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Tinnitus from Cannabis — Myths or Truth?

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Medical properties of weed have been widely discussed for many years and still we cannot agree on if it is good or bad to human health. Many people, including doctors and scientists, claim that cannabis does not do severe harm, and at the same time its positive effects and numerous and impressive. Still, even being legalized in some states, pot is mostly used either for recreational purposes, or to mitigate nausea, seizures, and pain. However, some users have found that it also helps with other issues, e.g. tinnitus. There are a lot of reviews and comments online that prove this effect. Let’s see if it’s true.

So what is tinnitus?

What is tinnitus

It is when you hear constant noise or ringing in one or both of your ears. It is a widespread problem, every fifth person suffers from this irritating sound that never stops. Tinnitus, however, is not a malady itself, it is only a sign of some underlying problem, like ear injury, age-related changes, abnormal blood pressure, or, as we already know, some changes in the brain.

It can be:

  • buzzing;
  • ringing;
  • clicking;
  • humming;
  • hissing;
  • roaring, etc.

The phantom sounds vary in volume and pitch, sometimes people lose the ability to concentrate on anything, cannot sleep, or even do not hear other sounds. But such cases are very rare. Usually, ringing in the ears come and go, can be easily treated and does not cause severe problems.

Do We Have Any Evidence of Marijuana Causing Tinnitus?

Tinnitus from cannabis

About ten years ago all medical marijuana proponents were excited about the then-novel research that proved its connection with tinnitus. That animal study had only found that noise in ears can be associated with the altered brain chemistry and GABA receptors activity, but that was enough for pot users to come a conclusion that it is the best remedy for this health issue. Indeed, certain doses of THC may enhance or decrease certain neurotransmitters, thus making us happy or stoned, hungry or horny, causing various effects, including alleviated or completely disappeared tinnitus.

To check medical effects of marijuana, the Stanford University conducted the research in 2011-2012. The results were disappointing for many. The researchers asked more than 1500 of testees and most of them reported that even once-a-month use of weed increased the possibility to develop tinnitus. Moreover, those who already had this malady did not notice any positive changes after using cannabis. Similar results were given by several later studies:

It does not mean though that the power of CBD oil to cure tinnitus is only a myth.

What Do Marijuana Proponents Say?

First of all, there are a lot of regular people who suffer from tinnitus claiming that they’ve found their rescue in marijuana products. There is even a book, where the author, a famous blogger Glenn Schweitzer, tells the story of him living with tinnitus. He tried many techniques, but one of the most effective ones was taking CBD oil. It took half an hour for the remedy to take the noise away, together with anxiety and stress. Of course, this man is not alone, just search online and you’ll find tons of such report in the web.

But what about the science, can CBD treat tinnitus?

cbd oil

Italian researchers say it can. Cannabidiol affects our endocannabinoid system (ECS), performing various actions in human bodies. It combats depression, anxiety, and epilepsy, which helps to mitigate noise in the ears.

Tinnitus goes away together with other symptoms of epilepsy. Anxiety and tiredness can be either consequences or reasons of tinnitus, and in both cases CBD can help, too.

Why Marijuana Causes Tinnitus?

Beware, that in some cases tinnitus can be caused by weed. And the observations show that it strongly depends on the dosage and how often you use marijuana. Cannabinoids can either relieve tinnitus or make it worse. As long as the causes and ways to treat noise in the ears are still unknown, the effects of different doses of CBD remain unpredictable. ECS is too delicate mechanism to treat it with no caution.

How to Avoid Tinnitus from CBD?

First of all, go to your doctor and find out if the tinnitus is really caused by marijuana. Most probably, the usual measures, like ear wax removal or normalizing blood pressure, will help. If you still hear the ringing in your ears, think about changing the daily/monthly dose, or find another form on cannabis administration. CBD oil and tinnitus may may work very well, but you better go easy on pot when treating this problem.

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