What You Should Do If Your MMJ Card Was Lost


The participant of the medical marijuana program reaffirms their right to get cannabis based on the MMJ card legitimately. If the card lacks, you can’t purchase medical cannabis legally. Moreover, unlicensed shipment, consumption, and cultivation of marijuana can lead to severe consequences (up to a prison sentence). So, if you lose your MMJ card, you won’t have the right to use medical cannabis until the document is recovered.

What to do if I lost my MMJ card?

If you lost a card that permits you to purchase medical cannabis, don’t get discouraged, since the document can be restored within two weeks. If you need to do this, you should go to the official page of the medical marijuana program and fill out the form in order to recover the document. Log in to your account on the page and choose “Create a new application”-“Replacing the patient/caregiver card.” In the proposed form, indicate all the requested data and attach the documents submitted when you are registering a new card or renew it.

The process of recovering a lost card is the same for the patients who lost the card and for the person who didn’t receive it in one month after filling the application on the website. In both instances, you are required to fill in the form and place a request for a card replacement, indicating the reason for the application in the form. In case you lost your card, type “card lost” in the field. If the card was lost during the process and you didn’t get it, enter “the card has never been received” in the form.

Before placing an application because of the loss of your card, please ensure that your contact data is accurate. Usually, MMJ cards don’t reach their owners because of a mistake when indicating the address.

What should I do if my MMJ card was stolen?

MMJ card was lost-min

The demand for medical marijuana in the USA is very high, so card stealing is widespread. The card provides preferential access to high- quality cannabis. If the card is stolen, the procedure for recovering the license will be similar to the one used in case of loss or failed delivery of the card. The only distinction is that in case of robbery, you have to call the police so that law enforcement officials record the fact of robbery of the medical card. Therefore, you will be in the clear and easily recover your license. Moreover, you need to specify that the card was stolen in a statement on the appropriate website.


All this applies to both caregiver cardholder and patient cardholder. A participant of the medical cannabis program, irrespective of their status, must keep in mind that any changes concerning the card are made only via the official website of the relevant company. If you wish to work on the page, you have to:

Log in to your account;

Choose “Create a new application” – “Replacing the patient/caregiver card.”

Wait for a reply for two weeks as a maximum.

On our website, you can update your private information in the event of changes. For instance, if you changed the place of residence, you must make the corresponding changes on the page. In that event, you must choose “Create a new request” – “update the patient/caregiver” in the account interface. Following the status update, you will obtain an electronic notification.

A lost medical marijuana card is not an issue, and the document can be easily recovered in due course. Nevertheless, patients who require regular use of medications containing cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol have to control the map carefully and update it timely. Otherwise, you may remain without medical cannabis for 14 days or even more.

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