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Find the perfect physician for evaluating you for MMJ in your state or for a general consultation, even not cannabis-related.

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With Dr.Weedy you can get evaluated for medical marijuana with ease or get all your questions answered.

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States where medical marijuana is legal

California Connecticut Illinois Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Montana Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania Rhode Island Virginia Washington DC Alaska Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Delaware District of Columbia Florida Hawaii Mississippi New Hampshire North Dakota Oregon South Dakota Utah Vermont West Virginia

States with Low-THC Medical Marijuana Laws

Iowa Texas Georgia Indiana Kansas Kentucky Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Wisconsin Wyoming

Our site is a go-to web resource for everyone who’s using medical cannabis in the US. With our help, you’ll quickly find a top-notch doctor near you who will prescribe MMJ to you.

How to Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor with the Help of Dr.Weedy?

It takes just a couple of minutes to select the best medical specialist near you with the help of Dr.Weedy:

  1. Type in your ZIP code
  2. Choose whether you’d like to see the information about all MMJ doctors in your state — or indicate the distance that you’re ready to travel to see the specialist who works near your home
  3. Click the Search for a Doctor button
  4. Glance through the list of professionals who’re near you and select the one who produces the best impression on you

Before contacting a doctor, feel free to glance through exhaustive information about them. You’ll get access to the following details about each person: how many years of practice they have, what are their appointment hours, in which clinic they work and what their clients think of them. We can’t promise that the services of all the specialists near you will be cheap — but at least, they should be affordable.

For your convenience, the visitors of our site can not only scrutinize the information about medical professionals near them but also make appointments online. We hope you’ll appreciate this feature!

How to Select a Doctor in Your State?

You may try to search for a doc through Bing or Google. But the results won’t give you a 100% success guarantee for two facts:

  • Do these medical professionals genuinely believe in the beneficial properties of marijuana? Or will they try to discourage you from using it?
  • Do they know the local laws inside out and strictly abide by them?

All the doctors from our catalog fully approve of using marijuana for medical purposes. They keep track of the latest scientific research. They know very well which conditions can be improved thanks to weed. They’re aware of how this plant can enhance the life quality of their patients. They’re highly responsible and they use every chance to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of their clients.

The states differ greatly in their approach to using medical marijuana. Some have very strict laws while others are more permissive. For instance, MMJ can be freely prescribed to patients who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) only in selected states — and it would be illegal elsewhere.

All the medical specialists from our catalog perfectly remember their local laws. They have licenses that enable them to work in their specific state. After you locate such a doctor near you, they will make sure your MMJ usage will be 100% legal.

What’s the Easiest Way of Getting a Medical Card?

If you don’t have a 420 card yet, we’ll recommend a good physician near you. They will evaluate your condition and decide whether weed will be good for you. Plus, they can provide you with recommendations on using pot according to your diagnosis. With the help of Dr.Weedy, you’ll get your medical marijuana prescription quickly, safely and legally.

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