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Traveling With Marijuana

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  1. What about the laws?
  2. Following the rules, while traveling with pot
  3. Crossing the borders while traveling with edibles
  4. Crossing the air borders within the US states
  5. Traveling with marihuana by vehicle
  6. What are the risks while traveling with marijuana?
  7. Conclusion

There is no one in the whole world that hasn’t heard about marijuana or, probably, used it for various aims. Moreover, the popularity of marijuana continues to rise according to various credible resources. This tendency is clearly seen in the US, especially among adults. For sure, this fact is related to the legalization of marijuana in different states. However, it’s status in various states is pretty controversial and depends on the governmental attitude towards this medicine. Surely, if we’re considering it as such. 

The latest summer surveys among the US society has shown that almost half of the American adult population has used marijuana at least once in a lifetime. For sure, they can’t be named constant users of this drug but nonetheless, the amount of regular users grows in geometrical progression. Despite the credibility of the government surveys many of the surveyed adults may have hidden the fact of marijuana usage because in most of the states it’s still illegal. The legalization of marijuana in different states has influenced this popularity a lot and even multiplied it many times. 

The tremendous popularity of recreational marijuana is indisputable nowadays. Despite this fact, and a wide spectrum of materials within the Internet, there are many hidden aspects that should be discussed in order to prevent some negative consequences. The main goal of our article is to highlight these aspects.

What about the laws?

Despite the fact that marijuana is legalized in many states, there still might be a surprise for many users. There is a chance that usage of marijuana might be considered as breakage of federal laws and therefore considered as a crime. The issue is that marijuana even though it is used for recreational aims is treated as controlled substances in one line with heroin or cocaine.

It means that even marijuana is allowed by your own state in another state it might be a federal crime. This situation is pretty controversial. Moreover, you can be charged for this. Therefore, it’s better for you to get acquainted with localized laws of the state or country you’re going to travel to. 

The federal law issued back in 1930 treats marijuana as a controlled substance and prohibits the usage, selling along with a distribution of marijuana. The current federal law is listed in the CSA act (Controlled Substance Act). It reviews drugs according to the medical value and potential abuse of the drug. Even though you’re not involved in the marijuana industry and propose your services for businesses that operate under marijuana federal laws there’s a chance you might be prosecuted. The minimum charge might be at least one thousand dollars or at least one year of imprisonments for “distribution and selling of controlled substances” which is, surely, disappointing fact. 

Following the rules, while traveling with pot

Despite the fact that marijuana is legalized in almost 33 US states travelers still need to be extremely attentive while crossing the state and especially international borders. The process of marijuana legalization has started back in January of 2014 from Illinois that was the first state to step into this process. Mainly, the current amount of states that allowed marijuana for medical and recreational aims is 33 US states along with Washington. 

Surely, the process of legalization has developed a process of traveling with edibles and recreational tourism. This means that the lovers of marijuana don’t need to search for flying tickets to Amsterdam anymore. Moreover, recently the California state has opened its doors for some kind of exclusive traveling tours to enjoy medical and recreational marijuana.

This means that despite the fact that weed tourism is constantly increasing and becoming popular among US citizens they still need to be aware of possible risks while traveling to other states or crossing the country borders.

Crossing the borders while traveling with edibles

If you’re looking for ways to fly with marijuana you definitely need to be aware of possible risks and controversial situations with federal laws. Firstly, it is appropriate to get acquainted with the Transportation Security  Administration (widely known as TSA) or talk directly to their representatives in the airport while traveling to other states or, what’s more important, countries.

Mostly, the airport workers don’t look for your edibles in your bag while traveling. They looking to find something more serious like bombs and other weapons. Anyway, in case the airport inspector has found cannabis in your bag, at least they might ask you for throwing it away. Even though it’s a marijuana-friendly state. However, in case they found something related to marijuana while security screening there’s a chance you’re going to face the local police but not the federals. 

In case you’re traveling to the state that is not friendly to marijuana users and where it’s not legalized, there’s a small chance for you to get caught and arrested. Even though it’s a small chance, it still does exist. By the way, according to the latest statistics, about 11 passengers were arrested while traveling with weed. It’s pretty interesting, that all eleven arrests took place in Jacksonville. Even though it’s a small percentage of travelers that might be considered as an exception in comparison with all 3 million travelers, it’s still a risk.  

If you’re looking for safe ways to travel with edibles, here are some useful tips. If you have bought some THC gummies in a marijuana-friendly state it’s better for you to put it in the bag from the regular gummies in order to avoid some suspicions. For sure, you don’t need to leave it in the original package they came in. The same advice might be useful for other products like mints, etc.  

Crossing the air borders within the US states

As mentioned in the specified laws and regulations of the TSA authority marijuana being the controlled substance is not allowed to be transported and, moreover, prohibited. However, as mentioned earlier in our article, TSA security officers don’t have a specific task to search for marijuana in your bag. When it comes to air traveling, this matter relates to federal laws and the Department of Transportation along with the Federal Aviation Administration.

In case you have been suspected by the TSA security officer you’re more likely to be the subject of federal laws regulations. However, traditionally, it’s more likely that your issue will be reviewed by the local state law enforcement officer. After this, there’s a chance your case will be reviewed by the local state regulations.

All of the highlighted means that even though you’re traveling to the marijuana friend;y state you still need to be aware of the airport rules while passing the security screening. The best advice for weed tourists is to carry a marijuana medical carrying card or it’s copied or any other possible documentation for the airport TSA representatives.

The controversy about all that is even your pot is allowed and legalized in your state you still might get caught and even charged for criminal or sentenced in a state you’re traveling to. So, certain advice for marijuana travelers is to get carefully acquainted with all the local state laws to avoid unpredictable and unpleasant situations.

Traveling with marihuana by vehicle

The same rules are applicable while traveling by your car or any other vehicle. Always be aware of the local state rules you’re traveling to in order to not get caught and sentenced. Moreover, if you travel by car marijuana can significantly influence your ability to drive vehicles and, moreover, negatively. It’s a fact that the amount of marijuana in a human might be extremely low. However, it’s still an issue if the state you’re traveling to prohibits this medicine. 

Some of the US states are ruled exceptionally by federal laws that means you will be almost definitely charged criminally for carrying a controlled substance like marijuana, even though you’re going to use it for recreational or medical aims.

In case, you’re stopped and cited for marijuana carrying you need to contact an attorney immediately to discuss your case and get acquainted with further steps. Despite the fact that marijuana is legalized in many US states it’s better to prevent you from carrying marijuana with you abroad. Being caught and imprisoned in another country is much more serious than in your own country even.   

What are the risks while traveling with marijuana?

As mentioned earlier, the consequences of traveling with edibles might vary according to the fact of what state or country you’re heading to. It’s an important reminder that despite the fact marijuana is legalized in your own state you still might get imprisoned or charged criminally in another one because marijuana is recognized as controlled substance and prohibited by federal laws. However, for example in Oregon state passengers that are caught while carrying marijuana are allowed to travel further without dropping the edibles away from their bag. What loyalty! In some other cases, the traveler even might be permitted to cross the security screening panel with some small amount of weed in his pocket. So it really depends!

Some other airports even they are marijuana-friendly might ask you to leave your edibles in a special box or a car waiting for your next arrival which is, surely, better than being imprisoned or charged. So, it’s extremely important to follow the rules related to constantly changing situations and laws around marijuana legalization and carrying.


As you’ve understood from all the information above the question of marijuana legalization varies according to the state. However, while you’re traveling to another state or, moreover, country, you’re facing the federal laws. These laws consider marijuana as a controlled substance and prohibit it. Therefore, you need to be aware of the local state laws in order to prevent unnecessary and unexpected issues while carrying your THC gummies on vacation.

However, in case you’re stopped by TSA officers or local airport representatives, or, what’s more, charged, you need to immediately contact the attorney to discuss how to act and prevent further similar situations.

At last but not least, there is common advice for travelers with pot not to be greedy because it might lead to unpredictable situations which you are definitely trying to avoid by reading our article. In conclusion, we sincerely wish you good luck with your gummies but don’t overdo! 

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