Is Weed a Remedy for Back Pain?

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Written by Casandra Jones on 08/17/2022.
Data Last Updated: 05/31/2024.

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Is Weed a Remedy for Back Pain?

Each year we discover new healing powers of medical cannabis. With further acceptance by states, marijuana has become a remedy for many people with various diseases. Problems with the spinal cord, neck and lower back pain are on this list, too. Now, you can get a prescription and go to a dispensary to buy weed for pain in the back.

This is good news, as 4 of 5 adults have experienced backache. Being a sign of dangerous health conditions that may lead to disabilities and job loss, it does not have an effective cure. Usual practices, e.g., massages and physical therapies, provide only temporary results. 

Medical Cannabis as a Back Pain Treatment

Medical Cannabis as a Back Pain Treatment

Backache is generally divided into two categories: acute and chronic. Acute pain is pain lasting for less than three months; chronic pain is pain lasting for greater than three months or more. 

There are various causes of back pain:

  • age-related changes in skeleton and muscles;
  • poor posture;
  • stress;
  • deterioration of bones and connective tissues;
  • pinched nerves;
  • herniated discs;
  • inflammations and sciatica;
  • injuries
  • arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

Is Pot Effective for Back Pain?

Is Pot Effective for Back Pain?

Smoking weed for back pain is not a bad idea. Both active compounds of marijuana are good for it. THC and CBD alleviate pains, the former can also improve mood and help you get rid of stress and anxiety, and the latter also treats seizures, nausea, and inflammations. Smoking pot provides faster action of the compounds; thus, the pain disappears quickly.

The scientific research confirms what regular weed users say — several studies approve the effectiveness of marijuana for back pain. A clinical review at Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts demonstrated that the appropriate use of medical cannabis helps with chronic pain. Another study by the Department of Orthopedics at the Rabin Medical Center in Israel looked at anecdotal evidence on cannabis use as an adjunct therapy for patients suffering from chronic back pain. The study demonstrated that medicinal cannabis decreases pain and improves physical and mental function. 

Marijuana VS Regular Painkillers

Marijuana VS Regular Painkillers

Standard therapy for acute and chronic back pains is opioid administration. However, especially with the increasing legalization of medical marijuana, this practice is being more and more criticized by clinicians. First of all, because of the higher risk of developing opioid addiction. Medical authorities of the United States have calculated that patients often abuse prescription opioids, which leads to overdose and death.

Other back pain treatments include:

  • Tylenol and other non-opioid pain killers;
  • various exercises;
  • manual therapy;
  • simple rest.

They do not bring any long-term relief. Many regular users acknowledge the effectiveness of marijuana, as well as medical science, does. Marijuana helps, and back pain goes away without any adverse side effects.

Best Strains of Weed for Back Pain

Best Strains of Weed for Back Pain

Most patients suffering from chronic or acute back pain who tried cannabis report that they need lower doses of other meds or have quit taking them altogether. However, serious problems need solid decisions. The best marijuana for back pain must not only mitigate pain but also keep us active and able to perform usual activities. Also, we do not want to mix it with other drugs or side effects.

There are two main strains of marijuana, Indica and Sativa. Indica is rich in CBD and has lower THC content, while Sativa contains more THC. Thus, they provide different effects. According to the results of the online survey made in 2014, Cannabis users prefer indica for better sleep and pain reduction. Sativa is more commonly used as a recreational drug.


Marijuana is good for back pain; numerous pot lovers and clinical trials prove this. To stay on the safe side, you should not choose treatment yourself. Always talk to your doctor because only a professional healthcare provider will consider all underlying conditions that can be the reason for the pain in your back. However, do not be afraid to opt for weed instead of other drugs, especially those strains and hybrids with more CBD. Choosing such hybrids will not make you too high but will solve all your health problems.


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