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How to Sober Up From Weed Quickly

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Even though no fatal cases of marijuana overdose have been recorded to date, this doesn’t mean that there is no dosage after which you can feel bad. Of course, the negative effects depend on the experience of smoking and psychophysiological features of a specific person using cannabis. The intensity of impact also depends on THC content in a specific sort of weed. However, any person can face overdose, so you need to know how to proceed in this case.

What is a marijuana overdose?

Cannabis overdose is a state that can be manifested in different forms. Firstly, it can cause physical discomfort – vertigo, sickness and a loss of concentration. Secondly, too high dose of marijuana can provoke a so-called “bad trip” – a mental state, in which a person feels anxiety, panic fear or other psycho-emotional states that bring discomfort. Cannabis overdose can also lead to the short-term loss of consciousness, but this happens very rarely. Below you will read how to deal with marijuana intoxication in minimum time.

How to quickly sober up from weed?

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Here are a few easy ways to quickly get out of the state of cannabis intoxication:

  1. Drink a glass of milk. Any milk products contribute to the dissolution of tetrahydrocannabinol in the body, due to which the person quickly comes to his/her senses. The disadvantage of this method is that the drugged person often feels sick and drinking a glass of milk can turn out an unrealistic task.
  2. Physical activity. Intensive exercise with profuse sweating accelerates the removal of the drug from the body, which gradually makes the person sober. The disadvantage of this method is that it is very difficult to force yourself to exercise in a state of marijuana intoxication.
  3. Water procedures. A cold shower is a great way to quickly come to your senses if you took too much marijuana. Temperature stress activates the protective functions of the organism and improves the work of all systems. There are almost no downsides to this method of sobering up, except that the cold shower itself is not the most comfortable procedure.
  4. Outdoor walks. This method combines physical activity and the ability to distract from obsessive thoughts. If you feel bad after a dose of weed, don’t hesitate to go for a walk in the nearest park.
  5. Focusing on reality. This way of sobering up is more relevant for those who experience mental discomfort after taking marijuana. In this case, you need to realize that the effect of marijuana lasts no more than 3 hours, and you will feel much better already 1 hour after taking the drug (even if you significantly exceeded the dose). Focus on the reality and don’t plunge into fantasies- that’s the best advice in this situation.
  6. Make a cup of tea. A perfect option is a black tea with sugar and lemon. People who systemically use marijuana often use this recipe when they need to sober up quickly. Literally ten minutes after the first sip of tea with lemon you will feel enlightenment and recover quickly.

Above we have described the ways to sober up and remove psychophysiological consequences of using cannabis. However, since many mean “sober look” by being sober, you should consider other aspects as well. The first thing that gives out a person smoking marijuana in you are red eyes. Therefore, if your goal is actually not to be sober but to look so, you should think about using special eye drops, which will relieve inflammation and mask your marijuana intoxication.

What you can’t do in case of marijuana intoxication?

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There are lots of myths around the issue under discussion (namely, how to effectively bring a person out of the state of marijuana intoxication). Here is a small list of things you shouldn’t do in such situation:

  • Use other narcotic substances. The myth that the effects of another drug can neutralize the effects of cannabis is a lie. The use of other psychedelics, euphoretics or stimulants can provoke an aggravation of the bad trip.
  • Indulge your negative thoughts. If the main discomfort is caused by an altered state of consciousness rather than physical sensations, negative thinking is strongly discouraged. Try to head your thoughts in a positive direction, even if the negativity is hitting you.
  • Provoke additional stress. To help a person get out of the state of drug intoxication, people around should create a favorable relaxing atmosphere. Minimum extraneous noise and isolation from the loud persons is the perfect environment for sobering up.


Even if you are deeply intoxicated after taking an excessive dose of marijuana, don’t panic. Firstly, the effect of weed doesn’t last long, and already in a couple of hours you will be back to normal, no matter how hopeless you condition may seem to you now. Secondly, there are many ways of quick sobering up, which we have described above. Using them, you can get back to normal very fast or help your friend regain his/her consciousness.

How long does the sobering process take? Everything depends on the dosage taken and the individual characteristics of the body. But on average, taking intensive sobering measures allows to bring a person into a more or less normal state within 10-15 minutes.

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