CBD Beer Effects: Benefits And Recipe For Relaxation

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Written by Jonathan Hutchinson on 04/13/2023.
Data Last Updated: 06/10/2024.

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Craft beer has experienced a renaissance in recent years, with small breweries putting creative twists on classic recipes and ingredients. One emerging trend marrying two booming markets is the advent of CBD and cannabis-infused beers. Read on to learn all about this relaxing brew and how to make your own CBD beer at home.

What is CBD Beer?

What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a trendy wellness compound extracted from marijuana or hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant. CBD products contain minimal levels of THC, so they don’t induce psychoactive effects. When infused into beer, CBD offers several proposed benefits:

  • Relaxation – Both CBD and beer have relaxing properties on their own that may be enhanced when combined.
  • Hangover relief – CBD may ease headaches, nausea, inflammation, and other unpleasant hangover symptoms.
  • Reduced drinkingSome evidence suggests CBD curbs overconsumption urges and could aid addiction recovery.

CBD beer contains varying amounts of alcohol, from completely nonalcoholic up to around 0.5% ABV, considerably less than typical beer. This makes it appealing for health-conscious beer aficionados or those looking to cut back on drinking.

Comparing CBD and THC Beer

Possible Benefits of CBD Beer

There are a few key differences between CBD beer and THC beer worth noting:

  • Intoxicating effects – Unlike CBD, THC has psychoactive properties inducing euphoria. THC beer won’t contain any alcohol, as combining the two increases impairment.
  • LegalityCBD from hemp is legal federally, while cannabis products with over 3% THC face stricter regulations.
  • Flavor – Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD contains terpenes and other hemp compounds providing an herbal, “earthy” flavor.

Benefits of Mixing CBD and Beer

Preliminary research and consumer experiences point to several upsides of mixing CBD and beer in moderation:

  1. Enhanced relaxation – With both beer and CBD having relaxing effects on their own, combining them may boost these chill vibes. Just take care not to overdo it.
  2. Relief from hangovers – CBD could alleviate headache, nausea, and other unpleasant booze-related aftermath the next day.
  3. Protection against alcohol damage – Studies show CBD helps prevent brain cell degeneration, liver disease, and other alcohol-induced bodily harm.
  4. Lower drinking urges – Evidence suggests CBD quells addiction-related impulses and is being researched as an aid for recovery programs.

Is it Safe to Combine CBD and Alcohol?

There still aren’t sufficient studies assessing the safety of mixing CBD and alcohol to provide definitive determinations. However, there are a few general precautions consumers should keep in mind:

  • Start slowly with small amounts of both CBD and alcohol to assess effects and tolerance. Everyone reacts differently.
  • Be cognizant that CBD may amplify feelings of intoxication – combining two depressants enhances their impacts.
  • Avoid mixing when new to either substance or with preexisting medical conditions until consulting a doctor.
  • Stay hydrated and stop consumption if experiencing severe, unexpected symptoms like excessive drowsiness.

As with any wellness supplement, educated moderation is key if enjoying CBD with your brews.

Crafting Your Own CBD Beer

Want to DIY your own cannabidiol brewski? Here’s what to do:


  • Beer of choice
  • CBD oil or isolate powder
  • Dropper for measurements


  1. Choose your preferred beer you’d like to infuse. Go for lighter varieties so any herbal flavors blend well.
  2. Determine your CBD dosage based on the beer’s volume and your experience level. Typically 0.25-0.5 mg CBD per 1 lb of body weight is a good starting range.
  3. Measure out oil inside the dropper and carefully mix into the beer. Stir thoroughly for at least 5 minutes to incorporate.
  4. For better dissolving without oily separation or residue, use flavorless CBD isolate powder instead while following similar volume guidelines.
  5. Sample your CBD beer creation! Effects kick in within an hour and last for 6-8 hours typically.

Now you can reap the proposed upsides of mixing CBD and beer conveniently at home. Just remember to enjoy in moderation and stay safe. Here’s to relaxing times ahead!

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