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Written by Sindy Brent on 08/25/2022.
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A migraine is a severe headache that a person can suffer from regularly. It’s said that every tenth inhabitant of the planet suffers from it, and thousands of people visit their doctors every day with this problem. Without a doubt, a migraine is much more unpleasant than a cough or cold because it’s harder to treat and makes your life much more difficult.

There are a lot of classic ways to treat migraines but in this article, we’re going to look only at how CBD affects this annoying illness and what beneficial features it can offer to you if you have migraines.

The symptoms of migraine 

The symptoms of migraine 

Typically, the main symptom of migraine is severe pain in the forehead or one side of the head. Generally, the pain throbs and intensifies with movement, disrupting the usual way of life. Sometimes the headache spreads to the face and neck. In addition to migraine headaches, extra symptoms sometimes occur:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • problems with the vestibular system (balancing system)
  • eye problems such as seeing spots or flashing lights

The exact causes of the symptoms of migraine are still not well understood. However, there are provoking factors, which contribute to the appearance of migraines. These include:

  • emotional stress
  • hunger
  • insomnia
  • excessive sleep
  • some foods (chocolate, citrus fruits, bananas)
  • alcohol
  • tension in the neck or shoulders
  • violation of the circadian rhythm
  • unusually high physical activity

Migraine symptoms can vary. Some do not have additional symptoms, and everything is limited to a headache, while others, on the contrary, have no head pain. Migraine symptoms usually last 4 hours to 3 days.

CBD as a treatment

CBD as a treatment

If you’re having migraine headaches regularly and still looking for the best treatment option, then you may take a closer look at CBD oils. Medical marijuana has a positive effect on the body’s serotonin system — this feature may reduce the intensity and frequency of migraine attacks. The reason is that low serotonin levels can cause blood vessels to dilate, triggering migraines in some people. Thus, CBD affects serotonin and increases the chances of defeating the disease.

Another important quality of CBD for migraine is considered to be its powerful pain-relieving effect. Indeed, sometimes migraine attacks are accompanied by such sharp pain that a person simply cannot focus on anything else. If you have such a problem, then the best scenario would be to find the most helpful CBD strain with pain-relieving and relaxing effects. 

An interesting fact! There is quite real evidence that cannabis was used for migraine relief by Arab and Indian healers hundreds of years ago.

When is it okay to use medical marijuana?

When is it okay to use medical marijuana?

If migraine keeps annoying you, it’s better to visit a professional doctor and undergo a medical examination. Most likely, the doctor will recommend you one of these options:

  1. OTC pain relievers
  2. Anti-inflammatory drugs
  3. Combination medicines containing a pain reliever and caffeine
  4. Preventative drugs such as Imitrex
  5. Drugs that make the blood vessels contract/constrict
  6. Drugs that raise serotonin levels

If nothing of the above helps you cope with migraines, it may be time to try buying medical marijuana. But we sincerely recommend you to consult with some professionals before using CBD products regularly — the dosage must be correct if you want to get a good result.

It’s worth mentioning that many healthcare professionals recommend medical marijuana for the treatment of migraine and its symptoms. For example, Dr. Stephen Silberstein, director of the Headache Center at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia says:

“If you have a lot of neck pain or soreness, it is perfectly reasonable to use CBD oil. It may even prevent nausea and vomiting”.

Ways to use medical marijuana to treat migraines

Ways to use medical marijuana to treat migraines

There are a lot of ways to consume medical marijuana. You can smoke it by simply rolling weed into a joint and using a vaporizer which causes less damage to your lungs. But these options are not the best when it comes to migraine treatment. We recommend you choose CBD oil because it can relieve pain quickly and fight almost all the symptoms.

How to use CBD oil for migraines?

How to use CBD oil for migraines?

CBD oil is a hemp extract used as an adjunct (food supplement) in the treatment of various diseases and also as a remedy for migraines. CBD oil not only helps relieve pain but also assists in getting rid of nausea and other symptoms. The relaxing sedative effects of quality CBD oils are also considered more attractive in terms of eliminating stress, which is very often the cause of migraines.

Thus, CBD oil is one of the most popular methods of consuming  CBD. Besides, you can also take CBD tinctures because they are usually flavored and take very little time to absorb through the mucous membranes in the mouth.. Overall, dosing cannabis is a rather complex subject and the best solution would be to consult a professional.

What CBD oil is the best choice for migraines?

What CBD oil is the best choice for migraines?

Some CBD oils stand out from others. Let’s have a closer look at them:

  1. Royal CBD. The “Royal” brand is widely known by almost any cannabidiol consumer and has many positive reviews. In addition, this product consists only of high-quality ingredients and is safe for your health.
  2. CBDPure Hemp. Another great option without THC. This CBD oil contains only organic components and has passed third-party lab testing. 
  3. Purekana Natural CBD Oil. Another tested option with 40 servings per container. It also has good reviews and isn’t overpriced at all. 

How many mg of CBD oil needed for migraine pain?

How many mg of CBD oil needed for migraine pain?

Of course, 1 mg of CBD oil daily will not be enough for migraine treatment. At the same time, 100 mg CBD oil dosage would be excessive. The average CBD dosage for migraine pain accepted by most healthcare professionals is 60 mg per day. It is a safe amount of CBD you can consume without getting any side effects. But we would recommend you to start from 10-40 mg per day and slowly increase the dosage for better adaptation. 

By the way, this dosage is also acceptable for other health problems such as convulsions, pain, and anxiety. You can also divide your daily intake into two or three, using 20-25 mg at a time. This way you will have all the chances to fight off the migraines.

Get a consultation from Dr.Weedy

If you don’t know what CBD oil would be the best for you or doubt what dosage is appropriate then you can easily get recommendations from our specialists. Dr.Weedy’s professionals will answer all your questions and give you a full picture of which CBD oil or tincture you can purchase, how often you should intake it and what dose is precisely for you.  

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