CBD for Broken Bones — Unknown Powers of Medical Weed

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Written by Joseph Okonofua on 11/01/2022.
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Have you ever broken a bone before? Do you know someone who did? Read this article to discover how CBD can help any injury heal faster, better, and stronger.

A broken bone is a common health issue. Medically, it is called a bone fracture. According to the Ohio State University, 6 million people in the United States break a bone yearly. Whatever the cause or type of bone fracture, it is usually followed by intense acute pain and inflammation and requires healing wherever it occurs in the body. Fractured bones are always painful, regardless of age.

CBD can effectively relieve pain and reduce inflammation when used to treat fractured bones. Furthermore, it will speed up and strengthen the healing of broken bones.

Read to the end to learn more.

Causes of Broken bones

Bones do not break on their own; there is always a cause. Most fractured bones occur when a stronger external force is applied to them. Certain diseases and illnesses can also influence and cause bone fractures.

The good news is that whatever the reason for a bone fracture, using CBD oil can be a great way to both achieve pain relief and promote healing.

Here are the most common causes of broken bones

  1. Automobile crash;
  2. Falls;
  3. Aging;
  4. Osteoporosis;
  5. Sporting activities;
  6. Oncology;
  7. Overuse;
  8. Direct blow to the bones.

Common Types of Broken bones

1. Closed Fracture

This is also known as a simple fracture. It occurs when the bone gets cracked or even crushed into pieces without breaking through the skin. It is one of the most occurring types of bone fracture.

Symptoms of closed fracture:

  • Severe pain;
  • A cracking or grinding noise;
  • Swelling;
  • Bruising and redness in the affected region;
  • Deformity that is visible;
  • Warmth at the location of the injury;
  • The bones at the site of injury become unable to bear weight.

2. Open fracture

An open fracture is a type of broken bone injury in which the broken pieces of the fractured bone break through the skin. It results in an open wound. An open fracture is also called a compound fracture.

Symptoms of an open fracture:

  • Open wound with protruding bones;
  • Severe pain;
  • Swelling;
  • Immobility;
  • Redness around the injury location;
  • Deformity;
  • Bleeding.

3. Comminuted fracture

This is a severe type of bone fracture. It occurs when a particular bone breaks in two or more places along its length. It often manifests from serious accidents or falls. In some cases, the affected bone may break into many pieces. 

Symptoms of Comminuted fracture:

  • Inflammation, frequently accompanied by fever;
  • Extreme pain;
  • Inability to move or use the injured part in any way;
  • Nausea, loss of consciousness;
  • Swelling, which may be followed by bleeding;
  • Different bone fragments piercing the skin;
  • Deformity.

How Does CBD Help With Broken Bones?

How CBD Helps

CBD helps broken bones in the following ways:

  1. Enhances healing;
  2. Reduces the pain;
  3. Treats inflammation resulting from the injury.

CBD Enhances Bone Healing

The major desire of everyone with a broken bone is fast and proper healing. According to research in rats, CBD not only enhances bone healing, but it also makes them stronger and tougher. The fantastic news is that you can enjoy this benefit by solely depending on CBD oil. Also, if the broken bone was due to osteoporosis, then you should know that CBD oil has been researched to be an effective treatment for osteoporosis and weak bones.

CBD Helps To Eliminate Pain Caused By Broken Bones

Pain is one sad thing that comes with broken bones, but it can be effectively managed with CBD oil. It alleviates the pain without causing your stomach to bleed. CBD oil has been a powerful painkiller for ages, and many are aware of this benefit. Most of the strong painkillers used for bone fractures are either addictive or ulcerative, but with CBD oils, you never have to worry about that.

Some facts on how CBD oil aids in pain relief

CBD Treats Inflammation

When bones get broken or fractured, blood vessels also get torn (even when it is a closed fracture), leading to an inflammatory response. However, if the inflammation should turn chronic (delay), the effects will be bad for bone healing. Among other things, there is more tissue damage and a reduction in bone mass. CBD oil may help prevent all this.

During a review of all possible anti-inflammatory and antioxidative mechanisms of CBD, it was stated that CBD works with numerous receptors and systems in our body to regulate and modulate many important processes which enable it to effectively combat inflammations and prevent oxidative stress.

CBD also normalizes the performance of our immune cells. It boosts their activity when needed and suppresses the same if they harm the body. This is another way CBD combats inflammation.

Best Way To Take Medical Marijuana For Broken Bones

Best Way To Take Medical Marijuana For Broken Bones

Best Way To Take CBD For Broken Bones

CBD, as a therapy for broken bones, can be taken in different forms, depending on your own preferences. The available option includes the following:

  • Capsules;
  • Tinctures;
  • Vapes;
  • CBD gums;
  • Topical rub.

Although all options are effective, edibles and oral medications are considered to be safer. Topicals will work well for broken bones, but it will take more time to get to the bloodstream. 

5 Important Facts to Remember about CBD

  1. CBD is natural;
  2. CBD is not psychoactive;
  3. CBD does not cause stomach ulcers;
  4. CBD is safe;
  5. CBD is legal.


CBD is a safe and effective therapy for broken bones. It not only has the ability to help heal fractured bones, but it also strengthens and toughens the regenerated bones. It offers various advantages over standard pain relievers, including the fact that it does not promote addiction or affect your thinking.

Before using CBD for any health issue, you should consult your doctor. The best way to stay safe is to call Dr. Weedy and obtain legal authorization to purchase CBD via the MMJ card. You will also get unrestricted access to expert recommendations and assistance from our highly reputed consultants when you work with Dr. Weedy.


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