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Is CBD Effective For Menstrual Pain Relief?

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There is hardly a lady who has never experienced pain during a period. The pain throws off, does not let you do ordinary things and live up to the hilt – and we are ready to get rid of it by all means available. In particular, tampons with CBD oil for cramps designed specifically for menstrual pain treatment have appeared in the United States. Let’s figure out: does CBD help for with menstrual cramps?

Sometimes the reason for menstrual pain is diseases, but cramps can also occur with a completely healthy genital system. In such a case, the work of prostaglandins is responsible for the pain in the abdomen and head, cramps, and discomfort. These elements transmit pain signs to the brain from the ceptors.  During the period some women have more of them than needed, especially during uterismus- painful contractions.

cannabis for menstrual pain

Some people endure pain more severely than others – it depends on genetic characteristics. Still, there is no precise remedy for the problem yet. If the reasons like inflammation can be treated, then primary dysmenorrhea – when period cramps occur spontaneously- is an inveterate state which many women suffer until menopause.

Usually, drugs with an antiprostaglandine action that need to be taken before critical pain, often help quite well. Of course, pain relievers do not help everyone equitably, and they have enough adverse effects.

Hormonal contraception can be effective – it compensates the normal menstrual cycle, eliminating all the problems occurred. Still, this solution is not suitable for every woman.

Traditional methods (for example, certain yoga poses or herbal decoctions) work mainly due to the placebo effect. The extreme option is an operation that destroys the nerve endings inside the uterus, but this is a complex intervention that does not provide guarantees. Substantially, the problem of how to make menstrual pain less remains open.

CBD treatment for menstrual pain

CBD vaginal suppositories went on sale in the United States several years ago. Manufacturers claim: thanks to the unique remedy, women will forget about menstrual pain. Suppositories, shaped like a tampon, have the pain-relieving features of cannabis, but no psychotropic influence. With strong uterine contractions, the vessels providing blood flow to the uterus narrow, blood flow deteriorates, and cramps occur. Women from states where CBD is legal can already purchase the new drug. Some of the fair sex had time to try the medicine and were satisfied with the result. The tampons consist of 60 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD, which are the active components of cannabis. They also contain cocoa butter. The producers say that tetrahydrocannabinol blocks pain, while CBD acts to lower inflammation.

How it works?

One way to relieve pain is to relax the smooth muscles of the uterus so that spasms do not release pain mediators. According to some experts, which decided to test the marijuana tampons, cannabis helps reduce muscle spasms by increasing blood flow and oxygen flow to tissues, thereby reducing discomfort.

The main active ingredients in marijuana are cannabinoids, in particular tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The former is psychoactive and helps relieve pain, while the latter reduces inflammation. Together they relax the muscles. According to Broadly magazine testing, it really works: the discomfort disappears about twenty minutes after the suppository is applied, and no psychotropic effects are observed. True or not, it is difficult to say – there are no reviews or studies on this topic in scientific journals.

Of course, CBD for menstrual cramps has been used for pain relief since time immemorial, but evidence-based medicine has so far focused more on the harmful effects of marijuana. It has been shown that marijuana can be effective in treating chronic pain, suppress nausea in people undergoing chemotherapy, and improve sleep.

But if in people with end-stage cancer the benefits of the pain-relieving effect of marijuana clearly outweigh the possible harm, then it is too early to talk about the balance of benefits and risks with monthly use in young healthy women. In addition, given the psychoactive effects of cannabinoids, they are now actively studying how they affect the nervous system – for example, whether they can help with epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease. Much of the research on marijuana continues to focus on the harmful effects of its non-medicinal use.

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