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Does CBD Help With Neuropathy

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Does CBD Help With Neuropathy?

Our nervous system consists of two main types:

  • the brain and the spinal cord, they form the central nervous system;
  • and the peripheral nerves.

The latter ones continue to the entire body, to all its parts, and serve as signal pathways from the CNS to other organs and backwards. Thanks to the peripheral nervous system, you can feel pain, heat or cold, it is responsible for all five senses, coordination, movements, etc.

Sometimes, due to numerous reasons, the peripheral nerves can be damaged and lose their functionality, which is called peripheral neuropathy, or simply neuropathy.

Though it is most commonly met in patients who are 55 years and older, neuropathy is a disease anyone can face. Almost every 15th American, of all ages, suffers from this malady.

Let’s have a brief look at the disease:


Major Categories


(irrelatively to categories)

Most Common Types and causes

(irrelatively to categories)

Prevention, Treatment, Management

(irrelatively to categories)

Risk Groups

(irrelatively to categories)

When the PN affects our motor control functions and a patient cannot talk or hold a spoon properly, it is called motor neuropathy.

Spasms, numbness and weakness in hands and legs.

Diabetic neuropathy, which damages the nerves in all organs

The best strategy is to treat the cause that has lead to PN — control diabetes, cure the injuries, improve nutrition or endocrine dysfunctions

People with diabetes

When the peripheral nerves damage interferes with such functions as heartbeat, urination, breathing, erection, etc. — this is an autonomic PN.

Excessive sensitivity, e.g. when you feel heat or cold too intensively; or no sensitivity, like when you touch smth burning and feel nothing, or step on sharp things with no pain

Substance-induced neuropathy, as a result of drugs or alcohol abuse

Another method is to alleviate the symptoms, especially when the cause is unknown or cannot be cured. In this case, pain-relievers, massages, orthopedic devices, etc., can be recommended

Oncology patients

There is a group of peripheral nerves that are responsible for the sensory functions, like touch, pain, tickling, cold, etc. When they are damaged for any reason, the sensory neuropathy can develop.

Irregular heart rate

Neuropathy, related to injuries or compression of the nerves. There are multiple health issues that can lead to PN of this type, e.g. wounds, traumas, median or face nerve compression, etc.

Special physical exercises

People living with HIV and immunity disorders


Poor motor control and coordination, dizziness

Highly toxic drugs, like chemotherapy, or chemicals, can literally kill the nerve cells

Surgery interventions

Patients with alcohol, drug, or tobacco addictions

Pain in the limbs with no explainable reason

Some viruses and bacteria can damage the nerve tissue

Turn onto a healthy lifestyle — control weight, balanced diet, quitting substance abuse, etc.

Patients with the history of various injuries or toxins exposure

Digestion problems

Nerves can also be impaired by the endocrine system or nutritional disorders and various deficiencies, for example, lack of vitamins or thyroid hormones, etc.

Minimize the risks of such traumas as burns and frostbites, cuts, fractures, etc.


Erectile dysfunction

In rare cases, our immune cells can act abnormally and target the nerves



Urinary retention or incontinence

Genetic PN, inherited from parents



Sudorrhea or no sweat at all, etc.







As you can see, neuropathy in feet and hands is a serious and complex health issue. And medical weed can be an effective treatment for it.

CBD As A Treatment Option

Medical science is studying medical marijuana attentively nowadays due to its numerous healing effects. One of the most important effects of CBD is its pain-relieving power. One research has gathered the reports of major clinical trials of medical marijuana and its components and analyzed them. As a result, though we still need more study and scientific evidence, it is obvious that cannabidiol reduces nerve pain in most neuropathy patients.

Another scientific work says that CBD-containing topicals, e.g. foot creams, can be effective for chronic pains induced by peripheral neuropathy. Moreover, it mitigated other symptoms of PN — itching, coldness, numbness, etc. All clinical trials show that CBD is safe and does not cause any severe adverse reactions. At the same time, it improves the life and well-being of PN patients greatly. It enhances serotonin and thus helps patients manage their malady.

Diabetes-induced neuropathy can be prevented if you treat the underlying health issue properly. Here, CBD can be very helpful, according to the latest research. Yes, it will not combat the disease by itself, but it will reduce inflammations and restore the healthy hormone level. Also, it regulates the performance of the immune system, which can also help with PN.

People who use cannabis for numerous health issues report its curative properties.

For example, there are records that tell us about the experience of real people and show that lots of medical marijuana patients use it as treatment for autoimmune diseases. Though many effects of CBD are still to be properly studied, the existing animal experiments promise its effectiveness for various kinds of neuropathic pain.

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & CBD

cannabis for neuropathy

There is a nerve that connects your forearm with your hand, the median one. It lies in a special passageway, carpal tunnel. The compression of this nerve is a frequently occurring reason for peripheral neuropathy.

This ailment is called the carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS for shortness), which can be caused by many factors — from your profession to chronic diseases:

  • constant repetitive movements of your wrist and hand can cause damaging pressure on the nerve — working with a computer, or with a knife in a kitchen, anything that requires making the same movements of your wrist;
  • CTS can develop as a result of arthritis, because of the malformation of bones;
  • wrist or forearm fractures can cause the deformation of the carpal tunnel and the nerve compression;
  • neuropathy of the median nerve can be caused by inflammations, diabetes, drug abuse, etc.

Chicago Tribune writes about the advantages of CBD over traditional medications in the CTS treatment. According to experts, cannabis does not cause severe dependency, effectively combats neuropathic pain, and is completely safe. Its anti-inflammatory and pain-killing effects make CBD the best remedy for the ailment.

CBD Oil For Nerve Regeneration

There are lots of types of PN, as many as the underlying reasons for the disease. And to cure the neuropathy, it is necessary to treat its cause. In most cases, the nerves will regenerate themselves then, and the problem will be solved.

Hence, combating inflammations and other diseases that cause PN, medical weed helps our nerves restore.

Of course, the treatment of peripheral neuropathy should be of holistic nature, cannabis cannot cure it on its own. Moreover, in some cases PN patients cannot recover completely. Only a healthcare professional can diagnose the underlying health condition and prescribe proper treatment. Always consult your doctor before taking CBD as a medicine.

Best Way To Use Cannabinoids For Neuropathic Pain

cbd for pain

It was mentioned above that CBD topicals mitigate the neuropathic pain. This method of administration is the best for those who operate machinery and do not need any problems with the drug testing. However, oral CBD, such as edibles and oils, provides a quicker and stronger effect. Thus, many people consider it as their favorite form of medical marijuana.

On the other hand, such meds as gabapentin cause severe and dangerous side effects. All non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents and corticosteroids widely prescribed for neuropathic pain are also rather dangerous. There are alternative safe topicals. DiabaSens side effects are unknown, but its effectiveness for foot pain is also yet to be approved.

If you prefer medical weed in its traditional form of a joint, it is good, too, but remember, that you cannot smoke pot anywhere you want. And you should carefully choose the best strain that contains lots of cannabidiol and low THC, otherwise your medication will make you high, which is oftentimes not appropriate. Also, remember that the best CBD dosage for newcomers is the lowest one. You can increase it only when you understand how your body reacts to the medicine.


To sum it all up, we’d like to say:

  • yes, CBD oil for neuropathy helps with relieving the major symptoms of the disease;
  • when used properly and thoughtfully, it can prevent this malady;
  • CBD can even help with nerve regeneration;
  • CBD is mostly safe;
  • patients with neuropathy can benefit from medical weed only if they use it under doctor’s control, addressing the health issues that have caused the ailment;
  • even if it does not cure the disease, it improves the well-being of PN patients, combating pain and stress associated with this malady.

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