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CBD Hash – Everything You Need To Know About

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Hash is a mixture of resins obtained when processing the inflorescences of female cannabis plants. The secretory parts of the unfertilized female plants are collected, they are pressed into a dough-like mass and dried.

The Arabic word “hashish” is translated as grass. It is a common name for a number of hemp products that are pieces or tiles from bright green to dark brown. Depending on the method of preparation, hash can be either compressed marijuana pollen, or resin, or a chemically extracted sticky substance. The so-called cbd hash oil, a specially extracted viscous liquid, is highly valued.

The main active substance of hash is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As a rule, the THC content in hash is 10%, sometimes 20% of the total weight, and hash oil contains 50% or more THC. Hash also contains the precursor and oxidation product of THC: cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN). You can get about 50 grams of hash from 1 kilogram of high-quality hemp.

How hash works

CBD Hash



Good cbd hash differs from dried marijuana in a much stronger psychoactive effect due to the higher concentration of the cannabinoids THC, CBD, and CBN. By the nature of the action, hash also differs significantly from the usual pipe: it is more characterized by a sense of physical comfort, motor inhibition, and visual effects. Consuming hash, a sudden, gratuitous feeling of fear may occur. This often happens with novice smokers.


Main effects of cannabis:

  • a sense of relaxation
  • (light) euphoria
  • playfulness
  • hypersensitivity of the senses
  • increased appetite
  • changed perception of time – the passage of time to the consumer seems slow or, conversely, fast
  • depressed feeling or panic
  • redness of the eyes is called “bloodshot eyes»)
  • increased heart rate
  • a decrease in body temperature
  • slowing down the digestive tract
  • cannabis-related vomiting syndrome (in high-volume and frequent users).

Smoking cannabis is considered a risk factor for spontaneous pneumothorax in young people and in children who accidentally consumed cannabis products. There were cases of falling into a coma, falling blood pressure, and dilating pupils.

If there is abundant and frequent use of cannabis, cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome can occur, accompanied by constant nausea and vomiting, which are not treated by conventional antiemetic medications.

How to smoke?

Cbd hash oil was invented in the 19th century by pharmacists from the United States of America and immediately received the highest ratings. It was considered as a substitute for opium, because it also has a calming effect, but without side effects.

There are many people who prefer hash oil instead of smoking marijuana because of the longer-lasting effect. It contains up to 60% THC. Novice smokers should not try hash oil, as it is too strong. They like to add it to sweets. In medicine, hash oil is used aggressively in the treatment of migraines, and no cases of overdose with hash oil have been recorded on earth.

Hash is used, as a rule, in mixture with hemp or ordinary tobacco, but it can also be in its pure form. Some even add it to the food. The effect of hash directly depends on the technique of smoking it and knowing some of them you can get rid of unpleasant sensations during inhalations.

This process involves holding your breath for 20-30 seconds after inhaling the smoke. This is necessary so that the active substances are retained in the lungs and get into the blood as much as possible. How to smoke cbd hash? There are enough methods and devices: using a cigarette, hookah, bong, vape.

How to prepare cbd hash?

How to prepare cbd hash

Hash is classified according to how it was produced. Below we list the varieties of hash preparing, from the simplest to the most complex in terms of technology.

Ground in a blender

Mix marijuana buds it with ice and water. Grinding this composition in a blender will separate the trichomes from the plant tissues. When the movement stops, the trichomes will settle at the bottom of the blender. A thin, not very dense mesh should pass through the water with trichomes, sifting out parts of the plant. Allow the sifted composition to settle for half an hour, and then drain the topwater, approximately ⅔ (be careful not to pour out the settled trichomes). Place the remaining water in the refrigerator for 10 minutes, then pass it through a coffee filter.

Allow the remaining kief on the filter to dry, and you can start forming the hash mass using temperature and pressure.

Hash collected with silk

Pour the ground marijuana on a thin layer of silk. Place the silk itself over a hard surface, preferably black, so that the separated trichomes are clearly visible on it. Actively shake and move the cones over the silk. After collecting the trichomes, they are ready for pressing.

With steel mesh

This technique requires a fine metal mesh. Move the dried cannabis actively on the grid. This will separate the kief with the trichomes, and it can be collected under the grid. The more pressure there is on the cannabis on the grid, the more of the final product you will get, but the worse its quality will be.

Drum method

It is the most automated method. Shorn buds are placed on a grid stretched in a drum that separates the trichomes from the plant by vibration. A metal mesh is stretched at its bottom, working on the principle described in the previous paragraph. The process is not the fastest, but it does not require constant management and produces quite a large amount of kief.

Known species

Depending on the technological process of how to make high quality cbd hash oil, varieties of hash can be divided into three large groups. First of all, experts talk about kief, which is used to make hash – this is the easiest way to make a smoking drug. The next in the classification is finger hash, hash oil, and, of course, extracted hash.

Existing varieties of hash

Taking into account the percentage of THC content in the plant – hemp and the final product itself, hash can be divided into such varieties.

Ganja is highly concentrated and rich in hemp resin, hand-rolled tops of female, unfertilized plants, the very top of hemp.

Bhang-hash obtained from the fertilized inflorescences of the female cannabis plant, marked by a minimum content of narcotic resins.

Charas is the purest hemp resin obtained from the unfertilized inflorescence of the female hemp plant. It is obtained by a special manual technology – the hemp plant and inflorescence are rubbed between the palms, soaked in oil, on which the resin is rolled. The output is a pure and high-percentage hash, almost black in color, with a bitter smell and a characteristic, vegetable smell.

Where to buy cbd hash

Where to buy cbd hash

In most countries, the legal threshold for the sale and storage of hemp products has been raised to fifteen grams. This removes a lot of problems with the law. In many countries, this threshold reaches thirty grams. After all, the role of a developed legal state is not to completely ban a plant that can benefit its citizens. Its main task is to legalize the processes of growing, processing, transporting, and storing cannabis, and, therefore, fully control the process, preventing it from flowing into the underground stage. Therefore, when deciding to buy hash, the main thing is to remember about the number of single batch-five grams. In addition, you can only buy marijuana legally from a seller who has a license from the state.

Today, young people who prefer to have fun, no longer have the question: “Where to buy hash?”. Many people know about online stores; many use their services and advise their friends. This is not surprising, because this is a place where a lot of varieties of drugs are sold, including hash. Buying medical hash is associated with certain difficulties and restrictions on the side of the law.

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