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How to Get Texas Cannabis Cultivation License?

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Cannabis Cultivation License in Texas

The Texas Compassionate Use Act (Senate Bill 339) allows eligible patients to receive low-THC medical cannabis. According to this law, the first licenses for the distribution, cultivation and processing of cannabis were issued at the end of 2017. 2019 has been marked by the relaxation of medical cannabis laws: the list of qualifying conditions has been expanded, and the minimum number of doctor’s recommendations reduced from 2 to 1. 

There is no limit to the number of cannabis cultivation licenses in Texas. The law ensures equal competitiveness for all entrepreneurs who want to cultivate cannabis in Texas. Moreover, there are no restrictions in terms of growing area. 

If you want to grow cannabis only for personal consumption, you should know that the cultivation licensing process is difficult and expensive. Moreover, as a medical cannabis cultivator, you will have to prove compliance with specific requirements. For detailed information on the cultivation license in Texas, visit

Licensed cannabis cultivation is a very profitable niche. However, if you want to grow cannabis for personal use, it is enough to obtain a recommendation from the doctor participating in the MMJ TX program. Obtaining a medical cannabis card takes minimum time and gives you access to an unlimited amount of cannabis. You can ask for a recommendation from “Dr.Weedy”.

“Dispensing organization” means an organization licensed by the department to cultivate, process, and dispense low-THC cannabis to a patient for whom low-THC cannabis is

prescribed under Chapter 169, Occupations Code.

Licensed grower VS medical cannabis program participant

If you want to become a licensed cannabis grower in Texas, get ready to face a number of obstacles. According to the law, an applicant for a cultivation license must prove his/her:

  • technical and technological ability to grow and produce low-THC cannabis;
  • ability to provide the safety of workers and appropriate accommodation. 

If you’re going to grow cannabis for personal consumption, the role of the cultivator is not for you. It is more reasonable to contact “Dr.Weedy” or any other licensed professional in Texas to make sure that you meet the qualifications outlined in the Compassionate Use Act. 

Is it legal for MMJ patients to grow cannabis in Texas? In practice, there are no laws that prohibit the cultivation of cannabis in Texas. But keep in mind that it is a crime to knowingly or intentionally possess large amounts of cannabis in this state. At the same time, the severity of punishment depends on the total weight of all plants found and ranges from a fine of $2.000 to a possible prison sentence. Possession of a large quantity of marijuana can be punished with a 99-year prison sentence.

Assistance in obtaining a cultivation license in Texas

If you still decide to become a medical cannabis cultivator in Texas, you will need the qualified assistance of specialists in this field. The main companies providing legal assistance and consulting services are presented below.



Ritter Spencer

This operator serves all sectors of the medical cannabis industry, including cultivators, distributors and retailers. The company lawyers provide consulting services to entrepreneurs interested in the development of the hemp industry in Texas.


  • Long experience in the field of medical cannabis;
  • An integrated approach to business planning.


  • No obvious shortcomings.

This company is positioned as a team of medical cannabis experts. The company helps entrepreneurs to obtain a cultivation license. employs only qualified legal practitioners, who are well-versed in the cannabis industry.


  • Serving investors in all medical cannabis industries.


  • No obvious shortcomings.


Green Rush Consulting

The company operates in multiple states, providing support services to medical cannabis startups. To date, the company has issued more than 100 cultivation licenses. Experts from “Green Rush Consulting” are ready to transfer their skills, knowledge, and access to new investment opportunities to entrepreneurs from Texas. 


  • Actively works in 14 states;
  • Has extensive positive experience in obtaining cultivation licenses.


  • No obvious shortcomings.


Main information about the grower license in Texas

The medical cannabis industry in Texas is regulated by the Texas Compassionate Use Act. According to this law, any MMJ Texas patient who needs medical cannabis must be able to purchase it from any dispensary chain in any amount he/she needs. Despite the loyal conditions of this program, some patients decide to start their own cannabis farm to meet their personal needs for medical cannabis. 

Although Texas has extremely clear and transparent rules for growers, it doesn’t allow you to meet your personal cannabis needs for a number of reasons. Firstly, a cultivation license is very expensive and will never pay off in volumes that one patient can consume per year. Secondly, participation in the MMJ TX program allows you to possess an unlimited amount of cannabis for personal medical needs. 

Although unauthorized cultivation is not expressly prohibited by Texas law, you may be charged with possession of large amounts of cannabis (which may result in a fine or imprisonment). Therefore, the cultivation of cannabis without a license in Texas entails a personal (and often unjustified) risk for each individual patient.

The conclusion is very simple: if you want to have access to medical cannabis in Texas, you don’t need to obtain a grower’s license or organize a complex harvesting process. In 99% of cases, having a medical marijuana card in Texas is enough to buy any amount of medical cannabis from the dispensary chain.

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