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How To Hide Weed Smell In Your Room?

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weed smell in your room

Many smokers who prefer to use weed at home try to find out how to remove the smell of weed from their smoky room. Even if you like the smell of cannabis, there are plenty of reasons to remove the smell. First of all, not every smoker is ready to reveal their passion to others. Secondly, the smell of grass may not appeal to those who live near you. Therefore, here is a list of effective tips on how to smoke in the room, but at the same time effectively get rid of the smell of smoke.



Ventilate the room

This advice is simple and even banal, but it is the most important one. If you don’t want your room to smell like weed, open the window every time you smoke. In winter, if you don’t want to open a window, you can use a kitchen hood, which effectively removes any odors, including the smell of cannabis. Ventilating the room, you should remember about your neighbors. The smell of grass is quite pungent, and people from neighboring apartments can smell it.

Use aromas and incense

If you need to mask the smell of grass as quickly as possible, you will not find a better remedy than classic incense. You may think that the smell of weed is very pungent and nothing can interrupt it, but you are mistaken, because incense sticks, cones, essential oils and other incense have a very concentrated aroma. You can easily find them in any store for yogis and esotericists.

aromas and incense

When using incense to hide the smell of cannabis, keep in mind that excessive use of scents may cause suspicion. Therefore, if you shoot them, do it on a regular basis, so as not to provoke others to unwanted guesses.

Use an air freshener

Air freshener can be used as an alternative means to combat the smell of weed. Of course, compared to incense, fresheners are not so effective, but they do not give grounds for unnecessary suspicion, since they are used by almost everyone. It is recommended to spray the freshener immediately after you have smoked. As a rule, if the product is of high quality, the smell is masked immediately.

Some smokers go the tricky way-buy an air freshener with a herbal smell. In the case of detection of cannabis aromas, you can always pull off the fact that it smells like a “poorly selected air freshener”.

Prepare fried food

If you need to get rid of the smell of cannabis as quickly as possible – you need to quickly fry something in a pan. The smell of food interrupts the aromas of hemp, especially if it is the smell of fried onions. The quick-cooked popcorn can also mask marijuana fleur. In general, any intensely smelling product is perfect for this purpose.

Remember that the main thing here is not to overdo it. If the smoke from burnt food is too concentrated, the fire alarm may go off.

Candle and coffee

candle and coffee

If you, like many others, are not attracted to the prospect of filling the room with the smells of fried food-use a candle and coffee beans. Place a small tea candle in a bowl and pour some coffee beans around it. A burning candle will heat the coffee beans, and they in turn will exude a pleasant concentrated aroma of freshly brewed coffee. If you want to hide the smell of cannabis, you won’t find more aesthetic and effective means. Don’t you believe it? Ask the sellers of perfume stores and soap shops who actively use coffee in their work.

The boiled vinegar

This method of eliminating odors is suitable when the problem needs to be solved dramatically and quickly. The smell of vinegar is very rich and interrupts all other flavors, so it is ideal as an anti-carbon “air freshener”. Just pour a small cup of vinegar into a saucepan and put it on a slow fire. Evaporating vinegar will fill the room with a typical sour smell, which will quickly mask the smell of grass.


All the above tips on how to remove the smell of grass from the room, have been repeatedly tested in practice and have proven their effectiveness. Use any of them that you like, and you will not need to fear that anyone will discover your passion for cannabis.
Good luck!

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