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CBD for Broken Bones — Unknown Powers of Medical Weed

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A broken bone is a health issue that does not need any additional explanation — it’s when a bone loses its integrity. This is always followed by severe acute pain, which is rather hard to endure and control without medications. Doctors prefer the term “fracture”, as it includes more types of bone impairments, like cracks, or damages induced by various health problems, from malignant tumors to inflammations.

Still, the most common reasons for bone fractures are various accidents.

Here are some facts about the broken bones




Closed fracture, when the bone is cracked or even crushed into pieces, but it does not damage the surrounding muscles, vessels, and other tissues.

Severe pain

Automobile crash

Open fracture, when the pieces of the fractured bone break through the skin. This type is also called the compound fracture.

Swollen area around the fractured bone


Comminuted type is when the bone breaks into many pieces.




Pale skin



Loss of consciousness, nausea

Sports activities


Inability to move or use anyhow the affected body part



Inflammation, oftentimes followed by fever



There are many bone fractures classifications, according to which doctors describe lots of other types of bone traumas, depending on:

  • the fracture angle;
  • bone or joint dislocation;
  • if it was twisted or not;
  • deformation of the bone, etc.

Still, does medical weed cure any of them, or does it promote bone growth? How can it be helpful with fractures? Let’s see.

How CBD Helps

First of all, we should look at the major and most severe symptoms of the bone fractures:

  • pain;

CBD helps with both.


Medicinal marijuana has been taken as a powerful painkiller for ages, and experienced weed admirers do not need any special proof to believe in this cannabis effect. Yet, if we look at the existing scientific evidence, we’ll see lots of works and publications that have specifically researched this CBD property. Unfortunately, we still lack proper human studies on this matter, this is why medical marijuana is now approved as a pain reliever in the USA.

Still, the current medicine knows for sure that:

One modern complex review explores the pain-relieving properties of CBD and concludes that it helps with all kinds of pain.


One substantial scientific work reviews all possible anti-inflammatory and antioxidative mechanisms of CBD. According to it, CBD co-works with numerous receptors and systems in our body, regulating and modulating many important processes. As a result of this complex activity, cannabidiol effectively combats inflammations and prevents oxidative stress.

Weed alleviates inflammation that is associated with next to all health conditions. Actually, inflammation is the response of our immunity to any critical situation, such as infection, intoxication, or injury. Weed normalizes the performance of our immune cells. When it is necessary, it can boost their activity, or suppress if they do harm to the body. This is another way CBD combats inflammation.

Healing Bones

Still, all this is not the most surprising and interesting about CBD when it comes to bone healing. Science Daily writes about the novel animal experiment that suggests that it can make our bones grow back together directly, by enhancing bone mineralization and activating the special enzyme that takes part in building our bones. This CBD property is yet to be studied, though.

Best Way To Take Medical Marijuana For Broken Bones

CBD as a painkiller can be taken in many forms, all depending on your own preferences. If you like quick and strong effects — you will smoke or inhale medical weed. In this case, you better choose the CBD-high strain with minimum THC. Edibles and oral medications are considered to be safer than joints and vapes. They are also effective, but it will take more time for cannabis to get to the bloodstream. Topicals can work, too, they are becoming more and more popular lately.


CBD has numerous advantages over traditional pain-relieving medicines, and the main one is that it does not cause dependency and does not alter your mind. Yet, there is one shortcoming — it is not regulated and you’ll not find any recommendation for all users on how to take СТВ for pain.

You should always talk to your doctor before starting using medical marijuana for any health issue, including pain. And the best way to stay on the safe side is to contact Dr.Weedy and get the legal right to purchase cannabis with the MMJ card and professional advice of our highly-reputed consultants.



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