The Complete Guide to Mixing CBD Oil into Your Favorite Drinks

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Written by Jonathan Hutchinson on 01/24/2024.
Data Last Updated: 05/30/2024.

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Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has surged in popularity over recent years. Derived from hemp plants, this non-intoxicating cannabinoid is touted for benefits like easing anxiety, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep quality. With growing interest around wellness applications of CBD, people have started exploring creative ways to incorporate it into daily routines. One emerging trend is mixing CBD oil into popular drinks – from coffee to cocktails and everything in between.

But is stirring CBD oil into your morning smoothie or unwinding chamomile tea legit – or mostly hype? How does it impact CBD’s effects and absorption in your body? Get the full breakdown of science and suggestions for crafting your own CBD-infused beverages at home.  

What is CBD Oil?

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an oil-based extract containing cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound harvested from hemp plants. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system involved in regulating pain, mood, stress, sleep, and other functions. CBD oil comes in a range of concentrations from 250mg per bottle to 5000mg or more. It’s typically taken orally using a dropper, held under the tongue, and then swallowed.

Can CBD Oil Be Added to Hot and Cold Beverages?  

Yes, CBD oil can successfully be stirred into both hot and cold drinks without losing potency. The key is proper mixing to evenly incorporate the oil. 

Many CBD companies sell premade nano-emulsified CBD powders or liquids designed to effortlessly mix into any beverage. However, you can save money and customize strengths by simply adding high-quality CBD oil into your choice of drink.

Here are some tips when mixing CBD oil into hot coffee, tea, or smoothies:

  • Wait until after brewing to retain CBD integrity in hot drinks
  • Stir vigorously for at least 30 seconds to fully blend with other ingredients 
  • Add milk, cream, nut milk or juices to help emulsify the oil

For cold beverages, shake CBD oil with other ingredients in a cocktail shaker or blender to disperse evenly throughout drinks.

Advantages of Adding CBD Oil to Beverages

  • Convenience – Mixing CBD oil into drinks allows easy incorporation into daily routines.
  • Customization – Tailor CBD dosage and drink recipes to individual preferences.
  • Flavor masking – Other strong beverage flavors help overwrite the earthy, bitter taste of CBD.
  • Beginner-friendly – Low doses used in drinks may be better tolerated for CBD newcomers.
  • Enjoyment – Creative drink combinations make consuming CBD more fun!

Disadvantages of Adding CBD to Beverages

  • Reduced potency – Processing CBD into water-compatible nanoemulsions may degrade therapeutic qualities.
  • Bioavailability challenges – CBD metabolizes best when absorbed directly into the bloodstream instead of going through the digestive system.
  • Dose limitations – Significant CBD doses require concentrating it, which becomes difficult to dissolve in large volumes of liquid.
  • Price – Premade CBD drink products are often marked up substantially.

Bioavailability Challenges with Ingesting CBD

Bioavailability Challenges with Ingesting CBD

Bioavailability refers to how much CBD is available for your body to use after taking it. When consuming CBD orally via edibles, drinks, etc., CBD must pass through the digestive tract where enzymes and liver function reduce concentration. According to research, oral CBD ingestion carries a low bioavailability rate ranging between 10-20% [1]. This means only a fraction of the initial CBD makes it into blood circulation to travel to receptors and impact the body. 

Oral CBD ingestion is estimated to have a low absorption rate between 10-20%. Comparatively, CBD oil tinctures taken sublingually (under the tongue) boast double the rate from 33-35% bioavailability [3]. So you would need a much higher CBD dose added to a drink to achieve similar effects as a lower sublingual dose.

How Does CBD Oil Affect the Flavor of Beverages?  

How Does CBD Oil Affect the Flavor of Beverages?  

Unflavored full-spectrum CBD oil has an earthy, botanical taste that many find unpalatable on its own. The good news is stirring small doses of CBD oil into food and drinks often results in the other ingredients masking unpleasant flavors. 

However, if using extremely bitter CBD varieties, adding more sweeteners or stronger flavored ingredients can help improve palatability. For simplicity, choose naturally or artificially flavored CBD oils to guarantee a pleasant experience. They come in options like sweet citrus, refreshing mint, or wild berry flavors that seamlessly blend into any drink.

How Much CBD Oil Should Be Added to Beverages?

How Much CBD Oil Should Be Added to Beverages?

Most commercially prepared CBD drinks contain 5-25mg of CBD per bottle. At this modest dosage, the bitterness is hidden while still potentially promoting general wellness. However, therapeutic effects for issues like pain likely require higher concentrations that maximize bioavailability using pure oil instead of drinking CBD.

As a rule of thumb when adding CBD into your own beverages, start low with adjustments as follows:

  • Mild effects: 5-10mg
  • Moderate relief: 10-20mg 
  • Stronger support: 20-30mg
  • Medicinal benefits: 30mg+  

Shake or stir the oil thoroughly to incorporate evenly throughout your drink for accurate dosing. Studies advise not exceeding more than 150mg daily for safety without medical oversight [2].

What Beverages Should You Try Adding CBD Oil To?

What Beverages Should You Try Adding CBD Oil To?

The options are limitless when it comes to mixing and matching CBD oil into various drink recipes. Consider your flavor preferences, desired effects, and time of day to choose an appropriately compatible beverage for infusing cannabis oil. 

CBD Coffee or Tea: Start your day feeling clear-headed and relaxed. Add 5-15mg CBD oil into your morning cup of joe or tea after brewing.

CBD Smoothies: Blend 10-25mg CBD into your antioxidant and nutrient-packed smoothies as a daily health booster. Berries like blueberries contain compounds that naturally boost cannabinoid absorption for greater effects.  

CBD Cocktails or Mocktails: Unwind in the evening with 5-10mg CBD oil stirred into cocktails or refreshing non-alcoholic drinks. Just avoid overconsumption as both CBD and alcohol can cause drowsiness.  

CBD-Infused Drink Recipes to Make at Home  

CBD-Infused Drink Recipes to Make at Home  

Once you’ve selected your dose and drink of choice, let the easy DIY blending begin!

CBD Coffee:  

Add 5-15 mg CBD oil into freshly brewed coffee. Stir vigorously before topping with frothy warmed milk or creamer. Sweeten to taste with sugar or sweetener for a cozy morning treat.  

Blueberry Pineapple Green Smoothie:  

Blend juice from 1 lemon, 1 cup pineapple, 1 cup blueberries, 1 banana, and big handful spinach. Pour in nut or seed milk then add 15-20mg CBD oil. Mix thoroughly and enjoy this antioxidant and phytochemical-rich beverage. 

CBD Lavender Tea: 

Steep 1 bag of herbal lavender tea in hot water for 5-7 minutes. Remove the tea bag then stir in 5-10mg of CBD oil. Add half & half creamer or nut milk to help bind the oil. Sweeten lightly with honey for a relaxing pre-bedtime drink.

Cheers to enriching your favorite drinks with the balancing wellness benefits of CBD! Let the experimenting begin…


Does adding CBD oil to drinks reduce effectiveness?

Yes, adding CBD oil to beverages does lower absorption compared to taking it sublingually or vaping. Having to pass through the digestive system means you’ll need a higher oral dose to achieve similar effects as other faster-acting methods.

What drinks mix well with CBD oil?

CBD oil can be stirred into any beverage from coffee, tea, and smoothies to cocktails, sparkling water, lemonade, and more. Pay attention to flavors that mask hemp’s earthiness. Berries, citrus, herbs, and spices make good flavor pairings.

Can you add too much CBD oil to drinks?  

It is possible to add excessive CBD to a drink, especially given the lower oral bioavailability. As absorption rates range between 10-20% via ingestion, concentrations shouldn’t exceed 150mg in a single drink without medical guidance. Start low with adding CBD oil to find the sweet spot that satisfies your wellness goals.

Does alcohol make CBD oil more potent?

Alcohol may enhance distribution of lipophilic CBD oil molecules throughout a drink compared to water. However, both substances can magnify sedation side effects. It’s best to modestly consume CBD cocktails and monitor your response.


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