The Wonders of Weed Tea and How to Make It

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Written by Alex Patsfield on 02/23/2023.
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There is no need to explain why cannabis is excellent for your health. Marijuana is used all over the globe to treat a wide range of health issues, including neurological, physiological, neurotic, and even oncological diseases. While the vast majority of people believe that the only way to consume cannabis is by smoking, true enthusiasts employ other methods such as inhaling vapors, eating dishes cooked with cannabis oil, and drinking cannabis tea.

You may not believe it, but marijuana tea is an ancient concept known throughout the Middle East and Asia. If you want to learn how to make marijuana tea, you’ve come to the right place! Thousands of people have created exciting recipes over the years, and we want to share some of them with you.

The Wonders of Weed Tea and How to Make It

Tea as an alternative to smoking

Marijuana is a versatile plant that contains a plethora of useful compounds, including the famous THC, CBD, and CBN. These microelements, called cannabinoids, affect the human brain on multiple levels and provide various effects, including psychotic and sedative ones. While smoking marijuana has been the most common way to consume it for thousands of years, there are many other potential ways to use this fantastic remedy.

The issue with smoking is that, despite claims from the cannabis community, inhaling smoke particles, such as resins, does not always bring only benefits. As an alternative, many people have started using cannabis oils. Adding it to various foods and mixtures for hookahs is an excellent way to consume cannabis, but we can do better!

What are the benefits of marijuana tea?

Some curious specifics

Weed tea is a perfect way to integrate cannabinoids for both therapeutic and recreational use. Does weed tea get you high? Absolutely. Any substance that contains THC will provide a notable psychotic effect. Cannabis tea for anxiety is a great way to relax after a long workday. Since you don’t contaminate your body with smoke particles, the effect of drinking tea is mostly positive. At the same time, cannabis tea usually doesn’t have the strong odor that thick marijuana smoke leaves behind.

After drinking cannabis tea, the pain will disappear quickly, and the psychotic effect will be apparent within minutes. Marijuana tea for nausea is a great way to consume useful cannabinoids during a chemotherapy session, since smoking is not a good option during chemo due to undesired side effects. 

Weed tea has a plethora of upsides, making it a great way to use cannabis. If you do not like smoking in general and want to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana without any downsides, tea might be your best option. So let’s learn how to make marijuana tea!

Some interesting specifics

The vast majority of people unfamiliar with making cannabis-infused tea do not realize that it can be prepared just like any other tea: pour hot water over the leaves and wait for a couple of minutes. However, the process is not that easy and requires both patience and preparation on your part. While most microelements are soluble in water, the oils need something to bind to when they are released when heated. Cannabis oil molecules attach themselves to other forms of oil, meaning that you will need a binding agent, and the tastiest of them all is butter.

Another important thing to note is that THC, the compound that gives you that high feeling, is not released naturally. Another compound, THCA, must be transformed into THC through heating. This is the reason why smoking gets you high. The process is called decarboxylation, and it occurs when you apply heat to the raw product.

With all these neat details in mind, let’s get started with making tea!

How to Make Marijuana Tea

Teas for anxiety unfortunately require some time to prepare, which may be frustrating for anxious individuals. However, you can make weed tea ahead of time and reheat it in a microwave later. Note that butter particles may clump during the solidification process, so you will need to melt it back to a liquid state, which can be done easily in a microwave.

Here is a simple recipe for high-quality THC tea:


  • 2 sticks (8 ounces) of unsalted butter
  • 5 ounces of weed
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1-2 tea bags


  1. Combine the butter and water in a pot and bring to a boil.
  2. Place the weed leaves in a pan, crush them slightly, and pour over the mixture of water and butter.
  3. Stir the mixture every 5-10 minutes for an hour and let it rest under a lid in between stirring.
  4. Strain the mixture through cheesecloth to remove excess butter, and rinse the leaves with hot water to remove any remaining butter residue.
  5. Cool the mixture with the butter residue in a freezer to separate the water from the weed-infused butter, and store the butter in a separate container.
  6. Prepare a cup of tea and add a teaspoon of the weed-infused butter. The drink will be creamy and thicker than your regular tea, and it will provide a relaxing high.

Enjoy your homemade marijuana tea!

This is a basic weed tea recipe that works for everyone and doesn’t take much time to prepare. You can dramatically change the experience by adding flavorings and adjusting the method according to your preferences. For example, you can add fruits and sugar to the drink or infuse the butter with additional aromatics and herbal extracts.

Cannabinoids do not conflict with natural flavorings and sugars, meaning that you can experiment and use all your favorite tea-making techniques to create tasty marijuana teas. It is also a good idea to add some mildly sweet flavors to a cannabis tea for nausea, as some people do not feel like drinking anything during chemo. Smelling some of their favorite scents can make drinking a more pleasant experience.

How to store marijuana-infused oil for making tea

The marijuana-infused butter can be stored in the freezer for a very long time without losing its qualities. It is recommended to separate the butter into small portions and freeze them. Here is a simple trick for storing marijuana-infused butter for later use:

  1. Prepare an ice cube tray
  2. Reheat the butter and bring it to the liquid state
  3. Pour the butter into the ice cube tray and freeze

You will have an ice cube tray filled with portion-sized blocks of butter that you can take out as needed and use to make a portion of weed tea.

Another critical thing to note: the butter block must dissolve entirely in hot water before consumption. Wait for it to homogenize with the tea before enjoying your healthy drink! Using an ice tray is a neat party trick as well as an efficient way of storing the product.

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