Can CBD Oil Cause Overdose?


cbd overdose

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about CBD and its products. Proponents speculate that it acts as a powerful cure for people with health problems. On the other hand, opponents argue that this is just a placebo. Fortunately, there are many studies out there on CBD and they point to some very promising results, especially in the area of pain relief and anxiety reduction. 

Now, in 2020, there is no longer a question about the dangers of CBD oils with moderate use. But the problem of overdose is still on the rise in society. So, let’s find out: can you overdose on CBD, have any studies been made, and what dosage will be considered dangerous for human health?

Is there a chance that CBD can cause overdose? 

A report from the US National Cancer Institute, published in July 2019, indicated that cannabidiol overdose is not possible. The document says: “An overdose of cannabis and cannabinoids cannot lead to the death of a person, since cannabinoid receptors are not located in the areas of the brain that control the breathing process.” Simply put, the brain does not interact with CBD in the same way it does with:

  •  alcohol;
  •  opioids;
  •  heroin; 
  •  and other mind-altering substances.

CBD oil does not affect the areas of the brain responsible for breathing, and therefore cannot cause respiratory depression like opioids.

How do large amounts of CBD oil affect health?

As we mentioned above, you should not be afraid of using СBD oils. There are no officially reported deaths and diseases from CBD overdose. Besides, you can not be afraid of addiction – the staff of the National Institute of Oncology claim that cannabidiol is addictive much less often than many other drugs. In other words, you need to work hard to get significant harm from using CBD oils.

However, there is a hitch: if you use too much CBD oils being prone to its side effects, they can become even stronger. Therefore, it should still be dosed.

Cannabidiol oil has shown good analgesic effects and has tremendous potential for treating anxiety disorders, as highlighted in a 2015 report published in the scientific journal Neurotherapeutics.

What dosage will be considered too large?

CBD oil is well tolerated by humans at doses up to 1500 mg. This is a very large volume, so you should not be afraid of an overdose – a rare person will be able to consume too much CBD.

As for the normal dosage, it is usually recommended to start with a smaller one: 1-2 drops twice a day and increase the dose after 2-3 days. If, after increasing the dose, you experience an unpleasant side effect (such as drowsiness, anxiety, nausea, or diarrhea), you must return to the previous dose, stay on it for about 1-5 days and then try to increase it.

Have any studies been made?

Yes, there is research on this matter. For example, this study confirms the safety of big doses for humans and animals. But we note that CBD oils are still being studied, and some reputable scientists advise against overusing it. Even water can be harmful if you drink too much.


As a result, you should not be afraid of an overdose on CBD oil. Especially if you have consulted your doctor before using CBD oils. However, carefully monitor the appearance of side effects and if they do appear, then it is not advisable to increase the dose of CBD. Also, you can track your health condition during the intake to determine how much CBD is too much for your body.

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