How to Get California Cannabis Cultivation License

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Written by Jonathan Hutchinson on 08/15/2021.
Data Last Updated: 05/31/2024.

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Cannabis Cultivation License California

In the background of the dynamic development of the medical cannabis industry in California, an increasing number of people are showing genuine interest in the idea of obtaining a license to grow cannabis. We should immediately note that a license is essential, first of all, for those who intend to develop cannabis cultivation as a business in order to further sell cannabis and cannabis products to participants of the MMJ California program. If you just aim to provide medical weed for your personal needs, then a much simpler and more affordable option would be issuing a medical cannabis program participant card. It is enough to get a recommendation from Dr.Weedy, and then apply for participation in MMJ California and discover all the opportunities for growing cannabis for personal consumption.  

Cannabis Cultivation License California

You can grow up to 6 cannabis plants at home if you’re at least 21 years old. Some cities and counties have specific rules for home grows, such as permit requirements or requiring grows to be indoors. Contact your local office to learn the rules in your area.

Grower’s License VS Doctor’s Recommendation

The main difference between obtaining a grower’s license and the recommendation of a participant in the medical cannabis program of the state of California is the complexity of obtaining the first and the relative simplicity of obtaining the second. If you want to become a licensed grower who will be able to legally grow and sell the cannabis crop, you will have to go through a complex bureaucratic procedure. This area is regulated by law quite strictly, so this path is relevant for those who are serious about becoming full-fledged investors and suppliers of cannabis products to consumers.

At the same time, the recommendation of Dr.Weedy or any other licensed medical professional opens the way for you to conditionally cultivate cannabis for your own purposes. If you meet the qualifying conditions for participation in the program as a patient, then you will not have any problems with obtaining the status of a member of MMJ California. The law does not clearly prescribe restrictions on the number of plants or grams of the finished product – there is only a phrase about the amount necessary for the patient. At the same time, conditional limits of the sowing area of 100 square feet are defined by the standard, which is more than enough for systematic replenishment of the patient’s reserves.

Conclusion: If you do not have a goal to occupy your niche in the market of medical cannabis suppliers in California, then the most reasonable way to meet your cannabis needs is to get a recommendation from Dr.Weedy with subsequent registration as a member of the MMJ California program. If you are determined to do business, there is a list of organizations and companies that assist in obtaining a license to grow marijuana.

Grower's License VS Doctor's Recommendation

State registrars and private consultants

There are three public services in the state of California that specialize in issuing licenses for the cultivation of medical cannabis. They include:

  • Bureau of Cannabis Control;
  • California Department of Food and Agriculture;
  • California Department of Public Health.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control operates within the California Department of Consumer Affairs. This state service issues licenses for such activities as:

  • retail trade and distribution of medical weed;
  • laboratory tests of medical cannabis;
  • organization of microbusiness and temporary events related to medical marijuana.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture operates a service called CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing. The California Department of Health has a division for the safety of manufactured cannabis, which issues licenses for the production of medical cannabis.

There are also several private companies operating in the state that assist in obtaining a license for the cultivation of cannabis. Let’s consider the most popular of them in the form of a comparative table.


Service groups


The company specializes in advising a wide range of clients – from patients who want to get access to medical cannabis, to businessmen who want to set up their own businesses for the cultivation, processing, distribution or testing of marijuana or other cannabis products.

Cultivators, distributors, dispensaries, investors, testers, manufacturers, property owners

  • consulting in various areas of the medical cannabis industry;
  • assistance in creating a vertically integrated business.

The company specializes in helping patients who want to become a legal cultivator of medical cannabis under the 99 Plants program, as well as providing legal and medical advice.

Medical marijuana growers and patients

  • high speed of obtaining a grower’s license;
  • work in 20+ states.

An online service for obtaining a medical cannabis card and obtaining a license for cultivation within the framework of the legislation of the state of California.

Medical marijuana growers and patients

  • affordable prices for receiving patient recommendations;
  • information support for existing and potential patients of the program.

Each of these services gives you access to legal cannabis cultivation in the state of California with the status of a cultivator. However, if you want to cover your needs for medical weed, it is not at all necessary to follow this frankly difficult procedure. 


A more profitable option is to get a recommendation from Dr.Weedy and grow cannabis for yourself in a conditionally limited amount as a patient.


State registrars and private consultants


California is probably the most developed state in terms of cannabis cultivation. The combination of a unique climate and a favorable legal framework simplifies the process of meeting the needs of patients in medical cannabis as much as possible. Many of them are looking for an opportunity to grow the weed without limits on their territory and thus choose the path of obtaining a cultivator’s license. In practice, this approach is not optimal, since it requires considerable costs.

If you do not plan to engage in the engraving business, then it is much more reasonable to get a recommendation from Dr. Weedy and grow the weed for personal consumption. The practice of tens of thousands of patients has already proved that this way is ideal for meeting personal needs in a medicinal plant.


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