amendment, California residents are exempted from criminal liability for storage and cultivation of medical cannabis. Nevertheless, this doesn’t include fines and other legal sanctions related to the violation of the law on driving a car and smoking in a public place. In the event of non-compliance with federal law, the consequences can be very serious. Therefore, it is reasonable to obtain legal permission to store 99 plants in California through “Dr. Weedy” and grow weed at home or in the garden.

After obtaining the doctor’s permission for the cultivation of cannabis plants, you will be within your legal rights to cultivate cannabis at home. At the same time, a lack of authorization can become the basis for federal prosecution.

Conditions for doctor

To have the right to certify patients for MMIC, a practicing doctor must be a member of the program and have a qualification allowing them to prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients with targeted pathologies.

Doctors participating in the medicinal cannabis program also have the right to permit patients to grow from 6 to 99 mature plants, referring to the respective amendment. With this, the doctor must justify the need to prescribe an increased dose of cannabis to the patient.


All our services comply with applicable California Law. Recommendations are approved by California Licensed Doctors. Our TeleHealth services comply with the Medical Board of California.

You can always prove they are legal for MMJ. All our clients’ documents, doctors’ licenses and MMJ-ID Cards can be verified 24/7 online.

No, prices vary among Registered Organizations.

Under the law, you may not sell or give away Medical Marijuana, nor may you possess it with the intent to sell it. Additionally you may not smoke Medical Marijuana in any place where smoking is prohibited by law, in or within 1,000 feet of the grounds of a school, recreation center, or youth center, unless the medical use occurs within a residence, on a school bus, while in a motor vehicle that is being operated, while operating a boat.

None whatsoever.

Yes, it is accepted in Nevada.

California state law doesn't require an embossed seal on a physician's recommendation, meaning that an email copy can be used. However, dispensaries are not obliged to accept copies and some may require the original, so it is best to first check with your dispensary of choice. Delivery services tend to accept e-documents readily and don't normally require a hard copy.

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