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Microdosing — New Remedy For Stress And Life Improver

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If we ask you — Do you microdose? – the answer most probably would be negative. However, if you give it a second thought, you’ll see that microdosing is a rather common thing. Usually, people don’t drink heavily every other day, but what a pleasure it is to have one cold beer or a glass of wine after work? Just one, but it can bring relief, relaxation, peace of mind, and ability to combat stress and aggression that you have accumulated throughout the day.

The same goes for marijuana or other adult-use substances. Sometimes, we take them to get high and have fun, but sometimes we want just a little bit of them. By intuition, people have known about the positive effects of microdosing psychoactive substances long before science paid any attention to this matter. However, the latter evidence proves that taking tiny amounts of drugs can effectively alleviate lots of unwanted symptoms and maladies.

Microdosing — New Remedy For Stress And Life Improver

If you look closely, you’ll find lots of stories about ordinary people — students, office workers, housewives, etc. — who’ve been microdosing once in a while before COVID-19 and all lockdowns. The majority of those people are women. They tell us that during pandemic the here-and-there episodes of microdosing have turned into a regular routine. Now, without a scheduled dose of their “medicines” they could not function properly.

Such boosters give people a normal mood, energy to cope with office duties, home chores, or studies, help them awaken their minds, and improve focus and motivation. Without those micro doses, they cannot even keep up a normal conversation, stay aware and attentive, hold things in mind, and remain calm. Modern hectic life is full of stress even without lockdowns and pandemics, say nothing of COVID-19 times.

Teleworking and telestudying doesn’t bring any relief, instead, it makes things worse, as now we have to cut off from the usual environment, staying indoors, oftentimes with people who also got used to another company. Add here the financial crisis, unemployment, lack of fresh air and sunlight, poor diet — and here you are, you get a completely disordered mental health.

This is why people seek help in psychoactive substances, both natural and artificial. Marijuana takes the leading position in this chart, as it is easy to get, legal in most states, and it does not do as much harm to health as liquor does. Also, there are stories about women who microdose psychedelic mushrooms or some prescription drugs. We will not talk about the legal side of this story here. Let’s look at the health benefits of microdosing and its possible negative outcomes.

New Age Of Antidepressants?

Hollywood stars, like Gwyneth Paltrow, are the major promoters of psychedelics as the novel cure for all mental maladies. The actor claims that natural substances provide more health benefits than the traditional drugs. She now has lots of followers, active and creative women who aspire to success and career. They bear witness to the revolutionary curative properties of microdosing drugs, saying that these natural health helpers work much better, quicker, and safer than the prescription antidepressants.

Along with artists, poets, and actors, such techies as the residents of the Silicon Valley also profit from the positive actions of psychedelics. They report about their powers to enhance creativity and productivity, and help them solve complex tasks, come up with new ideas, say nothing of combating stress and anxiety.  Those who have been trying microdosing for many years, claim that this is one of the main factors of a successful career. One thing to remember — these actors and tech guys are talking about LSD and mushrooms, which are outlawed in the US. It is much safer to try something legal.

Improved Wellbeing And Better Life Perception

Along with purely medicinal effects, like improving mental performance and providing extra energy, microdosing seems to increase the positive attitude to life and helps people enjoy every day of their lives. According to women who take small amounts of psychoactive drugs twice or thrice a week, it helps them notice the bright colors of their routine days, notice the beauty of the world, and enjoy communication with their friends and families.

Microdosing promoters say that it can be the best concomitant therapy for patients who regularly visit a psychologist and want to solve their issues quicker and easier. The tiny doses of  a favorite drug, according to online reports, makes them more open to the world, alleviates fears and worries, and helps in knowing themselves. At the same time, it does not alter their thinking and leaves them a crear head.

Is Microdosing An Ideal Remedy?

The bright side of microdosing such psychedelics as mushrooms or LSD has been described in details, but are there any concerns about it? In fact, a lot. Yes, the real users who do microdosing regularly, say that they never face any negative side effects, and that the effectiveness of such therapy is much higher than that of prescription drugs. However, when dealing with our health, it’s better to listen to a professional doctor.

And most doctors say that microdosing causes adverse reactions, but they are unnoticeable at first. The delayed impact of the regular adult drug intake has not been studied yet, so no one can say how such treatment can affect us in the future. Moreover, buying illegal drugs, you cannot be sure that the dose indicated on the package is accurate, and that the product really contains the ingredients you want.

Of course, everyone makes their own decisions. Still, if there is an acute need in the regular intake of the small doses of some psychoactive drug, think about weed instead of the illegal and potentially harmful substances. Especially, if you are a MMJ card holder and can buy it with no worries in almost every state.

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