How to Recover From Cannabis Edibles Fast: 5 Things You Should Try

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Written by Houria Baqir on 09/26/2022.
Data Last Updated: 07/22/2024.

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How to Recover From Cannabis Edibles Fast: 5 Things You Should Try

Have you ever thought about your favorite way to enjoy weed? We bet you’re thinking about smoking or vaping. Smoking in general can have a negative effect on your lungs. This was the reason that edible cannabis/weed was introduced to the community. 

What’s your favorite way to enjoy weed? The most common method is, of course, smoking or vaping. But many people choose edible cannabis based on personal preference. Sometimes the “high” from edible cannabis can hit harder and longer than smoking, For such occasions, you might wonder how you can recover from a weed edible fast. Here are some suggestions to help you out.

Considering that you have already tried edibles, here are some ways through which you can suppress that ‘high’ feeling after consuming your favourite edible gummies:

1. Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day

Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day

If you have a THC test in the upcoming days or a very important meeting to lead this morning, well, there’s not much you can do, guys. Shouldn’t have chomped those tasty weed gummies close to an important event.

However, there is some hope of getting the THC out of your system effectively and in a timely fashion. Just start drinking water throughout the day. And we aren’t talking about only drinking the standard eight glasses per day. Drink as much water as possible to get the weed out of your GI tract and kidneys. 

Drinking plenty of water also dilutes urine… This means that compared to not staying hydrated, the amount of THC in your urine will decrease. The idea is if you drink plenty of water, THC will be less detectable in your urine so and you can hopefully pass a urine test.

However, drinking plenty of water to eliminate the effects of last night’s cannabis edibles won’t be that effective. You can keep yourself energised and may even prevent a hangover / headache. But it will take some time before your body can reset from  the effects of weed.

2. Take a Shower or Bath After Cannabis Intake

Take a Shower or Bath After Cannabis Intake

What’s the first symptom that comes into your mind when we talk about edible cannabis consumption? We bet it is that soothing sensation that puts the mind at ease.

The majority of the people who partake inedible cannabis report a soothing sensation that turns into a dizzy feeling. A warm bath is the remedy you might need in this scenario. 

The warm water soothes the body thoroughly, relaxing any impulsive reactions within the body against weed intake. Try to take a long warm shower, which will be much more beneficial and relaxing.

3. Try Caffeinated Drinks

Try Caffeinated Drinks

What happens during a hangover? A hangover can be considered the negative after – effects or adverse reaction to taking any substance. When you consume a large amount of  edible weed,, the hangover can involve headache, vomiting, and lack of energy.. For some people, this hangover can last for quite a long time.

We think you already know the answer to this question:What’s the best thing to do in the morning if you are not energised enough for an upcoming event or meeting? That’s right! Grab a cup of coffee and get that caffeine in your system.

Caffeine energizes to the body, but not by breaking down sugars like carbohydrates. Instead, caffeine is a stimulant that influences the brain and central nervous system. The stimulant effects of caffeine cause increased alertness, wakefulness, concentration, and energy, 

Although we’ve mentioned how coffee can battle a  hangover after edible weed, you don’t need to rely soley on coffee. Many sports and energy drinks are also packed with a considerable amount of caffeine to get through the day

4. THC Detox Kits 

THC Detox Kits 

Before the introduction of drug detox kits into the market, there was no proven way to get the drugs out of the system fast. Detox kits are over-the-counter products that are legal to use in many regions around the globe.

What do they do exactly? As the name indicates, detox kits are responsible for detoxing the body from CBD. Are they effective? Based on the reviews they have been able to get, it is safe to say that they do. But detox kits are specifically for the detoxification of specific drugs.

Detox kits encourage the body’s natural detox process to throw out drugs more effectively.

Also, these may prove to be effective for a very certain limit of time. If you are someone who likes to eat  edible cannabis/weed a lot THC detox kits can help. 

5. Morning Exercise

Morning Exercise

Now, this may not seem like a good idea, and most readers might even think it is impossible. But guys, morning exercise does help your body get out of the hangover phase, especially after edible cannabis/weed.

When you exercise, the body sweats and eliminates all the excessive salts/chemicals in the body that make it hypertonic. You tend to then replenish your system with water, which can – as discussed – dilute your urine! In addition, exercise releases endorphins. These can help improve your mood and decrease the any hangover headaches  so you can begin to  feel much better. But yes, it will take a lot of effort and willpower to exercise with a hangover.

Final Note

Hope you try one of our suggestions on how you can get rid of edible cannabis hangovers fast. We hope they work and that you start to  feel better fast. Next time, slow down on the  e weed edibles!


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  • David 03/22/2023 01:21:08
    I think the tips of how to recover from cannabis are really helpful, but they can be pretty hard to follow sometimes... I mean, after marijuana, I can hardly force myself to work out or just take a shower. except that water and lots of coffee will be a great solution...
  • Mark 03/10/2023 01:21:38
    Detox kits are my love, and who invented them is a real genius. They are simple, convenient, and easy to buy, at least in my city. With them, recovering from cannabis is easy, despite the fact that this issue is very individual

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